Dean Ambrose Mentions Christian In Recent Interview With The Classical

In a recent interview with The Classical, The Shield’s Dean Ambrose was asked who he would like to feud with in the future. Here’s what he had to say about Christian:

Who do you want to feud with in the future?
Christian is just so unbelievably good. I mean, I always knew Christian was really good. Working with Christian, he’s been here for so long and has so much experience, you realize his brain is a super-evolved version of my brain [with] the way he sees matches play out, the way he comes up with things, especially in tag matches and stuff like that. Christian’s a guy who I’ve only had a small sampling of working with. Christian’s a guy I want to spend a lot more time in the ring with.

Heath Slater Mentions Christian In Recent Interview

In a recent interview with Local Bozo fellow WWE Superstar of Christian’s former NXT rookie Heath Slater noted that Christian including a few others is one his biggest influences backstage. Feel free to check out an excerpt of the interview below, or you can read, or listen to the interview in full, on Thanks to Jennifer for passing this on.

You’ve been one of the rising stars in the company over the past year. At this point in your young career, who’s been the biggest influence on you backstage, just as far as bringing you along to this point and helping you reach your current level of success?

Backstage? Honestly, there’s been numerous people. Big Show’s helped me out a lot- showing me the ins and outs. [John] Cena’s been- every time you messed up a little bit, he would always correct you and help you out. Chris Jericho would always help me out a lot. He was a very good influence on me and everything. Christian, Edge- both of them would always see something- ‘try it this way, try it that way.’ They would always lead me in the right direction. The agents- Double A Arn Arnderson, he’s one of the best guys for information for helping you put together matches and everything, he’s awesome. Dean Malenko, Fit Finlay- they’re great. Road Dogg with the entertainment side- it’s like they got a good crew up there. They got guys up there with older guys helping the younger guys out and they got agents basically telling you ‘what’s right, what’s wrong, try this, try that, this is what they like, don’t do that.’ It’s like there’s a good group of guys up there and all it is is that they’re trying to help everyone.

Edge Mentions Christian In Recent Interview

On Sunday night, WWE Hall Of Famer Edge was interviewed by Wrestle Talk Radio were he discussed his appearance on Haven and how he got into acting and much more. During the interview he was asked about his tag team days with best friend, Christian, you can check out a few noted from the interview below, or you can check the full interview out by clicking here. Thanks to Jennifer passing this on.

The iconic TLC match at Wrestlemania X-7 with the Hardy’s and Dudley’s:
“At Wrestlemania 16, we actually won the Tag Team Championships for the first time, so that one really sticks out for me, because there had been talk about breaking us up as a tag team and we thought we had so much to offer as a team, and it would have been a waste to not let us do our thing. Up until that point, we’d never even really talked on camera because no one thought we could. We knew what we could do; we knew we were just a couple of morons and you give us a mic and man, we’re going to have some fun with it. So, thankfully, at Wrestlemania 16, we got the chance to do that.”

“Fast forward a year later, to Wrestlemania 17 and it was like ‘Ok, there’s some pretty good matches here’. We had Rock/Austin, Undertaker/ Triple H, Shane/Vince , I mean it was a pretty stacked card and we were really proud of the fact that one of the main events of that show was the Hardy’s, the Dudley’s and Edge and Christian. We knew we were doing something different and we had to come through and had to deliver; we knew we could do something that no one else was doing. I do remember that night though; we got to the back and were like ‘Man, the crowd wasn’t that great, huh? I don’t know; they just weren’t there like we thought.’ We’d done some ridiculous spots; not realizing, up until that point we’d never worked a crowd of that size or a dome for that matter, so the sound goes straight up; it doesn’t come at you like it does in an arena. So, that was an adjustment because we watched it back and we were like ‘Oh, the crowd was going nuts; we just couldn’t hear it.’ So that was pretty interesting.”

Who came up with the idea of the ‘Five Second Pose’ gimmick:
“I wish, I wish I could tell you whose exact idea. I do know that Jay (Christian), myself and Brian Gewirtz (now Head Writer of RAW) would all sit down and we would just bounce ridiculous things off the wall to see what would stick; whether it was words or you know. The genesis of it started when I remember saying ‘I don’t want to come through the crowd anymore. I think that whole Goth, mysterious thing; we aren’t that anymore. We should be cocky; we should not want the audience to touch us.’ So, that was the genesis of that whole thing and then it became: ‘Ok, we’ll still give you fans something; we’ll let you take our picture for five seconds.’ That’s kind of where that all was born, but the three of us would just sit around and say ‘What about rediculosity? That could work, huh? What about toolshed? Those are good words. How about Reeking of Awesomeness?’ If it made us laugh, it stuck.”

Matt Hardy Mentions Christian In Recent Interview

Recently, former WWE and TNA Superstar, Matt Hardy took part in an interview with, where he mentioned Christian a couple of times, excerpts from the interview are below, but if you want to read the interview in full, you can do so here and here. Big thanks to Jennifer for passing this on.

In your first run there, you saw all sorts of crazy stuff. Wrestling had hit these heights that it had never been. What were some of your favorite memories during that first run?

