WWE.com: Christian Suffers Concussion, Headed To Performance Center For Further Evaluation

WWE Superstar Christian suffered a concussion during a match with WWE Champion Randy Orton on the Aug. 26 edition of Raw, according to WWE physician Dr. Chris Amann.

“We’ve pulled him out of all activity,” said Amann. “His ImPACT scores are normal, but he’s still having some symptoms of fogginess and cloudiness.”

He continued, “We are waiting for symptoms to get better until we perform an in-ring exertional challenge later this week at the Performance Center in Orlando. At that point, if he’s able to get in the ring and exert himself, and work without symptoms, we’ll go ahead and clear him [to compete].”

Stay with WWE.com for more on the condition of the former World Heavyweight Champion.

I know I can speak for all of you out there, in saying that we wish Christian a safe and speedy recovery

WWE.com: 7 Dream Teams To Face The Shield

The Brood: Gangrel, Christian and Edge

You want to talk about intimidation? Testing the boundaries of sanity in the face of darkness? We’d like Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns take on the mystifying faction of Edge, Christian and Gangrel?

No strangers to the art of spectacle — with actions that included using strangely grotesque tactics to freak out their opponents and even helping the legendary Undertaker to hoist up the Big Boss Man from Hell in a Cell — this trifecta of fear may serve as the perfect Superstars to make The Shield rethink their own reign of terror.

WWE.com: Wrestlemania’s 10 Greatest Rivalries

#8. The Hardy Boyz vs. Edge & Christian vs. The Dudley Boyz

Edge & Christian and The Hardy Boyz redefined how the WWE Universe looked at Ladder Matches in fall 1999. It became destiny that they would meet again. But a curveball was thrown at them when the table-obsessed Dudley Boyz joined WWE that winter. The three teams met in the first-ever Triple Threat Tag Team Ladder Match at WrestleMania 2000. With the ringside area covered in twisted steel and broken wood, it was Edge & Christian who emerged with the World Tag Team Titles in hand.

The three teams met again one year later, at WrestleMania X-Seven in the match that would become their calling card: Tables, Ladders & Chairs. In a melee that left the WWE Universe on the edge of their seats, The Rated-R Superstar and Captain Charisma, with an assist from Rhyno, reclaimed the titles once again.

WWE.com: WWE’s Infamous Training Ground – Inside The Funkin’ Dojo

Every month between January 1998 and 1999, hopeful Superstars like Edge, Kurt Angle and Jeff Hardy descended on WWE headquarters in Stamford, Conn., in hopes of making an impression that would land them on the company’s main roster. To be considered, they’d be put through one of the most grueling weeks of their lives by former NWA World Champion and WWE Hall of Famer Dory Funk Jr., someone who certainly knew what it took to be a Superstar.

One-half of the hallowed Funk Brothers, Dory and his brother Terry were feared for their mastery of the mat game. Funk’s extensive knowledge of holds and counterholds made him the perfect person for the job when WWE’s talent relations department was looking for an evaluator of potential Superstars.

The Funkin’ Dojo camps were some of WWE’s earliest attempts at centralized recruiting for future generations of Superstars. And while the WWE Hall of Famer, along with co-trainers Tom Prichard and Pat Patterson, pushed them to their physical limits, the punishing work paid off. Many of the graduates of the Funkin’ Dojo became WWE and World Heavyweight Champions, Tag Team Champions, Intercontinental Champions and even a WWE Hall of Famer.

To get the lowdown on the Funkin’ Dojo and its graduates, WWEClassics.com went straight to the man who put them through the paces, Dory Funk Jr.

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WWE.com: WrestleMania’s 5 Greatest Rematches

Edge & Christian vs. The Hardy Boyz vs. The Dudley Boyz (Wrestlemania X-Seven)

When one thinks of revolutionary tandems from any period in WWE history, three teams that always pop up are Edge & Christian, The Hardy Boyz and The Dudley Boyz. No, it’s not because names ending with “z” were all the rage at the turn of the millennium and it has nothing to do with our secret desire to rock one of Christian’s mesh tanktops. Rather, these three risk-taking duos truly changed the landscape of tag team competition during The Attitude Era, giving the WWE Universe back-to-back instant classics at WrestleMania 2000 and WrestleMania X-Seven.

