AJ Styles Talks About Christian In Recent Interview

In a recent interview with PWI Weekly, AJ Styles stopped by to talk about all things TNA Wrestling. He also shared a few words on what he thinks about Christian. He’s what he had to say:

Truthfully, I would definitely take Christian back in a second.

Brady Hicks: He’s one of those guys that we just can’t understand it. We were talking this past week about possible future champions and his name came up. Firstly, he’s one of my favourites and I think one of the best in the business right now. It’s unfortunate what’s happened to him over there. It just seems like he’s stuck where he is and it’s not like he hasn’t improved any, he just can’t do it. He had such a great run in TNA and he did it for a long time over there, he was one of the top icons in TNA and now it just seems like they’ve kind of stopped. Now that ECW’s gone there really doesn’t seem to be anything that they’re doing with him, Do you have any thoughts on that other than you just want him back?

I just want him back. He’s one of those guys that I also learnt from. He’s so hilarious for the stuff that we did together was so fun and it was just so dumb, it was fun.

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Recap Of Christian’s Interview On Bubba The Love Sponge

Recently, you’ll all recall that I noted about Christian mentioning that his wife, Denise, receiving her Master’s degree, well I unfortunately was unable to find the interview in full, but thanks to a site vistor, who passed on that the note may have been taken from an appearance on the radio show Bubba The Love Sponge back on June 8th. I’ve been able to get a recap of the interview, which you can all view below.

Coming out of commercials, we heard Christian’s entrance music; Bubba asked him if he could come on, Christian said yes. Spice asked what it’s liked being married to her, Christian said she’s cool with it, he said she’ll shot him straight. Bubba recapped some marriages in the wrestling world, he said it’s rare for Christian’s marriage to work, Christian said they make each other laugh, she has all kinds of stuff on her plate, she just got her master’s degree, Bubba said that’s Christian’s way of saying his wife didn’t start out as a rat, Christian said he’s not replaceable, he said they’re in town tonight.

Bubba asked if Vince tried to keep him down, Christian said he doesn’t think so, he said it’s about business, he said he’s fine with starting over, he thinks it was the best way for him to come back. Bubba said Vince is old school, he said Vince is all about testing mentality, he said Christian has always had the rap of being a hell of a hand. Christian said he’s working with Ziggler, he said he’s talented; he said he’s excited to be on Smackdown. Bubba asked him if Christian and Edge are still close, Christian said yes, he said that’s always his thing, he said splitting up was the right thing to do, he thinks people would want to see it again.

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Frankie Kazarian Mentions Christian

In a recent interview with IGN.com, TNA wrestler Frankie Kazarian mentioned who some of TNA’s acquisitions, of the past few years were. Here’s what he had to say:

IGN: You’ve got a match against Kurt Angle at Slammiversary this weekend. I remember a few years back you had a great match with him on Impact when he was the champ. It must be great working with him again.

Kazarian: Kurt’s another one of those legendary guys and I think Kurt’s been the biggest asset, the biggest acquisition, that TNA’s gotten over the past few years. My opinion has always been that TNA’s biggest acquisitions were, before the new regime, Kurt Angle, Christian and The Dudley Boys. I think they’ve really helped the company out.

WWE Superstars Remember Owen Hart

This article was originally written back in 2006, but as it’s the 11th anniversary of Owen Hart’s tragic passing, what better time to add this.

Every time the World Wrestling Federation Superstars come to Kansas City, they think and talk about Owen Hart. Backlash was the the first Pay-Per-View at this city’s Kemper Arena since Over the Edge on May 23, 1999, the night that the “King of Harts” died tragically in a harness accident.

Edge holds the unique distinction of having fought Owen in Hart’s last match. At a live event in Chicago the night before Over the Edge, Edge and Christian took on Owen and Hart’s then-tag partner, Jeff Jarrett. “It’s a distinction I’d rather not have,” Edge said. “I wish no one had it.” Debra, who managed Owen and Jarrett at the time, says she remembers how much fun they had that night in Chicago.

“Owen was purposely wearing one boot that was different, just to see if anyone would notice,” she smiled. “I also remember that night because he drug out a bunch of coat hangers from under the ring, and he was beating up (Edge & Christian) with a coat hanger. I just remember laughing, it was fun.”

Owen had a reputation for making everyone laugh.

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Michelle McCool Mentions Christian

Over at Michelle McCool’s official fansite (MichelleMccool.net), they did a Q&A session with him in which Christian mentioned. Here’s what she had to say:

You have done autograph signings with the likes of MVP, Tommy Dreamer, Matt Hardy and Kane to name a few. Who has been the most fun to do a meet ‘n greet with? Got any fun stories from one of them you’d like to share?

Signings are always fun! I like doing them with Kane & Christian! I love the kids who are terrified of Kane, but obviously want his autograph. They come up with their heads down, barely looking up to make eye contact!:) Christian is really funny…it seems like we are always laughing!

Slam! Sports: Christian Sees ‘Golden Opportunity’ In Move To Smackdown

SOURCE: Not so long ago, Jay Reso could have stood in the middle of the ring at Scotiabank Place and, with a smirk, ripped on the Senators.

But even that may not have been enough for the fans to boo one of WWE’s top all-around stars, talented in the ring and electric with a microphone in his hands.

You see, Reso, a 36-year-old has endeared himself to Canadian fans as Christian. And as hard as he tried on some nights, the fans cheered and cheered. He was one of their own. He was Canadian.

Tonight, Tuesday night, Christian will stand in that same ring. And he’ll be a hero again. Now splitting his time between Toronto and Florida, Christian, a life-long Maple Leafs fan, appreciates the love. And you’d expect nothing less from a kid who grew up north of Toronto, in Orangeville, with boyhood buddy Adam Copeland, who would morph into Edge.

