Vote For Christian’s 12 Greatest Moments In Wrestling

With Christian’s 12th Anniversary of his WWE debut coming up on the 27th September, I’ve come up with 12 moments that have happened in those 12 years (in both WWE & TNA) and all you have to do is rank the moments in your opinion of which was the most memorable. A list will be compiled on the site on the 27th!

Here’s the list the moments to choose from:

a) WWE Debut (Breakdown: In Your House 1998)
b) Debut Match (Judgment Day 1998)
c) NWA Championship Win (Against All Odds 2006)
d) ECW Championship Win (Backlash 2009)
e) TLC matches
f) Revenge On Abyss (Lockdown/Sacrifice 2006)
g) The break up of Edge & Christian
h) Turns On Rhino
i) Signs with TNA (Genesis 2005)
j) Tristian forms (Wrestlemania XX)
k) The Birth of Captain Charisma
l) Return to WWE

All you have to do is send me an email or comment on this post (comments will be screened so it will stay anonymous) with the moments in order of what you think is the most memorable (first being the most, last being the least)

Looking forward to hearing your opinions! 🙂

Instant Classic’s Birthday Project Officially Open!


On November 30th, 2010 one charasmatic WWE Superstar will be celebrating his 37th birthday and in honor of this, we here at Instant Classic have opened up a sub-site for all fans to leave any birthday wishes that they may have for our very own, Christian, otherwise known as Jay Reso. That’s right, you all have until November 29th, which is the day before Jay’s birthday, to send all of your wishes in!

What are you waiting for, click on the link above and you’ll be sent to the sub-site and send Jay a birthday wish! 🙂

Instant Classic – One Year Online!

Ladies, Gentlemen and Peeps of all ages, today marks the first anniversary of Instant Classic! I have to admit, it’s been one hell of a year!

In such a short time, we’ve seen Christian continue his career in TNA Wrestling only to leave a little before 2 months, after the site was created to appearing back in the WWE after a four month hiatus, back in February when he made his return into the ECW brand. We also seen him in his first Wrestlemania and Money In The Bank Ladder match, in four years as well as winning the ECW Championship within 2 months of returning and winning it yet again at July’s WWE pay-per-view, Night Of Champions, after losing the title back in June and thankfully, he still has the title to this day!

Personally, I never thought that this site would be as popular as it has become, as many of you may even know I actually only thought that this site would only last a week and trust me, I was not kidding about that. I started this site originally at Fan Site Host, then I chose to change hosts, due to space to For Fan, after a few problems with the site being reset I found my way over here at Fan Sites and I know that I’ve said this so many times, but I would like to thank Gertie so much for giving my everything that I’ve needed to make this site what it is today!

There are a lot of people that I really need to thank, starting with David and Carmisha, now you guys really have helped me out a lot, even though I constantly tell you that you are no help whatsoever, you guys are one of the main reasons that Instant Classic is up, many people don’t know this but, before this site was made live I was trying to find a great site for Christian, at the time there weren’t really any available and the ones that were hadn’t been updated for months, I didn’t dislike the owners of the sites whatsoever, as I was aware that people actually do have lives, but I was slightly confused, as Christian’s career was actually booming at the time. I kept on wondering if I should make a fan-site dedicated to Christian, or if it would just be a waste of time, seeing as I only had some experience with websites back then. David and Carmisha were the driving force behind this site, they continuously told me that it would be a great idea and it would catch on like wildfire and I have to say, back then, they were both right. Thank you again guys! Even though you don’t do much for the site you’re both such a huge help! Love you both!

I’d like to also thank everyone who has donated anything at all to the site, Jen, Caleb, Lauren, Halle, Thomas, Cheyenne, Jesse, Steven and everyone else, you guys make this site continue to grow! Thanks so much for the donations! Also a thank you to Sam and Kori over at Captain Charisma, you two took a chance in linking your livejournal community with the site, and I would never forget you for it, you guys two of the biggest Christian fans that I have ever known!

And a last and probably the biggest thank you goes out to everyone that has taken the time to visit the site and/or leave any comments, this site would not be here if it wasn’t for you guys either. As a token of my appreciation and because this site has gotten so popular, I’ve now decided to break away from only being based in the UK and only following our WWE television schedule, now you can all expect to see the ECW results now up on a Wednesday, seeing as it is 4am over here, in the UK when ECW finishes. See we’re growing everyday and who knows we may become official one day…I don’t see that happening! 😀

Thank you everyone and of course thank you Jay for being the awesome guy that you are! Here’s to another year!

Welcome Back To Instant Classic!

After a week of not being online Instant Classic is finally back! Sorry that it took so long I had so many problems with trying to change the gallery and making it the best that it could be. I’m still adding a few more pictures at the moment and more have been added already.

I’d like to give a big thanks to my new host Gertie who decided to take a chance and host me, as well as a few other things for the site.

Welcome back everybody…I hope that now I can make Instant Classic better and bigger than ever!