WWE.com: 10 Funniest Superstars In WWE History

#3. Edge & Christian

When is a pose more than a pose? When it’s held for five seconds … duh! Not only were Edge & Christian one of the most innovative tag teams of WWE’s groundbreaking Attitude Era — watch their Tables, Ladders & Chairs Matches on WWE Network if you need an “Edge-ucation” — but they also had us rolling with their snapshot-worthy contributions to the art world (all “for the benefit of those with flash photography”), their endless wit at the expense of Raw and SmackDown’s host cities and their kazoo skills that totally “reek of awesomeness” to this very day. And to think, these hilarious Canucks got their start in WWE as vampires!

WWE.com: Superstars Reveal Their Extreme Dream Matches

Tyson Kidd & Cesaro vs. Edge & Christian – Ladder Match

Tyson Kidd & Cesaro weren’t together long before capturing their first WWE Tag Team Championship, but they quickly found chemistry together. Kidd felt so confident about his bond with Cesaro that he said he’d love to line up against a team that has been together since elementary school: Edge & Christian. Kidd isn’t intimidated by his fellow countrymen.

“We would aim to take on Edge & Christian in a Ladder Match because they were the guys who really popularized tag team matches with a ladder,” Kidd said. “It would be a hell of a test for us to go in there with them in that type of match.”

WWE.com: The Top 30 Matches In Wrestlemania History

#27. Money in the Bank Ladder Match – Wrestlemania 21

Ladder Matches on The Grandest Stage of Them All tend to be great – no surprise there’s a bevy of them on this list – so the inaugural Money in the Bank Ladder Match, with its novel, game changing stipulation and can’t miss lineup of topflight athletes, Evel Knievels and a real-life monster, was bound to be excellent.

The second bout at WrestleMania 21 played out like a Michael Bay trailer with guys like Christian and Kane taking the place of exploding robots. Fifteen minutes of gratuitous carnage led to Edge coming out on top – setting in motion what would become a defining run as a villain – but it was Shelton Benjamin who stole the show (and defied physics) by running up a diagonal ladder to deliver a diving clothesline to Jericho. This was car crash wrestling at its most polished. No wonder it spawned so many sequels.

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WWE.com: WWE’s Top 25 Matches Of 2014

#22. Dolph Ziggler vs. Sheamus vs. Christian vs. Alberto Del Rio — Intercontinental Championship No. 1 Contender’s Fatal 4-Way Match (Raw, March 24)

A mad, forgotten classic among the high-profile matches of 2014, this four-pronged brawl for the right to battle Big E for the Intercontinental Championship is notable for a bittersweet reason: It was Christian’s last match in 2014 and, as of this writing, his last televised match, period. The frenetic bout encapsulates exactly what makes the former World Heavyweight Champion such a seminal WWE talent — his savvy, his chicanery, and his personality are all on display — but the other three didn’t look too shabby, either. Sheamus and Del Rio picked up right where their 2012 mega-rivalry left off, and Dolph Ziggler foreshadowed his late-year renaissance with a Zig Zag to a Cross Armbreaker–locked Sheamus, which took out both guys at once. Of course, it’s Christian who immediately hooked the Killswitch for the win, but nobody came out of this looking like a chump. If Captain Charisma is truly denied his “One More Match,” there are worse ways to go out. — ANTHONY BENIGNO

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WWE.com: Superstars Pick Survivor Series Dream Teams – 2014 Edition


Roman Reigns

“My first pick would be my man, Dean Ambrose,” Roman Reigns said without hesitation. “We have a huge amount of chemistry and I like his element of surprise. You just don’t know what to expect with him. That would really give our team an advantage in that respect.”

The former Shield powerhouse showed his affinity for maintaining strong allies with his next picks.

“I would go with a tag team situation here, because it’s all about teamwork,” he explained. “And you can’t go wrong with these guys: Edge and Christian. Both of them bring their own strengths to the table. Obviously, Edge also utilizes the Spear, which would be cool with both of us in the ring at the same time.”

For his last pick — The Undertaker — Reigns went with a true legend.

“We need a big man — a really big man,” he said. “A skyscraper, someone with that ‘it’ factor, with that demeanor, and with all his experience, he serves as a huge cornerstone for this group. If there’s any aspect in a situation the other four haven’t been in, I guarantee he would be able to step up and have some knowledge.”

WWE.com: The 100 Best Matches To See Before You Die

#86. Christian vs. Randy Orton – World Heavyweight Championship No Holds Barred Match (Summerslam 2011)

I wouldn’t have necessarily predicted beforehand that Orton and Christian would have been so great together. A lot of people loved Christian and had been waiting for him to have that moment in the main event, and he turned out to physically be the perfect match for Randy Orton. It’s one of those magic things where it’s hard to point out why it worked so well.”The rivalry was thought of so highly in spite of the fact that Orton was a hero. When people talk about Randy Orton, it’s usually not as a hero, but he was perfect for the kind of opportunistic scoundrel villain that Christian was. You really wanted to see Christian get his comeuppance and people were really excited to root for Randy Orton against a guy fans were traditionally used to cheering. Each of their matches had meaning.”What they do in the ring is so good, it doesn’t even matter how their rivalry got started. You can watch it as a standalone amazing match and see it unfold. That’s the tell-tale sign of two guys who know what they’re doing. Christian’s been around a long time and Randy Orton’s a third-generation Superstar who is so natural. They executed it like two veterans do. — PETER ROSENBERG, AS TOLD TO ZACH LINDER

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WWE.com: Christian Returns To Smackdown

This week in Michael Cole’s weekly WWE.com Exclusive interview, Christian was in the hot seat, where he discussed his return to Smackdown, this Friday night, where he will be hosting The Peep Show, with special guest Dean Ambrose. He also discussed his upcoming appearance on SyFy’s original series Haven, where he reunited with his long-time best friend Adam “Edge” Copeland, as well as talking about the upcoming Survivor Series pay-per-view.