Light Heavyweight Champion, multi-time Tag Team Champion, multi-time Intercontinental Champion, European Champion, Hardcore Champion, two-time NWA World Heavyweight Champion, two-time ECW Champion and two-time World Heavyweight Champion…there are only just a few of Christian’s accomplishments in his nearly 20 year career.

Jay Reso, better known by his WWE ring name, Christian, debuted in June 1995 in a match against Zack Wylde, after being train by Ron Hutchison in Toronto. Before being offered a WWE (then WWF) contract in August 1998, Christian Cage – the name that he had adopted on the independent scene – was already winning championships to a list that would grow over the next decade, while competing in different organisations across Canada and Northern America, along with his friend and eventual tag team partner Adam Copeland – who then, took on the ring name of Sexton Hardcastle – together, Christian Cage and Sexton Hardcastle would be known as ‘The Suicide Blondes’, later they would form a faction along with Rhino Richards – who in years to come, became known as Rhyno, Joe E. Legend, Bill Skullion and later Zack Wylde to form ‘Thug Life’. Adam Copeland later received a contract with the WWE, after a tryout match and became known as Edge, at the same time he put in a good word for his friend who was then invited to the affiliated ‘Funking Conservatory’ training camp, which was run by WWE Hall of Famer Dory Funk Jr. After completing his training at the camp, Christian was signed to a WWE contract.

On September 27th, 1998, Christian made his official WWE debut, while Edge was competing in a match against the late Owen Hart at the Breakdown: In Your House pay-per-view. Christian took part in his very first WWE match a few weeks on October 18th, at the Judgment Day pay-per-view and defeated Taka Michinoku to become the Light Heavyweight Champion. A short time after this, Christian, Edge and Gangrel became known as The Brood, intimidating others with, what people described as their pseudo-vampire way of life, attacking whoever they could in the dark and leaving their mark as they made individuals suffer a blood bath. The Brood became a force to be reckoned with, even more so when they aligned themselves with The Undertaker’s group, known as The Ministry. The Brood’s affiliation with The Ministry was only short-lived though, as The Undertaker deemed that they, on in particular, Christian, were unfit to be associated with himself or his faction, as Christian had dissatisfied him on more than just one occasion.

This lead into The Brood’s feud with one of the other rising tag-teams in the WWE at the time, The Hardy Boyz and their manager, Michael Hayes. But there soon was a twist, after Edge and Christian broke away from Gangrel, The Hardy Boyz turned on Hayes and then they associate themselves with the man that they had been feuding with for quite a while, the man that both Edge and Christian had recently spilt from. Together, The Hardy Boyz and Gangrel would be known as The New Brood. The feud between the two tag teams would continue, they’re matches were as awe-inspiring as they were memorable and both teams set the stage for what tag-team matches should be. As time rolled on, another tag team stepped onto the scene, The Dudley Boys – and on April 2nd, at Wrestlemania 2000, the three teams competed in what is still regarded to, as one of the greatest matches in WWE history, a Triangle Ladder match for the WWE Tag Team Championships. In an amazing showing by each of the three teams, Edge and Christian came out the victors, winning the Tag Team Championships, for the very first time.

After winning the WWE Tag Team Championships, the very same titles that they had been dreaming about winning since childhood, Edge and Christian really broke out. They became notorious for wearing crazy sunglasses, mocking just about every city they were in at the time reeking of awesomeness and, of course, for the benefit of those with flash photography, the five second pose.

Even though Edge and Christian began to make light of every situation that they were in, from that point on, they remained a force to be reckoned with in every single match that they had competed in. That didn’t change the fact that they tried to dodge every match in which their Tag Team Championships where on the line, they even went as far as almost trick the Commissioner of the WWE, Mick Foley into believe that Christian had suffered food poisoning of the very same day that they had to defend the WWE Tag Team Championships, against the Acolytes, at the Fully Loaded pay-per-view. Unfortunately for them, Mick Foley found out exactly what was going on, but Edge and Christian got the last laugh, after getting themselves intentionally disqualified, keeping the Tag Team Championship Titles.

As a tag team, E&C, Edge and Christian became the tag team champions, a record-setting seven times together. They, as well as The Hardy Boyz and The Dudley Boys set the standards for all tag teams of their generation, the three teams became household names, defining what it was to be a great, successful and legendary tag team. With their Triangle Ladder match behind them, the three teams made history once more on August 27th 2000 at WWE’s Summerslam pay-per-view. Edge and Christian were the masters of the chairs, The Hardy Boyz were the masters of the ladders and The Dudley Boys were masters of the tables. Who better than the hardcore legend himself, Mick Foley, to set up a match in which each of these teams would be in their element. Tables, Ladders and Chairs. The TLC match was born. In yet another historic match, Edge and Christian retained their WWE Tag Team Championships and once again, bar was raised for the tag team division.

