New Pictures

I’ve just found a few pictures from Lance Storm’s official site, featuring Christian they have all been added to the gallery, go and check them out.

Congratulations To Traci, Kaz And Samoa Joe

Nothing to do with Christian obviously, but I just heard that Traci Brooks and Frankie “Kaz” Kazarian have apparently gotten engaged, if this is indeed true I would like to wish them the best.

Congratulations also go out to Samoa Joe, who’s wife recently gave birth to their first child.

12/12/09 and 13/12/09 BSE Pro Wrestling Results

December 12th:

Christian Cage and Brian Youngblood def. Tyson Dux and Pierre Shadows.
After the match, Tyson Dux hit Christian Cage over the head with the ring bell

December 13th:

Christian Cage def. “Textbook” Tyson Dux

Edge Mentions Christian In New Interview

Edge was recently interviewed by Live Audio Wrestling, he spoke about a range of topics from Undertaker, working as a heel, and more. Christian was also mentioned, here’s what he had to say:

“I’d love to have him back,” said Edge on his best friend Christian Cage. He said Christian tends to keep these things private, and that he’ll probably learn of his decision at the same everyone does.


Edge Talks About A Possible E&C Reunion

Edge has been good friends with Christian (Jay Reso) and Kizarny (Nick Cvjetkovich), who we profiled last month, since childhood and he would like an opportunity to work together with both of them in WWE.

“If I could have Nick, Jay — I mean we grew up together,” Edge optimistically told Kenai Andrews on Slam Wrestling. “You never think all three of us could actually be in the same place.”

The key in the mix is Christian, who Edge hopes will return to WWE, but also understands if he re-signs with TNA when his contract expires at the end of the year.

“He (Reso) has to do what’s best for him,” Edge said. “If it’s being down there (TNA), than that’s what he’s got to do. But if it’s being up here with us, I’d prefer that. It’d be great.”

Edge isn’t concerned about “rehashing” the Edge & Christian team, complete with five second poses and kazoos and weight-cutting and Mick Foley. He feels confident enough to reinvent the team if that were to occur.

“I have enough confidence in what I’m doing I won’t let anything be a step back,” Edge said. “If anything, just take it and make it work. I’ve tried to take that mentality with anything, even if I look at something and go ‘Ooh. Ow. Oh well, make it work.’ Just go full-bore with it, because if you sit there and piss and moan about it, it’s probably not going to work.”

credit: / slam sports

Will Christian Cage Go Back To WWE Or Stay With TNA


Several weeks ago on TNA Impact the Main Event Mafia were welcoming their newest member, Christian Cage. However instead of embracing him they opted instead to beat him down, leaving in a heap and he has not been feature on TNA TV since. Kurt Angle, the Mafia’s front man, cited Christian’s inability to choose between TNA and WWE, let alone the Frontline or The MEM, as the reason for him getting his backside handed to him.

TNA are notorious for their back references to other companies. They have been sensible enough to refer to past instances in WCW and ECW, where wrestlers have experienced similar things to the circumstances their character is going through in the Impact Zone. However, it does appear at times that they are a trifle obsessed with the bigger company up North and one can’t help but feel they would be better served to quell the allusions to WWE a little. In Christian Cage’s case specifically.

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The History Of The WWE Championship DVD Captures

I’ve just uploaded captures taken from The History Of The WWE Championship DVD, featuring the Triple Threat Match from Vengance 2005 – Chris Jericho vs. Christian vs. John Cena – for the WWE Championship. Check out the captures in the gallery. WWE’s Top 25 Entourages Of All Time

#20 – The Brood

Before Edge was the Rated-R Superstar, he was blood-thristy as a member of The Brood. With Gangrel front and center, the group that led a “gothic lifestyle” spread fear through WWE. When the lights in the arena would go out, then flicker red, fans knew they would soon see a bloodbath. Appropriately, The Brood was known for their association with the Ministry Of Darkness – as they were both allies and enemies of the Undertaker’s entourage.