‘Chris Jericho – Break Down The Walls’ Captures

Thanks to Steven for providing me with these screen captures taken from the Chris Jericho – Break Down The Walls VHS.

The Rock – The Most Electrifying Man In Sports Entertainment DVD Captures

Captures taken from The Rock – The Most Electrifying Man In Sports Entertainment DVD have been added to the gallery, Christian is featured for a few minutes during a match between Chris Jericho and The Rock for the Undisputed Championship, which took place at the Royal Rumble in 2002.

Christian Ranked Number 30 For The Top 100 Wrestlers of 2008

SOURCE: 30. Christian Cage

Martin Smith: A disappointing year for Cage I thought. He’s drifted wildly over the last twelve months and in particular, since the Summer. His feuds at the beginning of the year involved some great matches, but the last sixth months of the year has been quite poor. Cage has the potential to be a star, he was just used in a very boring role for far too long in TNA. A return to the WWE would help him greatly and the much rumoured switch will no doubt start his 2009 off superbly.

Dan Short: Christian has been merely alright this year. This is what he was probably thinking too as of late. Despite some fun matches that have made him probably one of the better performers for TNA, the lack of importance about him really knocked him down a notch. It does leave many wondering if his prime has indeed past him by and he’s just floating in the waters.

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Christian Cage Farewell Special

This one’s for all of you American’s out there. I just went over to ShopTNA.com, and Don West’s Insane Deal this week features a Christian Cage Special.

The special includes: The Instant Classic: Best Of Christian Cage DVD, 2 different Christian Cage T-Shirts and an 8×10 Unsigned Glossy. There are only 150 available for only $19.99 so hurry up and order now!

Christian Featured In WWE’s Best Rivalries Book

Thanks to Danii for bringing this to my attention. The WWE have published a book their best wrestling rivalries of the last 20 years. The book entitled “WWE Showdowns: The Top 20 Rivalries in the Past 20 Years” features Christian together with Edge, in their most memorable feud which changed the face of tag-team wrestling, against both the Hardys and the Dudleys. To read the full article click here.

The final list, in the historical order of when the rivalries took place, is:

1 – Hulk Hogan v Randy Savage
2 – Mr Perfect v Ric Flair
3 – Bret Hart v Steve Austin
4 – nWo v D-Generation X
5 – Mankind v Shawn Michaels
6 – Shawn Michaels v Bret Hart
7 – Undertaker v Kane
8 – Steve Austin v Vince McMahon
9 – Triple H v The Rock
10 – The Rock v Steve Austin
11 – Edge & Christian v Hardys v Dudleys
12 – Chris Jericho v Stephanie McMahon v Triple H
13 – John Cena v JBL
14 – Randy Orton v Undertaker
15 – Matt Hardy v Edge
16 – Rey Mysterio v Eddie Guerrero
17 – Batista v Triple H
18 – Edge v John Cena
19 – D-Generation X v The McMahons
20 – Undertaker v Batista

TNA President Confirms Christian’s WWE Return

The departure of Christian Cage was the worst kept secret in wrestling, and Carter says she’s sorry to lose the services of the Canadian.

“I’m very disappointed. I like him as a person as well as a talent. It’s interesting, he was the first big name to jump ship to us and he’s been the first to jump back. I wish him all the best.”

credit: dailystar.co.uk

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Merry Christmas!

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