In a hellacious Triangle Ladder Match at WrestleMania 2000, emanating from the Arrowhead Pond in Anaheim, Calif., Bubba Ray & D-Von Dudley’s World Tag Team Championships dangled precariously from the rafters, taunting all involved to risk it all for one of WWE’s most coveted prizes. Although it was Edge & Christian who would ultimately capture the titles that night, all six competitors were lauded for their bravery following what collectively became known as one of the most awe-inspiring matches of all time.

But how would these ring warriors top such a table-smashing, ladder-bending and gravity-defying triple threat encounter? That answer came at WrestleMania X-Seven, when Edge & Christian, the Hardys and the Dudleys collided in a Tables, Ladders & Chairs Match — a stipulation the sextet introduced mere months earlier at SummerSlam.

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WWE.com: Teddy Long’s Top 10 Tag Team Matches

Edge & Christian vs. Alberto Del Rio & Brodus Clay – Smackdown, March 11, 2011

Just 23 days before WrestleMania 27 and what would be Edge’s final match, he got one last chance to team up with his best friend. After signing a contract to take on Alberto Del Rio for the World Heavyweight Title at The Show of Shows, The Rated-R Superstar was the victim of a beatdown by The Mexican Aristocrat and his massive bodyguard, Brodus Clay. When he called them out on the March 11, 2011, edition of SmackDown, Edge had every intention of taking on the aggressive duo by himself.

He walked head on into a two-on-one attack, which Del Rio and Clay took advantage of almost immediately. When things looked bleak for Edge, Christian came to his rescue. Captain Charisma’s arrival evened things up, but only temporarily, as Teddy Long came on the scene to announce that for the first time in a decade, Edge & Christian would team up to face Del Rio & Clay in a huge tag team main event.

The seven-time World Tag Team Champions showed the WWE Universe they hadn’t lost a step in the decade since their last bout. The pair that “reeks of awesomeness” dominated a thrilling match that reached its apex when Christian dumped Del Rio out of the ring, then floored Clay with a tornado DDT that put the big man in perfect position for a top-rope elbow from The Rated-R Superstar for the win.

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WWE.com: The 10 Best TLC Matches In WWE History

#9. Kane & The Hurricane vs. Christian & Chris Jericho vs. Jeff Hardy & Rob Van Dam – Raw, Octotber 7th, 2002

On Oct. 7, 2002, former WCW President–turned Raw General Manager Eric Bischoff introduced the ground-breaking Raw Roulette. Kane & The Hurricane were set to defend their World Tag Team Titles against Christian & Chris Jericho, Rob Van Dam & Jeff Hardy and Spike & Bubba Ray Dudley. The Raw Roulette wheel selected a TLC Match, much to the delight of the WWE Universe.

Before the contest, The Hurricane was attacked, leaving The Big Red Monster to defend the titles on his own. In a TLC Match, simply taking out one-half of an opponent’s team doesn’t offer much of an advantage when there are three other duos vying for the ultimate tag team prize. As expected, the heart-sinking drops from the wobbly ladders, broken tables and dented steel chairs were all present in one match for the first time on Raw. But Kane rose above the risks of the tag team TLC Match, overcoming the odds and retaining the titles by himself on behalf of his team.

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WWE.com: The 20 Icons Of The Attitude Era

#11. Edge & Christian

Whether rolling with the vampiric Gangrel, racing to the ring through the crowd or holding classic five-second poses “for the benefit of those with flash photography,” Edge & Christian continuously reinvented themselves both inside and outside the ring.

But even if you take away Edge & Christian’s ridiculous(ly cool) sunglasses, pompous posedowns and their unique ability to “reek of awesomeness,” what you’re left with is one of the most technically sound tag teams to ever compete in WWE. Mixing mat-based proficiency and high-impact aerial attacks, the pair flourished in the intensely competitive tag team division during The Attitude Era, historically winning WWE’s first two Tables, Ladders & Chairs Matches at SummerSlam 2000 and WrestleMania X-Seven, respectively.

WWE.com: 10 Sordid WWE Love Triangles

Christian, Chris Jericho & Trish Stratus

The most twisted Canadian love triangle in WWE history occurred in 2003 between Chris Jericho, Christian and Trish Stratus. It began when Y2J and Captain Charisma were dating Trish and Lita, respectively. The Superstars had a bet, but when Trish learned of the wager, she ended the relationship with Jericho.

Though WWE’s first-ever Undisputed Champion had developed feelings for the blond bombshell and tried to mend the relationship — an act that upset Christian. Because of Jericho’s courtship of Trish, the relationship with his tag team partner deteriorated quickly with Captain Charisma showing his distaste for both Y2J and Stratus.

