2 New Photos Taken From Bound For Glory 2008 Shoot

Lee South has updated his site with a few unseen candids taken from the Bound For Glory 2008 promotional shoot, two of these pictures feature Christian Cage, and have been added to the gallery

TNA/Disturbed – Turning Point Pay-Per-View Music Video and Captures

In recent months, TNA Wrestling has been teaming up with some major (and up and coming!) recording artists for our monthly Pay-Per-View theme songs, such as Operator, Ice-T, Grandmster Kaz, Filthee, Dust For Life and The Smashing Pumpkins!

For the upcoming Turning Point Pay Per View spectacular, the theme song for the event is performed by hard rock / metal masters – Disturbed!

You can watch the official TNA/Disturbed Turning Point music video, featuring all of your favorite TNA superstars that will compete, above.

New Candids From Robert Beukema

I recently found some candids taken by Robert Beukema at various TNA shows and I’ve added them to the gallery.

New JLModel Candid

Over at JLModel’s TNA Photos, a never before seen photo, taken from the 27th May 2008 iMPACT! taping, has been uploaded, and added to the gallery.

1/11/08 Houseshow Candid

Thanks to gerweck.net for providing this candid taken from the 1st November 2008 TNA Houseshow in Anaheim, California.

31/10/08, 1/11/08 and 2/11/08 Houseshow Results

October 31st:

Samoa Joe def. Christian Cage

November 1st:

AJ Styles def. Christian Cage

November 2nd:

AJ Styles def. Christian Cage

Turning Point 2008 Preview

Next Wednesday, November 12 on Bravo2, Total Nonstop Action Wrestling presents “Turning Point” from the iMPACT Zone in Orlando, Florida, in which Christian Cage challenges Booker T for the TNA Legends Championship. If Christian Cage loses he must join the Main Event Mafia.

TNA iMPACT! Coverage – October 30th 2008

Screen Captures > October 30th, 2008

Lauren is backstage with Christian Cage who accepts Booker T’s challenge for the Legends Championship. Cage goes on to say that he doesn’t need or want to pick a side but if he didn’t, it wouldn’t be with the Main Event Mafia. Cage says that Booker calls himself a legend but doesn’t know who he is, that he will take his title at Turning Point and be on the side that he has always been on, his own.