WWE.com: Shawn vs Bret: WWE Superstars Weigh In

Perhaps no single event in sports-entertainment history is as polarizing as “The Montreal Screwjob.” A shocking culmination of the lengthy rivalry that burned between Shawn Michaels and Bret “Hit Man” Hart both in and out of the ring, the incident created a divide between Superstars, sports-entertainment fans and the men who were in the spotlight that night. Fourteen years later, HBK and The Hit Man address that unforgettable turn of events and much more in WWE: Greatest Rivalries – Shawn Michaels vs. Bret Hart — a compelling, in-depth series of unscripted conversations between the two WWE Hall of Famers.

With the DVD stirring up some serious debate in the locker room, WWE.com cornered 15 competitors, including John Cena, Christian and CM Punk, and asked the inflammatory question: “Shawn or Bret — whose side are you on?” What we heard in response was controversial, surprising and always entertaining — just like the rivalry between HBK and The Hit Man.

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Power 25 – October 22nd 2011

This Week: 13 – Last Week: 10

Captain Charisma was chased out of the arena by Sheamus on Monday night and fell to The Celtic Warrior in a tag bout on Friday. Things aren’t looking good for Christian going into Vengeance.

Vengeance 2011 Preview: Sheamus vs. Christian

Revenge is said to be a dish best served cold. But, the fierce rivalry between bitter foes Sheamus and Christian has traveled so far beyond the boiling point that, at Vengeance, their combined thirst for payback is red hot.

At WWE Hell in a Cell, Sheamus emerged victorious over Christian with a booming Brogue Kick. However, rather than settle the score between them, the match only added fuel to an already blazing fire.

In the weeks that followed, the volatile insurgency between the two Superstars only increased. Sheamus, for his part, handed his resentful adversary three frustrating tag team defeats. In the 12-Man Tag Team Match on the Oct. 3 edition of Raw Supershow, The Great White joined Team Cena to triumph over Christian and the rest of Team Del Rio. Then, alongside Randy Orton on SmackDown four days later, the Irish Superstar reigned supreme over Christian & Cody Rhodes. The Celtic Warrior then teamed with Zack Ryder just two days before Vengeance, collecting yet another victory over Christian and his partner, United States Champion Dolph Ziggler.

Despite the success of the first Irish-born WWE Champion in the win-loss column, the always-dangerous Christian managed to be a painful thorn in Sheamus’ side. On the Oct. 14 edition of SmackDown – after being eliminated for the largest Battle Royal in WWE history for a chance at the World Heavyweight Title – the cunning Superstar reentered the ring and eliminated The Celtic Warrior. On the same night, he cost his enemy an important match against WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio. And by blindsiding the Irishman with the spear on the final SmackDown before their pay-per-view showdown, Christian has made it clear that he heads to Vengeance hungrier-than-ever to bring further misery to Sheamus.

Every time Sheamus and Christian enter the ring together, the result is absolute mayhem. Can Christian get revenge against The Celtic Warrior at Vengeance? Or will Sheamus continue his successful run against the former World Heavyweight Champion? Find out Oct. 23 at 8/7 CT, only on pay-per-view.

Power 25 – October 15th 2011

This Week: 10 – Last Week: 14

It might not be a wise move to torment Sheamus, but Christian has been doing a very good job of it. Not only did he cost The Great White an opportunity at winning SmackDown’s massive battle royal, but he caused The Celtic Warrior to fall to Alberto Del Rio later in the night.

Power 25 – October 8th 2011

This Week: 14 – Last Week: 12

Christian lost to The Great White Sheamus in the high profile spotlight of WWE Hell in a Cell. He also lost two tag team encounters on Raw and SmackDown.

Hell In A Cell 2011 Preview: Sheamus vs. Christian

For months, Christian has called for “one more match.” However, this isn’t exactly the match he hoped for.

Instead of getting another World Heavyweight Championship opportunity, he’ll have to do battle with The Celtic Warrior Sheamus.

WWE COO Triple H made the match on the Sept. 26 edition of Raw, after Christian threatened him with a lawsuit for how he’s been running WWE. The Game is just another in a long list of those who have been forced to listen to Christian’s pleas for one more match.

But with such a formidable opponent, could Christian live to regret being given this match?

Sheamus is a former WWE Champion, former U.S. Champion, the 2010 King of the Ring – and perhaps the toughest Superstar in all of WWE. If there’s anyone who knows what Sheamus is capable of it’s Triple H – who was brutally attacked from behind by Sheamus with a steel pipe in 2010.

