WWE.com: 6 Most Decorated Tag Teams In WWE History

#4. (tied): Edge & Christian (7-time titleholders)

For those with the benefit of flash photography, picture this: Only two pairs of partners can boast about having achieved seven World Tag Team Championship reigns in WWE. And the first twosome to do it just happens to hail from Toronto, Canada.

Edge & Christian solely plied their trade in the competitive confines of WWE, which means everybody in the WWE Universe got a good look as the Canuck competitors transformed themselves from Gangrel’s lackeys into one of the greatest tag teams of all time. They went through everybody to win the World Tag Team Titles, from longtime rivals like The Dudley Boyz and The Hardy Boyz, to lethal combinations like The Rock & The Undertaker.

Moreover, their victory in the Tables, Ladders & Chairs Match at WrestleMania X-Seven made them the first WWE duo to earn seven separate reigns in WWE as World Tag Team Champions.

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Christian — Over The Limit 2012

It had been a long road since Christian when Captain Charisma made his special event return at Over the Limit 2012. And though the former World Heavyweight Champion didn’t exactly get “One More Match” for WWE’s biggest prize, he did get two matches in one night — and a title to boot. In Christian’s first rumble of the evening, he won a Battle Royal to earn either an opportunity at Cody Rhodes’ Intercontinental Championship or Santino Marella’s U.S. Title. Given his villainous bona fides at the time, Christian was expected to put the boots to The Italian Stallion, so imagine everyone’s surprise when he set his eyes on The Prince instead, ultimately winning the pearly-white title when all was said and done.

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“Stone Cold” Steve Austin will interview Edge and Christian on the next edition of the Stone Cold Podcast, live on the award-winning WWE Network, Monday, Sept. 7, immediately following Raw. What will be said when The Texas Rattlesnake sits down with The Rated-R Superstar and Captain Charisma for a no-holds-barred interview? Watch a brand-new episode of the Stone Cold Podcast to find out!

In past Stone Cold Podcast episodes with Mr. McMahon, Triple H, Paul Heyman and Paige, the show’s outspoken host has pulled no punches with his guests, asking the hard-hitting questions. What topics will Austin bring up in this anything-goes interview?

The seven-time WWE Tag Team Champions and lifelong friends had no shortage of memorable moments during their run atop the tag team ranks, including their involvement in some of WWE’s most absurd and hilarious moments. Don’t miss two of WWE’s most entertaining Superstars in a can’t-miss interview, live on WWE Network.

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#3. Edge & Christian

When is a pose more than a pose? When it’s held for five seconds … duh! Not only were Edge & Christian one of the most innovative tag teams of WWE’s groundbreaking Attitude Era — watch their Tables, Ladders & Chairs Matches on WWE Network if you need an “Edge-ucation” — but they also had us rolling with their snapshot-worthy contributions to the art world (all “for the benefit of those with flash photography”), their endless wit at the expense of Raw and SmackDown’s host cities and their kazoo skills that totally “reek of awesomeness” to this very day. And to think, these hilarious Canucks got their start in WWE as vampires!

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Tyson Kidd & Cesaro vs. Edge & Christian – Ladder Match

Tyson Kidd & Cesaro weren’t together long before capturing their first WWE Tag Team Championship, but they quickly found chemistry together. Kidd felt so confident about his bond with Cesaro that he said he’d love to line up against a team that has been together since elementary school: Edge & Christian. Kidd isn’t intimidated by his fellow countrymen.

“We would aim to take on Edge & Christian in a Ladder Match because they were the guys who really popularized tag team matches with a ladder,” Kidd said. “It would be a hell of a test for us to go in there with them in that type of match.”

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#27. Money in the Bank Ladder Match – Wrestlemania 21

Ladder Matches on The Grandest Stage of Them All tend to be great – no surprise there’s a bevy of them on this list – so the inaugural Money in the Bank Ladder Match, with its novel, game changing stipulation and can’t miss lineup of topflight athletes, Evel Knievels and a real-life monster, was bound to be excellent.

The second bout at WrestleMania 21 played out like a Michael Bay trailer with guys like Christian and Kane taking the place of exploding robots. Fifteen minutes of gratuitous carnage led to Edge coming out on top – setting in motion what would become a defining run as a villain – but it was Shelton Benjamin who stole the show (and defied physics) by running up a diagonal ladder to deliver a diving clothesline to Jericho. This was car crash wrestling at its most polished. No wonder it spawned so many sequels.

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