Near the end of the year 2000, Edge and Christian were defeated for their coveted WWE Tag Team Championships by The Hardy Boyz, in a steel cage match at the Unforgiven pay-per-view. The following night on Monday Night Raw, they evoked their rematch clause. The match that was set to take place was a ladder match, but there was one added stipulation, if they lost their rematch they could never again challenge for the tag team championship as long as the Hardy Boyz held them. Unfortunately, they lost, but Edge and Christian figured out a way in which they could once again become the Tag Team Champions, they began competing under the masks of Los Conquistadores, Uno and Dos. After winning a tag team battle royal and earning themselves a tag team title shot, they went on to the No Mercy pay-per-view to once again become the WWE Tag Team Champions. Eventually they started to team with Kurt Angle, forming ‘Team ECK’, a group that was later joined by an old friend of Edge and Christian’s, Rhyno, after he came into the WWE from Extreme Championship Wrestling, in early 2001, to make ‘Team RECK’.

As the months passed, Edge and Christian once again regained the WWE Tag Team Championships in the second Tables, Ladders and Chairs match that took place, once again, at Wrestlemania X-Seven, with the help of Rhyno. Just like the first ever TLC match seven months prior, Edge and Christian, The Hardy Boyz and The Dudley Boys put on yet another classic performance.

At WWE’s King of the Ring pay-per-view, which took place on June 24th 2001, both Edge and Christian were to compete in semi-final matches in the King of The Ring tournament, Christian was set to take on Kurt Angle, while Edge was set to take on Rhyno. Unfortunately, Christian came up a little short and was defeated by Kurt Angle in the opening semi-final, Edge, on the other hand, went on to defeat both Rhyno and Kurt Angle to be named the 2001 King of the Ring. Christian appeared to be jealous of Edge and his rising success and insisted on carrying Edge’s trophy at each and every opportunity. Christian remained by Edge’s side, as he started to gain notoriety as a singles competitor.

A month after being crowned King of the Ring, Edge went on to Summerslam to defeat Lance Storm for the Intercontinental Championship, the first singles title he had earned ever since becoming a tag team, along with Christian. Not to be outdone, later that very same night, Christian announced that he would have a match for the European Championship, the next night on Monday Night Raw. Unfortunately, Christian was unable to equal Edge’s success, as Matt Hardy retained his European Championship. Christian’s jealousy finally got the better of him though, after being defeated by The Rock for the WCW Championship on the September 3rd 2001 edition of Monday Night Raw. Christian snapped, attacking his long-time tag team partner with his own King of the Ring trophy and hitting him with a move that they themselves had made famous, the Con-Chair-To.

Following the attack on Edge, Christian challenged him for his WWE Intercontinental Championship at the Unforgiven pay-per-view, in a Ladder match and successfully captured his first singles title since becoming a tag team, with his former partner, it was also the first time that he had captured the Intercontinental Championship in his career. As the rivalry between the two continued, Christian aligned himself with the WCW/ECW Alliance that the Superstars of the WWE were feuding with at the time and a month after becoming the Intercontinental Champion, for the first time, at No Mercy, again in a Ladder match, Edge defeated Christian to regain the Intercontinental Championship.

As his rivalry with Edge came to a close, Christian defeated Bradshaw to become the WWE European Champion, for the first time, months later he lost the championship to Diamond Dallas Page. After a series of defeats, Christian announced he was quitting the WWE, but Diamond Dallas Page persuaded Christian to reconsider, and adopted him as his protégé. Christian betrayed DDP and faced off against him for the European Championship a Wrestlemania X8, in which he was defeated DDP. During the same event, Christian defeated Mighty Molly to win the WWE Hardcore Championship, but lost the title to Maven moments later, on that very same night.

Months later, Christian formed an alliance with fellow Canadian wrestlers Lance Storm and Test in June 2002, calling themselves The Un-Americans. A short time after first forming the stable, Christian and Lance Storm went on to defeat Edge and Hulk Hogan at the July pay-per-view, Vengeance, were Christian captured his eighth WWE Tag Team Championship. Their Tag Team Championship reign lasted two months, where they dominated each and every tag team that challenged them. Then came the September 23rd 2002 edition of Monday Night Raw, where Kane and a mystery tag team partner, later revealed to be The Hurricane, defeated Christian and Lance Storm for the WWE Tag Team Championships, after a misdirected shot that Lance Storm landed on Christian. The next week, Lance Storm was scheduled to take on the newest face on the scene, Randy Orton. Which Christian looking on, Lance Storm was defeated by the rookie and moments after Christian challenged Orton to a match to show Lance Storm how to win a match. Unfortunately, Christian was also defeated by the rookie. There was contention amongst The Un-Americans and soon after, they disbanded.

The week after the separation of The Un-Americans, Raw General Manager, Eric Bischoff set up a special Raw Roulette night. One of the matches made were a Tables, Ladders and Chairs match. Who else could participate than three of the original contenders that had taken part in the first two TLC matches, Christian, Bubba Ray Dudley and Jeff Hardy. But they had to venture out to look for their own tag team partners for the match, as the three teams were set to challenge for the WWE Tag Team Championships. Bubba Ray Dudley teamed up with his “brother” Spike Dudley, Jeff Hardy teamed up with Rob Van Dam and Christian teamed up with fellow Canadian Chris Jericho. In a match that was voted Greatest Raw Match Of The Decade, Kane, who was to defend the Tag Team Championship by himself, as his partner had been brutally attacked by Triple H and Ric Flair earlier, went on to retain the titles in a hellacious and historic match.

