New Fan Candid

Thanks to Alicia for donating this candid that a friend of hers recently took with Christian, click on the link below to view the picture. Thanks again Alicia!

New Candids

After doing a bit of searching I came across these 31 candids over at Big Ed’s Photos account at flickr. The candids were taken on the ECW Houseshow in Bristol, Tenn. on February 21. Click on the link below to view the candids.

ECW Results and Photos – February 24th 2009

Live Event Digitals > February 24th, 2009
Screen Captures > February 24th, 2009

Christian is seen making his way to the ring. The ECW Title is on the line, next.

ECW Championship Match
Jack Swagger vs. Christian

Both competitors make their way down to the ring and the introduction are made, the referee raises the belt above his head for all to see and then calls for the bell and this ECW Championship match is on! Swagger teases locking up but Christian just looks on, not even flinching. They lock up after a few seconds and Christian quickly gets a waist-lock on. Swagger quickly reverses this into a waist-lock of his own and takes Christian down! Swagger leans on Christian’s head before putting the waist-lock back on. Christian gets to his feet and tries to break Swagger’s grip. Christian eventually does and goes for an arm wrench but Swagger pulls his arm away and hits a double leg takedown! Swagger celebrates and the Nashville crowd doesn’t like it.

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Candids From 21/2/09 ECW Houseshow

A huge thanks goes out to Alicia for donating these candids taken from last nights ECW Houseshow in Bristol, Tennessee.

LionHart Photography TNA Candids

I just found over 200 Christian Cage TNA candids over at LionHart Photography and I’ve added them all to the gallery, click the link below to view the candids.

2007 / 2008 TNA Video Captures

I’ve just uploaded all video captures taken from all videos from TNA’s Youtube account from 2007 and 2008. Just click the link below to view them.

ECW Results and Photos – February 17th 2009

Live Event Digitals > February 17th, 2009
Screen Captures > February 17th, 2009

In the back Hornswoggle looks to be warming up with Finlay and the Irishman works him out then eats some pie. Christian walks in to make sure that Hornswoggle won’t be a distraction tonight. Finlay says they’ll keep their end up, as long as Christian keeps his end up.

Mark Henry w/ Tony Atlas & Jack Swagger vs. Finlay w/ Hornswoggle & Christian
Christian and Mark Henry start things off in the ring. Christian is still using his newfound speed to run and dance circles around Henry. Mark throws him into the corner and goes for a punch, but Christian dodges and hits some nice punches to the big man’s face. Mark Henry throws Christian up high into the air and he lands hard.

Mark Henry seems to enjoy his brief moment of power but Christian sneaks over to tag in Finlay. Christian and Finlay hit a stereo double kick. Mark Henry is able to get up and back Finlay into the corner while tagging in Swagger. Finlay manages to escape the double team. Swagger starts working in several takedowns before Finlay is able to slide out and make his way to the corner. Christian gets the hot tag.

Swagger tries to go for a big spot but Christian converts it into a roll up. Captain Charisma goes to tag in the Irishman but he is nowhere to be found in the corner. It seems he has gone to check out ‘swoggle on the ground. Christian isn’t too happy about this, but Finlay begrudgingly tags back in.

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Christian’s Profile Now Up

Just thought I’d inform everybody that Christian’s WWE Profile is now up on the The past photos, his biography banner as well as his biography can be viewed by clicking the links below.