WWE.com: The Top 10 Matches of 2014…So Far

#8. Randy Orton vs. Daniel Bryan vs. John Cena vs. Cesaro vs. Sheamus vs. Christian – WWE World Heavyweight Championship Elimination Chamber Match (Elimination Chamber)
People forget how awesome this match was. They shouldn’t. On a night that was arguably headlined in spirit by the first clash between The Shield and The Wyatt Family (press pause on that for a minute), a wild bash for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship unfolded inside the twisted steel of “Satan’s Prison” that didn’t cease to surprise the WWE Universe for a single second.

Well, maybe the ultimate screwing of Daniel Bryan — yet again — out of the supreme prize by The Authority was something you could see coming from a mile away. But certainly not the perennial underdog Christian eliminating the Irish juggernaut Sheamus with a frog splash off the Chamber pods; or the ascendant Cesaro swinging Randy Orton like a hammer throw; or The Wyatts’ entrance into the Chamber to feast upon an unsuspecting John Cena. Going into this match the WWE Universe likely had their favorites, but with all six Superstars entering the Chamber before a single elimination was recorded, what sometimes seems like a formality on the final stop to WrestleMania suddenly took on an air of unpredictability. Anything really can happen in WWE, and for one night anything almost did.

WWE.com: The 50 Greatest Matches In Raw History Re-Ranked

#50. John Cena, Hulk Hogan & Shawn Michaels vs. Christian, Tomko & Chris Jericho (June 27, 2005)
In a special Six-Man Tag Team Match on the June 27, 2005, episode of Monday Night Raw, three generations united as John Cena lived the dream of many WWE Superstars and fans by teaming up with Hulk Hogan and Shawn Michaels.

In a battle against Christian, Tomko and Chris Jericho, HBK surprised Cena with their partner, The Hulkster. The match stands out as a true milestone in Raw’s history as three of WWE’s biggest Superstars of all time successfully joined forces. Hulk Hogan even paid tribute to Cena after The Hulkster dropped Tomko with a clothesline and performed the Cenation leader’s trademark taunt, “You can’t see me!”

Hogan, Michaels and Cena were victorious and following the contest, Cena and HBK stood in the ring and posed with The Immortal One.

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Christian To Be A Part Of The Money In The Bank Pre-Show Panel

For the first time since The Authority stripped him of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, the WWE Universe will hear from Daniel Bryan in an exclusive interview on the Money in the Bank Kickoff this Sunday at 7:30 p.m. ET/4:30 p.m. PT. Not only that, but WWE fans will actually get to submit their own questions for Bryan by tweeting them, using the hashtag #WWEKICKOFF.

In addition to the interview with the ever-popular “Yes!” Man, the 30-minute show will feature key Money in the Bank match analysis from an expert panel hosted by Renee Young and featuring WWE Hall of Famer Booker T, Alex Riley and one of the most experienced Money in the Bank participants of all time, Christian.

What will Bryan, out of action since May 4, have to say about the status of his neck injury, let alone The Authority’s decision to strip him of the title or the resignation of his wife, Brie Bella, which was done in protest of an ultimatum from Stephanie McMahon? And what are The Beard’s opinions of this Sunday’s historic WWE World Heavyweight Championship Ladder Match?

Christian To Be A Part Of The NXT Takeover Pre-Show Panel

As NXT Takeover rapidly approaches, make sure you’re ready for the live special event with the plethora of special programming airing on WWE Network next week.

On Wednesday, May 28 at 10 p.m. ET, tune into WWE Network for a one-hour preview of NXT Takeover. Join host Renee Young for an in-depth look into the rivalries that have been brewing between the next generation of WWE Superstars and Divas. The preview will also feature exclusive interviews with WWE Hall of Famers Bret “Hit Man” Hart and “Nature Boy” Ric Flair, one night before they will be ringside for the NXT Women’s Championship Match between Natalya and Charlotte.

On Thursday night, be sure to have WWE Network on at 7:30 p.m. ET/4:30 p.m. PT for the LIVE NXT Takeover Pre-Show. Young will be joined by a panel of experts, including Christian, Paul Heyman and Cesaro, to break down the night of action ahead.

Then, at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT, NXT Takeover begins! Watch a night full of action, including Adrian Neville defending his NXT Championship against Tyson Kidd, Natalya battling Charlotte for the vacant NXT Women’s Title and NXT Tag Team Champions The Ascension clashing with the masked duo of Kalisto & El Local!

Finally, after the smoke clears, stay tuned to WWE Network for NXT Takeover Fallout. Get on-the-spot reactions from the NXT Superstars and Divas after their matches and see what the future holds for WWE NXT.

It all takes place on WWE Network! Click here for more information on how you can watch NXT Takeover LIVE on Thursday, May 29 at 8 p.m. ET.

WWE.com: The 50 Coolest Maneuvers Of All Time

#40. Christian’s Killswitch
It takes a Superstar of superior determination to pull off a move as daring as the Killswitch. And, as his Peeps know, Christian and his “one more match” mentality are perfect not just for being able to deliver this devastating attack, but make it look cool in the process. When Captain Charisma is efficient, the fluidity of the Killswitch holds a beauty that few other match-ending maneuvers can equal. If he milks it, the move doubles as a cerebral attack, giving opponents time to realize what’s about to happen.

The maneuver’s origins can be found in the Tomikaze, a unique attack favored by tag team specialist Tommy Rogers. Still, while Superstars like Billy Kidman and Nunzio have also used it, the Killswitch truly belongs to Christian.

WWE Community: Christian Grants Matthew’s Wish

DETROIT – WWE helped make dreams come true for Matthew Sunday night when the teen met his favorite Superstar, Christian, before watching Night of Champions live!

“I met Matthew today. He’s an 18-year-old, big WWE fan from Flint, Mich. He made it down here to Detroit to catch his first-ever show live,” Christian told WWE.com.

“His dad tells me he’s an avid fan. He and his brothers watch every single week – they never miss a show. But this is the first time they’ve gotten to experience WWE live, so they were pretty excited about it.”

In-ring veteran spent time with the teen from Rainbow Connection before the live pay-per-view at Joe Louis Arena.

“I kind of filled them in that it’s nothing like what they see on TV – it’s a whole different feeling when you’re here and you see everything up close and personal,” Christian explained. “The atmosphere is unreal. They couldn’t have picked a better show to come and check out.”

Captain Charisma had no problem keeping the conversation with the teen since he is such a huge WWE fan.

“It was great to get a chance to sit down, one-on-one and have a conversation and say to Matthew: ‘Any questions? Just ask me whatever you want.’ He started to ask me different questions about different things about different Superstars and stuff like that. It was really cool.”

Christian was thrilled but humbled that he was able to help make Matthew’s wish come true.

“It’s very important and it’s a great honor to be able to do things like that and make a small difference in somebody’s life. To see the smiles on their faces is what it’s all about.”