The next week however, Christian and Chris Jericho were given another shot at the WWE Tag Team Championships, in which they defeated Kane and The Hurricane, giving Christian his ninth WWE Tag Team Championship. After losing their Tag Team Championships, on December 15th 2002 pay-per-view Armageddon, the two remained a team until Chris Jericho and the Heartbreak Kid, Shawn Michaels, started a feud, which lead into Wrestlemania XIX. By himself, for the first time in nearly two years, Christian had little going for him, that is until he took some advice, from The Rock.

On May 18th 2003, at WWE’s Judgment Day pay-per-view, Christian went on to defeat Val Venis, Chris Jericho, Lance Storm, Test, Rob Van Dam, Kane, Goldust and Booker T in a 9-Man Battle Royal to win the Intercontinental Championship. The following night on Monday Night Raw, he appeared on Chris Jericho’s talk show, The Highlight Reel, with a completely new look. He started to call himself the new “People’s Champion”, after he had received advice and an endorsement from The Rock a month earlier. Even though he was no longer in the tag team mainstream, Christian continued his rivalry with Booker-T. In countless matches for the Intercontinental Championship, Booker-T finally claimed the title on July 7th 2003, but his title reign was short-lived, as he picked up a severe injury a few weeks later. On August 10th, at a live event, Christian regained the Intercontinental Championship, for the third time.

With Booker-T out injured, this gave many other wrestlers the opportunity to contend for Christian’s Intercontinental Championship. With tensions rising between Raw’s Co-General Manager, Stone Cold Steve Austin and Chris Jericho and Christian, matches between the two were set up, which caused a slight conflict between the two. Christian wanted to remain the Intercontinental Champion, whereas Chris Jericho wanted to add to his legacy and add another Intercontinental Championship reign to his list. The rivalry between the two was brief, after Rob Van Dam entered the picture. Though Christian thought he could outsmart Austin, by disqualifying both Chris Jericho and Rob Van Dam in a number one contenders match on the September 15th 2003 edition of Monday Night Raw, Austin set up a triple threat match for Christian’s championship at the upcoming Unforgiven pay-per-view. In a great showing beaten the three contenders, Christian retained the Intercontinental Championship, but went on to lose it two weeks later, to Rob Van Dam in an amazing Ladder match.

As time passed, Christian started to show some interest in WWE Diva, Lita. After being fired by Eric Bischoff and being dumped by her boyfriend at the time, Matt Hardy, Christian cashed in his favour to the General Manager, which he earned as being a part of Bichoff’s Survivor Series team, the same team that cost Stone Cold Steve Austin his position as Co-General Manager, by getting Lita her job back. With his interest in Lita seemingly developing, a small feud started to transpire between Matt Hardy and Christian, soon after though, the world as well as Trish Stratus, learnt that Chris Jericho and Christian had placed a wager on who could ‘seal the deal’ first. The week after, Trish Stratus and Lita confronted and attacked Chris Jericho and Christian for discovering what their true intentions with the two Divas were. On that very night, Eric Bischoff set up yet another historic match, at Armageddon; it would be the team of Christian and Chris Jericho taking on the team of Lita and Trish Stratus, in a Battle Of The Sexes match. Even though the WWE Divas putting up a hell of a fight, it was Chris Jericho and Christian who walked out victorious.

The weeks went on and Chris Jericho revealed that even though everything started off from a bet, he truly was developing feelings for Trish Stratus. Christian, as a friend, tried to convince Jericho that Trish had no feelings for him, they would never be together and that she was just using his emotions to get the better of him, but to Trish, that seemed far from the truth. Jericho suffered a knee injury a week later that was furthered by an attack from Kane. With Jericho out for a few weeks, Christian tried to make peace with Trish, but Eric Bischoff had other plans and that night he set up a match between Christian and Trish Stratus. Before the match was set to take place, Trish met Christian in his locker room and they set up a plan for how the match would pan out. During that match, Christian decided to take matters into his own hands and double crossed Trish, after kicking out of an easy pin, hitting her with a brutal clothesline and making her tap out after subjecting her to the Walls Of Jericho. The week after, Christian took over Chris Jericho’s show, The Highlight Reel, to explain his actions, moments later he was interrupted by the returning Chris Jericho who slowly walked down the ramp and attacked Christian for his actions of the previous week. This set up a match between the two at Wrestlemania XX.

On March 14th 2004, at Wrestlemania XX, Christian and Chris Jericho were finally able to sort out their personal differences. In the closing few moments of the match, in a move that no-one saw coming, Trish, who had made her way down to ringside earlier, slapped Chris Jericho not once, but twice, which cost him the win. After the match, Trish looked down at the prone body of Jericho and moments later Christian hit Jericho with his signature manoeuvre, the Unprettier. The crowd, as well as Chris Jericho were left stunned as Trish and Christian walked up the ramp together and with Jericho looking on in the ring, they kissed, revealing that they had been playing Jericho for a pawn all along. The rivalry between Chris Jericho, Christian and Trish Stratus continued, into the next month’s pay-per-view, Backlash were Jericho was able to get the upper hand, as he defeated the two in a handicap match. The night after, Christian was able to get some payback as he defeated Jericho in a one-on-one match, after his newly appointed “Problem Solver” Tyson Tomko interfered in his behalf.

A few weeks later, in a steel cage match, Jericho defeated Christian after locking him in the Walls of Jericho. As a result of that very match, Christian had suffered a few injures, which put him on the shelf for a few months.