The former World Tag Team Champions collided at WrestleMania XX, with Trish in Jericho’s corner. The intense battled featured two of WWE’s brightest stars battling in a match that was more personal than anything else. When the dust settled, it was Christian who picked up the victory after Trish accidentally hit Jericho. However, following Christian’s win, the biggest secret of the entire affair came to the surface when Trish revealed she and Captain Charisma were a couple.

Although Christian got the girl, Jericho later defeated his former partner in a Ladder Match for the Intercontinental Title at Unforgiven 2003, effectively ending the malice between the two.

WWE.com: Classic Factions Reborn

The New World Order

Who could possibly comprise the modern incarnation of the most notorious faction of all time? It would take a major betrayal of the WWE Universe akin to Hulk Hogan’s original collusion with Scott Hall and Kevin Nash. The only Superstar capable of such an impactful move would be none other than John Cena.

When Hogan deceived WCW, he was as polarized as Cena. Some still loved the classic red and yellow, others were tired of it. Judging by Cena’s reactions in various arenas all over the country, the same can be said for his creed of “hustle, loyalty and respect.” The Cenation leader could eventually just have his fill of “Cena sucks” chants, grab a can of black spray-paint and really give the WWE Universe something to “boo” about.

To maximize their initial impact, the 21st century New World Order would need a strong base, similar to Hogan and The Outsiders. Both Hall and Nash were loved and hated by fans based on what served their needs. Well-rounded veterans, The Outsiders did whatever they needed to ensure their own success. Given the pasts of both Randy Orton and Christian, joining John Cena in The nWo would give them each an edge over other seasoned veterans in WWE.

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WWE.com: Meet WWE’s Greatest Grappling Buddies

Edge & Christian

If the bond between Edge & Christian seems stronger than most, it’s because the seven-time WWE Tag Team Champions had a head start in establishing their chemistry and camaraderie. Friends since their grade school days, the Canadian duo already knew everything there was to know about one another by the time each Superstar commenced their respective WWE careers.

From extolling the virtues of soda to mastering innovative challenges like the Tables, Ladders and Chairs Match, Edge & Christian fed off each other’s personalities so well that the success they ultimately achieved together earned them the distinction of being named the greatest tag team of all time by WWE.com. Yet even after the two competitors went their separate ways, their bond remains unbroken and was on display for the WWE Universe to see when Christian, once just a kid from Ontario, Canada, inducted his childhood friend Edge into the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2012.

WWE.com: The 25 Greatest Matches In Summerslam History

#5. The first-ever Tables, Ladders and Chairs Match (2000)

SummerSlam had always been groundbreaking. However, its most original match of all time may have been the very first TLC Match in 2000 — which mixed the tag team specialties of Edge & Christian’s chair assault, The Dudleys’ table onslaught and the Hardys’ high-flying ladder excellence into a whirlwind of fasted paced hysteria.

The three-way bedlam that followed proved to be the ultimate thrill ride that did much more than allowing Edge and Christian to retain their championship gold. It would serve as the benchmark for one of the squared circle’s most unique specialty matches in countless contests to come. It would become such a WWE institution that it would one day became the namesake for a pay-per-view.

WWE.com: WWE’s Boys Of Summer

#8. Edge & Christian (2000)

You needed more than the benefit of flash photography to capture all the action from Edge and Christian’s matches in summer 2000. A frenzied Triangle Ladder Match at WrestleMania ushered in their first World Tag Team Championship reign, but it was the later sweltering months that solidified the bodacious duo as the must-watch tag team in WWE.

At King of the Ring in June, Edge and Christian prevailed over three other tandems in a Four Corners Elimination Match, a contest which included their rivals, The Hardy Boyz. Then, after escaping a battle with the APA at Fully Loaded with their titles, the “fightingest” World Tag Team Champions engaged in their most incredible fight yet at SummerSlam. Raising the bar for hardcore innovation, E&C dazzled the WWE Universe as they conquered The Dudley Boyz and The Hardy Boyz in the first-ever Tables, Ladders and Chairs Match.

WWE.com: 15 Of WWE’s All Time High-Risk Finishers

Killswitch (Christian)

Christian’s signature finisher seems simple enough to pull off. Approaching from behind and wrapping his arms around those of his opponent, Captain Charisma then twirls himself to secure and extend his adversary’s arms. Then, the Canadian Superstar needs only to drop backward to drive his foe’s head directly into the ring apron for the knockout blow.