Although some may question Triple H’s decision making as of late, if you’re tired of hearing from Christian, you’ve got to love this call by The Game. If anyone can finally silence Christian, there’s no better choice than The Celtic Warrior.

With both Superstars hungry for a World Title opportunity, they each will be looking to shine on the pay-per-view stage. Is Christian just one Brogue Kick away from falling out of the World Title picture? Or, will he find a way to stop “The Great White”?

To find out, watch WWE Hell in a Cell, exclusively on pay-per-view on this Sunday.

Power 25 – October 1st 2011

This Week: 12 – Last Week: 10

Christian made life miserable for Sheamus this week, but Captain Charisma will have nowhere to run when he faces The Celtic Warrior at WWE Hell in a Cell on Sunday.

Power 25 – September 24th 2011

This Week: 10 – Last Week: 9

Battered by both Sheamus and Mark Henry this week, Christian will need more than a few ice packs to get through the weekend.

WWE.com: Sheamus Is ‘Kicking’ Christian Out Of Contention

For months now, Christian has been telling anyone who would listen that he deserves “one more match” for the World Heavyweight Championship. However, in light of the numerous setbacks he has suffered at the hands of Sheamus in recent weeks, perhaps the disgruntled Superstar should instead turn his focus to The Celtic Warrior – before there is nothing left of him to challenge a World Champion.

On the Sept. 9 edition of SmackDown, Sheamus emerged to ridicule Christian’s continued insistence that he deserves another title opportunity, calling him a “mangy dog” and ordering him out of the ring. When the angry Superstar returned to exact revenge during his Irish foe’s match, Sheamus nearly took him out with the Celtic Cross.

One week later, Christian & Wade Barrett lost a tag team match to Sheamus & Justin Gabriel. Although it was Gabriel who got the pin on Barrett, “The Great White” invited his fuming adversary back into the ring to finish things between them. Christian, a former two-time World Heavyweight Champion, would lose major ground in the eyes of those picking the No. 1 contender to the World Heavyweight Title by not rising to the challenge.

Two days later at Night of Champions, Sheamus interrupted yet another plea for “one more match,” blasting his complaining prey with an earth-shattering Brogue Kick. Although this may have made things beautiful in Buffalo for the WWE Universe, it continued to lower Christian’s appearance as a serious challenger for the World Title.

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WWE.com: One More Match? Really, Christian?

Following Smackdown Friday night, WWE TV announcer Matt Striker caught up with former two-time World Heavyweight Champion Christian to get his thoughts on the now-rocky relationship with his former best friend Edge. Captain Charisma, called Captain Crybaby by some detractors, brushed aside the subject of Edge. Instead, the Toronto native shamelessly promoted his twitter account @Christian4Peeps and called on the WWE Universe to start a twitter campaign to make him the No. 1 contender to the winner of the Randy Orton vs. Mark Henry World Heavyweight Title Match at Night of Champions #OneMoreMatch.

WWE.com attempted to tally the number of opportunities Christian has already had to compete for the World Heavyweight Championship. Unfortunately, our calculators only go up to eight digits.

Power 25 – September 17th 2011

This Week: 9 – Last Week: 8

Former World Heavyweight Champion Christian failed to impress when he and Wade Barrett came in on the losing side of a tag team showdown with Sheamus & Justin Gabriel.

Power 25 – September 10th 2011

This Week: 8 – Last Week: 7

Christian barely survived his rivalry with Randy Orton and already he’s gunning for a fight with Sheamus. When will this guy learn his lesson?

WWE.com: Sheamus Calls Out The ‘Cowards’ Of WWE

Recently in an interview with WWE.com, former WWE Champion Sheamus sent out a message to the “cowards” of the WWE, namely Christian. He’s what he had to say about the former World Heavyweight Champion.

*Christian cost me the World Heavyweight Championship against Randy Orton a couple of months ago on SmackDown when he failed to count to three,” Sheamus said of his June 3 clash with The Viper, which had been officiated by the bitter Canadian. “I haven’t forgotten that, and I won’t forget it.”

Power 25 – September 3rd 2011

This Week: 7 – Last Week: 6

Not only was Christian on the losing end of a tag match on Raw, but he was defeated once again by Randy Orton on SuperSmackDown.