It was on August 30th, on Monday Night Raw, when Christian made his long-awaited return to the WWE. Moments after Chris Jericho’s show, The Highlight Reel, when the injured Intercontinental Champion, Edge, was making his way up the ramp, Christian came from the crowd and attacked Jericho from behind, as Edge looked on. The week after, it was announced that Edge would miss around six weeks of action, due to the injury that he had suffered previously, which meant that he was forced to give up his Intercontinental Championship. With the title vacant, both Christian and Jericho demanded a shot at the championship and General Manager Eric Bischoff set up a match between the two at the upcoming Unforgiven pay-per-view, but it wasn’t any ordinary match, it would be a match that both Christian and Jericho where suitable for, a Ladder match. In yet another amazing showing between the two, it was Chris Jericho who came out the victor and became the new Intercontinental Champion.

In late 2004 and early 2005, Christian started to complete in tag team matches again, this time with his original tag team partner, Edge, after three years, E&C were back together, but this was majorly because Christian was facing Edge’s rivals at the time. This reunion was cut short though, as for the first time in history, at Wrestlemania 21, Edge as well as Christian, Chris Jericho, Shelton Benjamin, Chris Benoit and Kane, would take part in the first ever Money In The Bank Ladder match, where the winner would have a guaranteed title shot whenever and wherever they deemed fit, Edge of course walked out the winner of the match.

A few weeks after Wrestlemania, the Chairman of the WWE Vince McMahon, announced that the annual WWE Draft would begin two months later. Remembering his encounter with Smackdown Superstar, John Cena, a few months earlier at the Royal Rumble pay-per-view, Christian began commenting on the current WWE Champion. He claimed that he was a better rapper than Cena and at the Backlash pay-per-view on May 1st 2005, Christian proved that he had at least some rhyming ability, while at the same time insulting some of the WWE Superstars from both Smackdown and Raw.

Then, on the June 6th 2005 edition of Monday Night Raw, in a shocking move, the WWE Champion John Cena was drafted to the show, appearing on Chris Jericho’s Highlight Reel. Moments later, Christian made his presence known, interrupting the WWE Champion. It was the confrontation that many had been waiting for. After a few heated words between the two, Christian attacked Cena, but the WWE Champion stood triumphant as he cleared the ring of Captain Charisma and his Problem Solver.

With the draft still in effect, Chris Jericho formed an allegiance once again with Christian after a tag team match, which pitted the team of John Cena and Chris Jericho against Christian and Tyson Tomko. On that very same night Eric Bischoff set up a match for the Vengeance pay-per-view, which was set to take place two weeks later. It would be Christian, Chris Jericho and John Cena for the WWE Championship in a Triple Threat match, this was actually Christian’s first ever opportunity in his career to capture the WWE Championship. Leading up to Vengeance, Christian and Jericho’s rivalry started to take shape one last time, but it was all in vain after John Cena defeated both Canadians after hitting Christian with his finishing manoeuvre.

In the next week, Christian who took part in the main event on Monday Night Raw, was drafted to Smackdown, where he took place in the main event once again. During his time there, Christian revived his feud with Booker-T and gained even more notoriety by officially starting his own talk show, which he aptly named ‘The Peep Show’. On October 30th 2005, the world was shocked to learn that Christian had decided to leave the WWE, his last appearance for the company was on the November 4th, 2005 edition of Smackdown.

As the newest member of the Total Non-Stop Action Wrestling roster, being known as the biggest acquisition for the company at the time, Christian, now going by his pre-WWE ring name, Christian Cage, made his on screen debut at the November 2005 pay-per-view, Genesis. Instantly he was targeted by current NWA Champion, ‘The King Of The Mountain’ Jeff Jarrett and ‘The Alpha Male’ Monty Brown, a feud that would last for several months, which would later include ‘The Icon’ Sting. Christian would make his in-ring debut against Robert Roode on the December 8th edition of TNA iMPACT!, only to be attacked by Monty Brown after a triumphant debut. A few months later, at the Against All Odds pay-per-view, Christian took on Jeff Jarrett for the NWA Championship and for the first time in his career, Christian became a World Champion, after defeating Jarrett. Christian’s reign as the NWA Champion would last several months, where he would continue his feud against Jarrett and he would be targeted by several other TNA Stars, including ‘The Monster’ Abyss, who made his challenge for the Championship personal by not only attacking Christian in his very own house, but by also stalking Christian’s wife. This would end after Christian defeated Abyss at the next two pay-per-view events, Lockdown and Sacrifice. Christian’s Championship reign would then end at the following pay-per-view, Slammiversary, in a King Of The Mountain match, which would see Jeff Jarrett, reclaim the title after Christian and Sting were pushed off of the ladder by the referee.