…I mean, there were so many great memories between the ‘Stone Cold’-McMahon thing. Just for us, obviously, our feud with Edge and Christian and going through with the first ever tag team ladder match and having that and the TLC matches. Winning the tag team titles, which was our only goal that we really set for ourselves when we started in the business. There were so many great, monumental moments that there’s too many of them to list now. But, it was a really special time in the wrestling business.

Definitely. Before I let you go, the 1,000th episode of Raw [was last week]. What was your favorite Raw moment that you were apart of and what was your favorite Raw moment in general?

Goodness, gracious. You know, it’s funny. I’m obviously a big Twitter person and I get asked that question all the time. It’s funny because it’s hard to really pin-point one thing as my greatest Raw moment because I feel like I had so many Raw moments personally and even watching through the years. There were so many moments throughout the years. Obviously, the McMahon-Austin series. I remember the first Raw they had on TNN and they had us in a ladder match and we had a cage the night before. Myself, Jeff, Edge, Christian — the four of us — we could barely walk. We went out and we still busted our asses and had this ladder match. My feud with Edge. There were a lot of things MVP and I did. The majority of it was on Smackdown!, but a few things here or there, we did on Raw. I don’t know, man. It’s really hard for me to really pin-point one moment. All I can say is that Raw is an amazing show. WWE, regardless of the fact that they don’t always put out the greatest product of all time, they really do an amazing job. They really have lived and existed for a long time and you have to give them props, man. They have a roster that changes and those writers are writing 52 live episodes a year, which is a lot. Onward, Christian soldier – WWE champ headed to B-N

If Bloomington was ancient Rome and the U.S. Cellular Coliseum was that OTHER Coliseum, they’d be feeding the lions to Christian this weekend, with no table scraps.

Despite a marquee name that suggests tender mercies and the turning of other cheeks, Christian would only be turning necks.

Clear ’round… wrung clean.

As for the kings of the jungle… have a rec room wall in need of some mounted kings’ heads?

Born William Jason Reso 38 years ago, Christian isn’t the WWE’s reigning Intercontinental Champ for nothing — and certainly not for being a pussycat to bigger pussycats.

In short, there’s no turning of other cheeks for this Christian.

But extreme head-banging?

Now we’re talking the kind of doing-unto-others that we love and expect from our WWE Smackdowns.

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Intercontinental Champion Christian is a die-hard hockey fan. Learn more about his love for hockey, and who he thinks will win the Stanley Cup Finals between the Los Angeles Kings and New Jersey Devils. The Stanley Cup Finals are starting, and being the die-hard hockey fan you are, who do you think is going to kiss the Cup?

Christian: At the start of the season I always pick the (Toronto Maple) Leafs but that never seems to happen. But then I picked the St. Louis Blues to win it all, and if they didn’t win it, I said Nashville would win it. I guess I was wrong on both accounts. The Kings just look unbeatable. They’ve clicked and really hit their groove at the right time. I’m picking the Los Angeles Kings in five games. Can you talk about the impact hockey had on your childhood growing up in Canada?

Christian: Hockey was huge. When you’re born in Canada they put a hockey stick in your hand and that’s the way it is. I have such fond memories growing up, like going out on the street in the dead of winter and playing hockey with other kids in the neighborhood. We would pretend we were our favorite hockey players just like we’d pretend we were our favorite wrestlers we saw on television. Hockey and wrestling have always been my two favorite sports. During career days at school I would always say, “I haven’t decided if I am going to be a hockey player or a wrestler.”

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Edge Talks About The Hall Of Fame and Reveals His Idea For His Final Match

One of my personal favorites over the years has been Edge. He’s had a fantastic career, racking up 31 WWE championships as both a singles and tag-team wrestler. He was a lifelong wrestling fan and his passion drove him to becoming the star that he still is today, even after retiring a year ago due to a neck injury.

That’s one of the things I’ve always liked about him: his passion. He wears it on his sleeve and it showed in everything he did during his career whether during a match or cutting a promo.

Now, Edge is taking his right place in the WWE Hall of Fame and will headline this year’s class with the ceremony taking place on March 31 in Miami, the night before WrestleMania XXVIII.

I spoke with Edge about what he misses from not being in the WWE on a day-to-day basis anymore, the day he got the call from the company that they wanted him, what he would have done if he had not become a WWE superstar, what he would have liked to have done if his career has lasted another year including who he wanted his last match against, the build to the match between The Rock and John Cena this year and how unique it is, the talk that some guys are upset about The Rock returning, what Michael P.S. Hayes will be wearing to the Hall of Fame ceremony, an idea for him and Christian at the induction and more.

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Edge Confirms Who Will Be Inducting Him Into The Hall Of Fame

In a recent interview with Extreme Pro Wrestling Radio former WWE Superstar and soon-to-be WWE Hall Of Famer, Edge, revealed who will be inducting him into the Hall Of Fame. Here’s what he had to say:

Christian [will be inducting me]. The WWE asked me the other day and it wouldn’t make sense to have anyone else. I mean if I showed up and Sarge (Sargent Slaughter) was inducting me, I’d be like, ‘I love ya’ Sarge, but why you?