It’s a thing of beauty when Christian connects the Killswitch, but the devil is in the details. Christian willingly locks his arms while going through the maneuver’s motions, meaning his entire upper body is exposed if things go awry for any reason. If the blond battler can’t overpower his rival enough to twirl him or takes too long to drop, he leaves himself helpless to stop a counterattack by a resilient opponent.

Though his in-ring experience helps him read the ongoing situation and decide if it’s time to go for the Killswitch, Captain Charisma still risks his momentum and his chances at victory when he wraps up his latest target for the final blow.

Money In The Bank 2012 Preview: Money In The Bank Ladder Match For A World Championship Contract

World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus already knew the Money in the Bank Ladder Match for a World Championship Contract would mean he’d have a new No. 1 contender. Now, after the final qualifying match on Monday night’s Raw SuperShow, The Great White knows all eight interesting possibilities for whom that contender could be.

Following a series of qualifying matches that took place over the past few weeks, the competitors in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match for a World Championship Contract have been decided, and the field is an exciting one featuring a diverse mix of styles.

“The Intellectual Savior to the Unwashed Masses,” Damien Sandow, was the first to punch his ticket back on the June 29 edition of SmackDown. Staving off the “ignorance, mediocrity and stupidity” of fan-favorite Zack Ryder, Sandow continued his unbeaten ways, winning the most important match of his young WWE career. Will “The Enlightened One” emerge victorious in the grueling Money in the Bank Ladder Match for a World Championship Contract or is the loquacious Superstar biting off more than he can chew?

In SmackDown’s second qualifying match on June 29, Tyson Kidd picked up an upset win over a Superstar who not only previously won a Money in the Bank Ladder Match, but also successfully cashed in the contract, Jack Swagger. Pinning “The All-American American” after a back-and-forth contest, the always exciting Kidd booked himself a spot in a match where truly anything can happen.

Intercontinental Champion Christian and United States Champion Santino Marella sealed their spots in the match with a tag team victory over Cody Rhodes and David Otunga on June 29. The recently re-inspired Christian borrowed from his best friend, WWE Hall of Famer Edge, when he used a Spear to dispatch Otunga. Could either Captain Charisma or the master of The Cobra become the first dual-title holder since Ultimate Warrior?

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WWE.com: The 50 Greatest Matches In Raw History

#48. John Cena, Hulk Hogan & Shawn Michaels vs. Christian, Tomko & Chris Jericho (June 27, 2005)

In a special Six-Man Tag Team Match on the June 27, 2005, episode of Monday Night Raw, three generations united as John Cena lived the dream of many WWE Superstars and fans by teaming up with Hulk Hogan and Shawn Michaels.

In a battle against Christian, Tomko and Chris Jericho, HBK surprised Cena with their partner, The Hulkster. The match stands out as a true milestone in Raw’s history as three of WWE’s biggest Superstars of all time successfully joined forces. Hulk Hogan even paid tribute to Cena after The Hulkster dropped Tomko with a clothesline and performed the Cenation leader’s trademark taunt, “You can’t see me!”

Hogan, Michaels and Cena were victorious and following the contest, Cena and HBK stood in the ring and posed with The Immortal One.

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WWE.com: Breakdown Of The Entrants In The World Heavyweight Championship Contract Money In The Bank Ladder Match

Intercontinental Champion Christian

Intercontinental Champion Christian knows Money in the Bank Ladder Matches better than any other Superstar currently competing. As half of the legendary tag team Edge & Christian, he was part of countless other dangerous contests, including a myriad of Ladder Matches and even the first Tables, Ladders and Chairs Match.

Knowledge, experience and heart have always been Christian’s calling cards, and he’s going to need them July 15 if he wants to win a guaranteed opportunity at the World Heavyweight Championship. He’s already on the figurative Mt. Rushmore of Ladder Matches for what he’s done, but he’s going to have to do it again, against a dangerous set of foes.

The re-inspired, recharged veteran has the most experience – and battle scars – of all the entrants. As a former two-time World Heavyweight Champion, in addition to a Grand Slam and Triple Crown Champion, he also has the most accolades and titles. But, as Christian recently stated, he’s not close to finished.

He wants to follow in the footsteps of his best friend, Edge, and end his career not only with the heartfelt support of the WWE Universe, but also with more World Titles and with a revered spot in the WWE Hall of Fame. Christian hopes to take the next step toward those lofty goals in the World Championship Contract Money in the Bank Ladder Match. Are his World Title days behind him? Or will Captain Charisma again rise to the challenge and ascend the ladder one…more…time?