A month later, at the Victory Road pay-per-view, Christian who had accompanied Sting at ringside during his match against Jeff Jarrett for the NWA Championship would turn against Sting by smashing a guitar of his head and costing him a chance at winning the NWA Championship, which ended up alienating Christian not only from the rest of the TNA roster, but against his long-time friend, Rhino, setting up a feud between the two which would last a majority of remainder of 2006. Christian’s feud with Sting would once again resurface later in the year, during which time Christian introduced his old ‘Problem Solver’ Tomko, from his previous WWE days, to TNA and throwing himself, once again into NWA Championship contention. At the Final Resolution 2007 pay-per-view, that following January, Christian would once again become NWA Champion after defeating both Abyss and Sting in an elimination Triple Threat match and suddenly, an old face from the WWE, Kurt Angle, would make his intentions to become the NWA Champions known. This instantly threw Christian into a feud with his one-time friend that would result in Christian bringing together a group, known as the ‘Christian Coalition’ that consisted of not only Christian and Tomko, but AJ Styles and Scott Stiener as well. For the majority of 2007, Christian would feud with Angle, Sting, Samoa Joe and Management Director Jim Cornette as he held the NWA Championship. Unfortunately his second reign as the NWA Champion would end , yet again, at the June pay-per-view, Slammiversary in another King Of The Mountain match, which would be won by Kurt Angle. Though he was no longer the NWA Champion, Christian stayed in the main contention, continuing his feuds with Kurt Angle, Sting and Samoa Joe, he would eventually add to the Christian Coalition, after Scott Steiner’s departure, by attaining the services of Robert Roode and Roode’s manager Traci Brooks.

Near the end of 2007, Kurt Angle started to bring together his own group, which he had called the Angle Alliance, bringing unrest to the Coalition as he began to turn Roode, Styles and even Tomko against Christian and bringing them into his stable. By March 2008, Christian was able to mend fences with the TNA roster, mainly Samoa Joe, Kevin Nash, Sting and even Rhino as they came together to take down the Angle Alliance. Later in the year, Christian would become entangled in a feud between him and a group that came together calling themselves The Main Event Mafia which included Booker T, Kurt Angle, Sting, Kevin Nash, Scott Steiner which would come to a head when he was given the chance to go up against Booker-T for his newly created Legends Championship, but the catch was, if he had lost, he would be forced to join The Main Event Mafia. Unfortunately for ‘The Instant Classic’, at the Turning Point pay-per-view, Christian came up short and on the November 20th, 2008 edition of iMPACT!, instead of welcoming a reluctant Christian into the group, The Main Even Mafia attacked Christian. This would turn out to be Christian’s TNA last appearance as a part of the roster.

Four months later, on February 10th 2009, Christian shocked the world, once again. On that very same night, with the ECW Champion Jack Swagger in the ring, Christian made his long-awaited return to the WWE, on their ECW brand. Not only did he make his return to the company, but he made his in-ring return too, ECW General Manager set up the main event, which pitted the ECW Champion against the returning Captain Charisma, Christian. In his first match in the WWE in four years, Christian came out the victor after hitting Swagger with the Killswitch, formerly known as the Unprettier, for the pin.

In the following weeks, Christian qualified for the annual Money In The Bank Ladder match at The 25th Anniversary of Wrestlemania, a match and an event that he had not been a part of in four years. CM Punk ultimately emerged the victor and became the first man to ever win two consecutive Money In The Bank Ladder matches. After Wrestlemania dust had settled, the acting ECW General Manager Tiffany, set up at elimination chase for the ECW Championship, the participants were Mark Henry, Finlay, Tommy Dreamer and of course, Christian. Over the next few weeks, leading up to the Backlash pay-per-view, Christian came out the sole survivor of the chase and earned a title shot against Jack Swagger for the ECW Championship at Backlash.

On April 26th 2009, Christian defeated Jack Swagger for the ECW Championship, his first major singles title since stepping foot back into the WWE. On that very same night, moments later, for the first time in four years, Christian and his former long-time tag team partner, Edge, where face-to-face. Christian’s rivalry with Jack Swagger would continue onto the next month’s pay-per-view, Judgment Day, where again Christian defeated Swagger and retained his ECW Championship. After Judgment Day however, the ECW Original Tommy Dreamer became involved in the ECW Championship picture. With his contract running out, Tommy Dreamer put his career on the line and guaranteed that if he didn’t win the ECW Championship at the upcoming Extreme Rules pay-per-view, in a Triple Threat match against the champion Christian and Jack Swagger, he would leave ECW and WWE altogether. Fortunately for Dreamer, he was able to capture the ECW Championship at the pay-per-view after pinning Jack Swagger, for the win.

In the weeks following, Christian once again became the number one contender for the ECW Championship, after defeating Vladimir Kozlov. Christian went on to defeat Tommy Dreamer for the ECW Championship at the Night of Champions pay-per-view, where he started his second reign as ECW Champion. After defeating the former champion Tommy Dreamer in his rematch, to retain the ECW Championship, William Regal then surfaced into championship contention. As their feud intensified, William Regal joined forced with Vladimir Kozlov and Ezekiel Jackson. At the Summerslam pay-per-view, held in August, William Regal had his first opportunity to capture the ECW Championship from Christian, but in a historic turn of events, Christian was able to defeat Regal in eight seconds to remain the champion. At the end of the night, Regal, Kozlov and Jackson had the last laugh, as they attacked Christian during his celebration and left him lying face down on the mat. William Regal was given another shot at the ECW Championship at the following pay-per-view, Breaking Point. Where in honourable fashion, Christian and Regal had one hell of a match; Christian was able to hold on to his ECW Championship after hitting the Killswitch on Regal.