WWE.com: Christian Goes Off On Orton, Edge and Super Smackdown

Call it tenacity, manipulation or all-out obsession, but Christian will not give up on his quest for the World Heavyweight Title. He received yet another chance to face Randy Orton after presenting Guest SmackDown General Manager Bret Hart with a court order.

Since the match will take place during the special LIVE SuperSmackDown, Hart felt it fitting that the match be special as well, so he declared that the World Title be contested in a Steel Cage Match.

In an exclusive interview with WWE.com Christian was very matter-of-fact about the SummerSlam actions of his friend Edge, the decisions being made by SmackDown GM Theodore Long and WWE COO Triple H, and exactly why he will have a huge advantage entering a steel cage with The Viper this Tuesday. Is he right? Does he have what it takes to emerge from the unforgiving steel draped in championship gold once more?

Power 25 – August 27th 2011

This Week: 6 – Last Week: 6

Christian held firm at No. 6 – not only pinning Daniel Bryan, but also securing a World Heavyweight Title Match at SuperSmackDown. But, his spot on the P25 is a bit crowded, since he has to share the credit with both his legal team and a court order.

Power 25 – August 20th 2011

This Week: 7 – Last Week: 3

Not only did Christian lose his World Heavyweight Championship to Randy Orton at SummerSlam, but he was beaten so badly that he was nowhere to be seen on Friday’s SmackDown.

SummerSlam World Heavyweight Championship Plaques Available For Pre-Order At WWEShop.com

You can own a piece of WWE History by owning this plaque commemorating the World Heavyweight Championship match between Randy Orton and Christian, at this year’s Summerslam. The plaque is available in two different sizes, 8×10 and 15×17, both include a commemorative Summerslam ticket, featuring the two combatants and a special pop-in photo frame is also included in the 15×17 plaque. Both plaques are available for pre-order and are scheduled to be in stock on September 6th, 2011 for $29.99 and $49.99, respectively.

SummerSlam 2011 Preview: World Heavyweight Champion Christian vs. Randy Orton – No Holds Barred Match

At SummerSlam, World Heavyweight Champion Christian will attempt to cool the intense heat of his No. 1 contender Randy Orton in a brutal No Holds Barred Match for the World Title.

The epic showdown was created by WWE’s new Chief Operating Officer Triple H on the July 29 edition of SmackDown, in the midst of a sea of controversy surrounding the circumstances by which Christian captured his second World Title from The Viper at WWE’s Money in the Bank pay-per-view.

But, ultimately, the fuse for the explosive rivalry between Christian and Randy Orton was lit just five days after Christian fulfilled a lifelong dream, winning the World Heavyweight Championship for the first time at Extreme Rules. Before his reign could even get off the ground, Randy Orton pinned his shoulders to the mat on the very next SmackDown and shattered his whole world. WWE’s Apex Predator then defeated his prey again in a hard-fought rematch at WWE Capitol Punishment.

Over the next several weeks, Christian’s inability to recover the illustrious title started to eat away at him. Already convinced that he could beat The Viper, he began to believe that SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long, Orton and even the WWE Universe were ultimately preventing him from reclaiming what was rightfully his.

Refusing to speak directly to the WWE Universe any longer, the resentful Christian soon enlisted the help of lawyers to correct what he believed was an unlevel playing field. This led to a special condition in the contract for his World Heavyweight Championship Match with Orton at Money in the Bank: If Orton was disqualified, Christian would automatically be awarded the title.

Once such a stipulation was in place, controversy seemed inevitable. And when Christian spat in the face of his adversary during their pay-per-view battle, Orton would be unable to stop his uncontrollable rage. Hitting his No.1 contender with a low blow, The Viper was immediately disqualified. And regardless of what the stunned WWE Universe thought, Christian once again held the title in his grasp.

No matter how Christian won the World Heavyweight Championship, no one can deny his tremendous ability in the ring. But, with no a disqualification clause to stand behind, can he overcome the uncontainable anger of Randy Orton at the Biggest Event of the Summer? Find out at SummerSlam, Sunday Aug. 14 at 8/4 PT, only on pay-per-view.

Power 25 – August 13th 2011

This Week: 3 – Last Week: 1

Having his threats of legal action against WWE rebuked by COO Triple H and walking out on his match with Sheamus caused World Heavyweight Champion Christian to fall from his lofty No. 1 perch on top of the Power 25.