Power 25 Farewell

After losing in the Six-Man Tag Team Main Event on ECW, The Academy has no choice but to say bon voyage to Captain Charisma.

Power 25 – February 28th 2009

This Week: 24 – Last Week: 22

After seemingly having ECW Champion Jack Swagger right where he wanted him, Christian picked up his first loss since his return to WWE. Unfortunately it was when the ECW Title was on the line.

Power 25 – February 21st 2009

This Week: 22 – Last Week: NR

Christian has made an impact that is shaking the very foundation of ECW with his surprise return last week and subsequent back-to-back victories over ECW Champion Jack Swagger.

24/2/09 ECW Preview

Is Christian bringing on a new face Extreme? ECW Champion Jack Swagger has insisted he is the face of ECW. In order to keep that alive, he will have to defend his most prized possession against the returning Superstar.

Christian’s WWE.com Profile Now Up

Just thought I’d inform everybody that Christian’s WWE Profile is now up on the WWE.com. The past photos, his biography banner as well as his WWE.com biography can be viewed by clicking the links below.

17/2/09 ECW Preview

ECW Champion Jack Swagger defeated Finlay at No Way Out, but the challenges remain abundant for “The All-American American.” Tonight, Swagger & Mark Henry collide with the recently returned Christian & Finlay, while Tommy Dreamer faces John Morrison.

2009 WWE Draft

As if April couldn’t possibly get any bigger – WWE.com has learned that eight days following the 25th Anniversary of WrestleMania, WWE will “shake things up” once again, with a 2009 WWE Draft that will commence live on Monday Night Raw, on USA Network.

In many ways, the WWE Universe continues to feel the aftershocks created by from last year’s epic Draft on Raw (click here to relive 2008 Draft coverage), during which 10 Superstars changed their respective home brands. (Followed by more than a dozen Superstars who were affected by a subsequent Supplemental Draft that took place on WWE.com.) Several of those roster adjustments quickly resulted in title changes that dramatically altered the WWE landscape – among them, CM Punk winning the World Heavyweight Championship from Edge a week after the Straightedge Superstar had been drafted to Raw.

With that, what can our Superstars, General Managers and you, the WWE Universe, expect from the Draft when Raw commences live in Atlanta’s Philips Arena April 13? Details will be forthcoming in the weeks ahead, though one thing is certain: as per Mr. McMahon’s statement a year before, it will be “time to shake things up around here!”

WWE.com: WWE’s Top 25 Entourages Of All Time

#20 – The Brood

Before Edge was the Rated-R Superstar, he was blood-thristy as a member of The Brood. With Gangrel front and center, the group that led a “gothic lifestyle” spread fear through WWE. When the lights in the arena would go out, then flicker red, fans knew they would soon see a bloodbath. Appropriately, The Brood was known for their association with the Ministry Of Darkness – as they were both allies and enemies of the Undertaker’s entourage.