As the months passed, new challengers for the ECW Championship started to reveal themselves, from Zack Ryder to Yoshi Tatsu, but near the end of the year, Christian renewed yet another rivalry, this time with Shelton Benjamin, but now, it was for the ECW Championship. At the first ever TLC: Tables, Ladders and Chairs, pay-per-view, Christian and Shelton Benjamin stole the show in the opening contest where the ECW Championship was on the line, in a Ladder match. Once again, Christian walked out still the ECW Champion. The New Year brought yet another new contender, in the form of Ezekiel Jackson. On countless occasions Christian emerged the victor, but on the last ever episode of ECW, which took place on February 16th 2010, Ezekiel Jackson defeated Christian and became the last ever ECW Champion.

When ECW closed its doors, Christian was brought in as a Pro for WWE’s new show NXT. Christian was partnered up with NXT rookie Heath Slater and the pair worked really well together. Slater made it to the second to last week of the competition, which was eventually won by Chris Jericho’s NXT rookie, Wade Barrett.

During his time in NXT, Christian also became a new member of the Raw roster where he competed against third generation Superstar Ted DiBiase Jr., in a series of matches. He also competed in yet another Money In The Bank Ladder match at Wrestlemania 26, which was won by Jack Swagger. But then, on April 26th 2010 during WWE’s annual Draft, Christian was drafted over to Friday Night Smackdown.

On his first night as a part of the Smackdown roster, Christian interrupted his former tag team partner Edge, as he gave a farewell speech to the Smackdown crowd. After calling Edge a liar and saying that Edge had revealed his true colours, Christian mentioned that people wouldn’t want to see Edge and Christian reunite, they would rather see Edge vs. Christian, Edge refused and the two ended up in a brawl. A few weeks later however, Christian would appear on Monday Night Raw, supposedly being chosen to be Edge’s opponent in a Pick Your Poison match, in a great showing between the two, Edge defeated Christian, but we later found out that Christian was not who Randy Orton had chosen to be Edge’s opponent, in fact, it was The Undertaker. After getting himself intentionally disqualified, Christian threw Edge back into the ring to get hit with a tombstone, by The Undertaker.

Months passed as Christian feuded with several Superstars, including Dolph Ziggler, Matt Hardy, Drew McIntyre and Cody Rhodes. With WWE’s newest pay-per-view, Money In The Bank, coming up, Christian along with Kane The Big Show, Kofi Kingston, Matt Hardy, Drew McIntyre, Dolph Ziggler and Cody Rhodes, were announced as the contenders for the Smackdown rosters Money In The Bank ladder match, in which Kane came out victorious and went on to win the World Heavyweight Championship, from Rey Mysterio, that very same night. Soon after, a new face appeared on the Smackdown scene, after weeks of countless promos Alberto Del Rio finally made his presence felt, by attacking and ultimately injuring Rey Mysterio. With Rey Mysterio being a friend, Christian let Del Rio know that he didn’t appreciate what he had done the week before and then challenged him to a fight, which Del Rio wanted no part of.

The following week, after defeating Matt Hardy, Alberto Del Rio started to attack him just like he did Rey Mysterio a few weeks prior, but Christian made his was out and quickly made the save. Again, Del Rio wanted no part of Christian. On the September 24th 2010 edition of Friday Night Smackdown, Alberto Del Rio attacked Christian backstage. Later that very same night, Del Rio announced that he was finally ready for a match against Christian, but there was no way that Christian would any part of him as he referred to the earlier attack. Christian’s music hit as he came to the ring and attacked Del Rio. Christian had the upper hand until Del Rio’s ring announcer, Ricardo Rodriguez, grabbed Christian’s leg. Del Rio started to attack Christian and locked on the cross arm breaker, Christian rolled out of the ring straight after. Del Rio grabbed a steel chair and trapped Christian’s left arm in it, he then rammed Christian’s arm into the ring post and walked away, leaving the medical team to check on Christian. It was later revealed that Christian had suffered a torn pectoral muscle, that would put him on the side-lines for up to six months.

While Christian was at home, recovering from his torn pectoral muscle, Alberto Del Rio was quickly rising through the ranks in the WWE. Christian had to sit and watch as Del Rio continuously mocked the fact that he had taken Christian out of action, he had to watch as Del Rio fulfilled his destiny of winning the 2011 Royal Rumble match and earn the right to main event the biggest show of the year, Wrestlemania. The next night, on Monday Night Raw, Alberto Del Rio chose to challenge for the World Heavyweight Championship, which at that point was being held by Christian’s best friend, Edge, on the biggest stage of the all.

Edge vs. Alberto Del Rio for the World Heavyweight Championship at Wrestlemania 27, was not set in stone though. First, Edge had to get through a gruelling Elimination Chamber match, on February’s pay-per-view of the same name. After being one of the first competitors of the match, Edge outlasted Big Show, Rey Mysterio, Kane, Wade Barrett and Drew McIntyre to emerge victorious and remain the World Heavyweight Champion. His victory was short-lived, however, after Alberto Del Rio attacked the retaining champion, straight after his win. But, moments later ‘Captain Charisma’ made his shocking return, saving his former tag-team partner from Del Rio’s assault.

On the following edition of Friday Night Smackdown it was announced that Christian would be making his official return to the WWE the week after, but of course Christian had other plans. With the official contract signing for the World Heavyweight Championship match at Wrestlemania scheduled to take place that night, Smackdown General Manager Theodore Long requested that both Edge and Alberto Del Rio would not let the signing turn out like so many others in the past, into a fight. But, unfortunately for him, things didn’t turn out exactly how the General Manager wanted, thankfully, Edge gave him full warning and he hastily left the ring. All was going Edge’s way, until Del Rio’s personal ring announcer Ricardo Rodriguez caused a distraction for Edge, just as he was setting up for his signature Spear. As Del Rio continued his attack on the current World Heavyweight Champion, memories of his attack on Christian months before seemed to be settling in, as Del Rio hooked Edge’s arm in a steel chair and prepared to ram his arm into the steel ring post. All of a sudden, Christian appeared from the back and assaulted Del Rio from behind, stopping his attack on Edge from going any further. Christian was able to get a few shots in, but was stopped by several WWE officials.

The week after, another historic moment occurred, for the first time in 5 years (10 years on Smackdown), Edge and Christian would reunite to take on the team of Brodus Clay and Alberto Del Rio. It may have been five years since the legendary tag-team worked together in a match, but neither of them missed a beat. The team of E&C, Edge and Christian, showed their opponents and everyone else around the world just why they are still known as one of the best tag teams in history.

As Wrestlemania 27 drew closer, Christian was given two more opportunities to exact at least some revenge on Alberto Del Rio for what he had done in the past and, at the same time, soften him up for Edge in their World Heavyweight Championship match.

The first of these matches pitted the two talented Superstars in a steel cage. The match was as punishing as it was amazing, as the two tried to outdo each other every second. Even though Christian emerged the victor of the battle, it was Edge who paid the sacrifice. As Christian celebrated his win, Del Rio, who had reached the floor moments after, attacked Christian, throwing him behind the guard rail. As he was about to continue the assault Edge served as a distraction, driving Del Rio’s car into the arena and threatening to damage it with the steel chair that he had brought along. Unfortunately for Edge, he was attacked from behind by Brodus Clay and then his left arm was subjected to a Con-Chair-To, by the hands of Alberto Del Rio.

The second match that was set up between the two was just as memorable, but because of the actions of Alberto Del Rio the week before, the Smackdown General Manager made ruling in which neither Edge or Alberto Del Rio could lay a hand on each other, if they did, their Wrestlemania event would lose whoever hit the other first. After winning yet another physical match, Edge was left alone in the ring with Del Rio and a steel chair was in his hands. Christian had to move quickly in order to stop his best friend from what would have been one of the biggest mistakes at that point in time, he pulled the steel chair out of Edge’s hands, in order for him not to lose his World Heavyweight Championship, but there was no ruling against Christian attacking Del Rio, so he hit Del Rio with a chair shot to the back instead.

Finally the day came, April 3rd 2011. Wrestlemania 27. The opening match, Edge, with Christian in his corner, retained his World Heavyweight Championship in the opening bout. The match went back and forth; as Alberto Del Rio did everything that he could possibly do to walk out of Atlanta the World Heavyweight Champion, but in the end, he fell short. Christian provided the back-up that Edge needed to retain his championship as Brodus Clay tried to cost Edge the title whichever way that he could. After the hard fought match, both Edge and Christian destroyed the car the Del Rio had driven to the arena in, as he looked on from only a few feet away.

During the following Friday Night Smackdown, General Manager Theodore Long, set up a number one contender’s match, between Christian and Alberto Del Rio, where the winner would go on to the next pay-per-view, Extreme Rules and challenge Edge for his World Heavyweight Championship, in a match that both he and Christian helped made famous, a Ladder match. In another amazing match between the two, with Edge sitting at ringside, Christian came up short as he was distracted by Brodus Clay, who was standing at ringside, momentarily, which gave Del Rio an ample opportunity to hit Christian with an enziguiri and successfully become the number one contender for Edge’s World Heavyweight Championship, once more. Christian’s hopes of becoming a World Heavyweight Champion were once again dashed, in a mere matter of seconds.

Then, on April 11th 2011, during Monday Night Raw, Christian’s best friend of 27 years, Edge, made the shocking announcement that because of the injuries that he had sustained during his 13 years in the WWE, he was being forced to retire from active competition. In a later interview, referring to Edge’s sudden retirement, Christian mentioned that it was a tremendous loss to WWE and to the millions of fans around the world, but as any friend would say, he wanted Edge to be healthy. He recalled that the two of them became friends because of professional wrestling, as they both grew older they realised that being a professional wrestler was the one thing that they wanted to do with their lives. They started their careers at essentially the same time, they travelled around the world together even though they had no idea where they would end up, in the end and all that mattered was that they were talking the journey together. He also admitted that as soon as he saw Edge step through the ropes into the ring, he started to cry. But after he shed his tears, he decided that from that point on, he would celebrate the career of his best friend, who was able to live his ultimate dream and who he had regarded to as having one of the greatest careers in WWE history. In the same interview, he mentioned that from the moment that Edge had announced his retirement, every time that he would step into the ring, there would be a little piece of Edge that will always be with him, for the rest of his career.

But with that huge loss, came a huge opportunity. There was still a match in place for the Extreme Rules pay-per-view which was scheduled to take place two weeks later, but a new number one contender needed to be named. During the April 15th 2011 edition of Friday Night Smackdown, the same night that Edge was forced to relinquish the very belt that he had defended two weeks prior on the grandest stage of them all, Wrestlemania, a new number one contender was to be determined by a 20-man Battle Royal. Against all of the odds and with Alberto Del Rio’s failed attempt at a distraction, Christian gained the opportunity to have the chance to win what his best friend was forced to give up moments earlier. Once Christian had emerged the winner, much to the dismay of his opponent Alberto Del Rio, Edge made his way out to the ring, to congratulate his friend on gaining the very same opportunity that Edge had been given so many times before, in the past.

The week after, the World Heavyweight Championship was suspended above the ring. After clearing the ring of Alberto Del Rio and his entourage, with Edge looking on from the ramp, Christian set up a ladder and for the first time, he laid his hands on something that had been eluding him for nearly 13 years, the World Heavyweight Championship. As he held the title in his arms he stared at it and then slowly raised that very same championship above his head, looking out at the crowd on the top of the ladder. From that point on, he knew that winning the World Heavyweight Championship would be his destiny.

On the April 29th edition of Friday Night Smackdown, the last show before the Extreme Rules pay-per-view, Christian was interviewed by Matt Striker backstage. In that interview Christian openly admitted to the entire world that with his recent injury, he question himself. During those six months of tough physical therapy, he asked himself, what if? What if he couldn’t live up to his true potential? What if he couldn’t reach the ultimate prize that he has been after for so many years? What if his career was over? But Christian never let those thoughts cloud his mind, he was determined on returning to the WWE, to settle the score with the man that cost him six months in his career, Alberto Del Rio. He reflected on the major announcement that Edge, his best friend of 27 years, had made a few weeks prior, but noted that he felt as if he could have only been in the right place at the right time. His thoughts lead him to question himself, yet again. He also made the point that he had never touched the World Heavyweight Championship until the week before because he never felt that he had earned the right to touch it, but with his chance at becoming the new World Heavyweight Champion coming up at the Extreme Rules pay-per-view, he knew that it was his destiny to climb the ladder, in the middle of the ring and finally claim what he had been working so hard for.

On May 1st 2011, at Extreme Rules with Edge at ringside, Christian finally became the World Heavyweight Champion. When Edge stepped through the ropes, Christian cradled his newly acquired championship as his friend applauded. As he stepped down from the ladder, he looked up at Edge who picked him up to his feet and they embraced. Moments later, Edge left Christian alone in the ring, to soak in his moment once again.

But unfortunately Christian’s first reign as the World Heavyweight Champion was short lived. On the following Friday Night Smackdown, General manager Teddy Long put Christian in a match against Randy Orton, for his newly acquired World Heavyweight Championship, a match that Christian ultimately lost, sending fans into an uproar. A few months later, after continuously rallying for ‘One More Match’ for the World Heavyweight Championship, Christian got his wish and won back his World Heavyweight Championship by defeating Randy Orton at the Money In The Bank 2011 pay-per-view, where he was able to get a certain clause in the match contract which stated that if Orton had gotten himself disqualified, Christian would win the Championship and that’s exactly what had happened. But he was once again dethroned by Randy Orton, on the following pay-per-view, Summerslam. For the next few months, Christian became the ringleader of the WWE Superstars declaring that Triple H, in his current role as Chief Operating Officer of the WWE as well as acting general manager, was running an unsafe work environment. This lead to a majority of the WWE Superstars walking out of Monday Night Raw and not returning until Triple H was replaced by John Laurinaitis. Also, during this time, Christian would enter a feud with Sheamus, which would result in him picking up several injuries and being unable to complete for the next few months.

A few months later, during the Elimination Chamber 2012 pay-per-view, Christian made a brief return to television, pledging his support for John Laurinaitis to be made the Smackdown general manager. Christian would make a few more television appearances during this time, including being attacked by CM Punk before a match that the two were supposed to compete in, resulting in him re-aggravating his previous injuries and missing even more active competition. Christian would be seen again, the night before Wrestlemania 28, as he inducted his best friend, Edge, into the Hall Of Fame.

The next time Christian was seen again was on Sunday, May 20th 2012, being a surprise entrant in a 20-man battle royal during the Over The Limit pay-per-view, a match in which he came out the victor and won the opportunity to take on either Santino Marella for the United States Championship or Cody Rhodes for the Intercontinental Championship later that very night, he chose the latter and once again, came out victorious. This started off a feud between Christian and Cody Rhodes, a feud that would soon come to an end after Christian was defeated for the Intercontinental Championship by The Miz, sometime during this Christian also made a return to TNA, for one night only, at their Slammiversary pay-per-view. Soon after Christian would again suffer a serious injury, requiring surgery, which would once again put him on the shelf for an indefinite amount of time, though he did make a surprising appearance on the September 14th edition of Friday Night Smackdown, via satellite.

Christian would not be seen on television again until the June 17th 2013 edition of Monday Night Raw, where he was made a surprise opponent for the former Intercontinental Champion, Wade Barrett, in which we came out victorious. Later that very same week, after winning his second match back, on Friday Night Smackdown, Captain Charisma would become The Shield’s newest victim. After a few great matches with the members of The Shield, along with The Uso’s and ultimately delivering The Shield their first loss, Christian would once again be thrown into the World Heavyweight Championship competition, reviving an old feud with Alberto Del Rio, which unfortunately ended after a loss for the Championship at Summerslam.

What’s in store for Christian’s future?
Only time will tell.