“It’s special to come home. I can’t go anywhere in Canada without the fans treating me like a hometown boy,” he says. “It sets the Canadian fans apart from other fans.

“In Vancouver, one time I got on the microphone and started cutting on the west coast and Vancouver. Then I said they weren’t really as good as people from Toronto. The Vancouver fans cheered me louder. So I said: ‘I was just testing you.’

While he’s viewed as a “face” — a do-gooder, as opposed to wrestling’s heels, the villains — he says his game doesn’t really differ much from years gone by.

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Times & Transcript: Veteran Grappler Revisits Old Stomping Ground When WWE Comes To Metro Tomorrow

SOURCE: Out of breath over the phone from Toronto, World Wrestling Entertainment superstar Christian was trying to squeeze in an afternoon workout as he called the Times & Transcript for an interview.

Christian, real name Jay Reso, is one of the many WWE Smackdown stars coming to tomorrow’s live event at the Moncton Coliseum.

Between televised and non-televised live events, WWE wrestlers travel the globe, working multiple shows each week and travelling constantly.

Squeezing in a workout whenever possible to stay in top shape is a challenge, Christian says.

“I’m only home a day and a half this week,” he says. “I’m back on the road tomorrow morning.”

While the outcome of pro wrestling matches and cards are planned in advance and wrestlers aren’t out to legitimately hurt one another, “sports entertainment” is still very much an athletic form of entertainment and its stars need to be in top physical shape.

A pro wrestler for over a decade, “Captain Charisma” Christian worked for small independent promotions early in his career, including a stint in New Brunswick with his longtime friend and fellow WWE star Edge (Adam Copeland). The duo worked a summer for longtime Maritime promoter Emile Dupre right here in Moncton in the late 1990s.

The last time Christian appeared before a Moncton crowd was in 2004 when he was also working a WWE Smackdown show. During the show, then-bad guy Christian “cut a promo,” berating the audience on the microphone, saying he’d lived and wrestled in Moncton several years back, hated it, and couldn’t wait to get out of the city.

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AL.com: WWE Stars Battle Volcano, Head To Huntsville’s VBC Friday Night

SOURCE: HUNTSVILLE, AL. – The World Wrestling Entertainment stars would be the first to tell you’re they’re pretty much unstoppable.

That is, unless they mess with a big ol’ volcano. And we’re not talking about some mammoth wrestler named Volcano. We’re talking about a real volcano.

Around the first of April, members of WWE were in Europe doing shows when the volcano in Iceland unleashed its fury and ash into the airspace, reducing the buff, bulging, beautiful and bad WWE stars to frustrated travelers – just like the rest of us.

“I thought it was a joke when they first told us,” said Christian, the Canadian wrestler who is joining other WWE stars for Raw Live Friday night at the Von Braun Center Arena. “They told us, ‘Hey, it looks like we’re having troubles with getting flights because of the volcano in Iceland.’ I thought, ‘Why is that affecting us?’ ”

The WWE stars arrived at an airport in Strasbourg, France, for a charter flight and sat there four or five hours before they were told they couldn’t get clearance. And that’s when the adventure began. The WWE stars jumped into buses for an anticipated five-hour drive to a show in Lievin, France. But even that was a little hectic.

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Dolph Ziggler Mentions Christian

Over at Dolph Ziggler’s official fansite (NickNemeth.net), they did a Q&A session with him in which Christian mentioned twice. Here’s what he had to say:

Who are some of your favorite people to hang out with backstage?

Zack Ryder and Christian.

Who do you like to travel with the most from show to show?

It was Tommy Dreamer…Christian.

Health Slater Talks About Christian In His WWE.com NXT Interview

WWE.com’s Aubrey Sitterson sat down to chat with Slater about what it feels like to have apple spit in your face, getting even with Carlito and learning from Captain Charisma himself, Christian.

WWE.com: So I imagine that Christian is pretty pleased with how well you’re performing this early on in the competition.

Slater: It’s thanks to him – he’s been so helpful. Christian has been around so long and done so much for the company, and he’s such a good mentor. He gives me such great advice – I’ve been applying it all and it’s been working so far.

WWE.com: In the second week of WWE NXT it looked like there was maybe a little bit of tension between you and Christian in the back, but is that all in the past now?

Slater: I just think I was so anxious, so pumped up, so just … in la-la land. I was just amazed by all of it and he must have been a little tired of hearing of it.

WWE.com: So what specifically have you learned working with Christian so far?

Slater: Ring awareness for sure. Etiquette in the locker room. Learning what he’s been through in the business and how he’s come up – he tells me I remind him of himself back when he started. There’s just so much knowledge there that I can’t even list it all.

Heath Slater Mentions Christian In Recent Interview

Recently WWE NXT Rookie, Heath Slater, was interviewed by The Miami Herald and he talked about his WWE Pro Christian. Here are two excerpts taken from the interview, but if you would like to read the interview in full, click here.

“Christian told me that I did really well,” Slater said. “He was pleased with my performance. I just needed to quit shaking my hair so much and putting it behind my ear in my promos.”

WWE star Christian, a team player, knows about that dream. He is living his, having achieved much success on the tag team circuit, stepping up his singles’ game with TNA and returning to WWE ready for the next step.

Christian along with WWE pros The Miz, CM Punk, R-Truth, Matt Hardy, Carlito, William Regal and Chris Jericho are the mentors, helping others take that first step in the big time.

“Now that I’m paired with Christian,” Slater said, “there’s so much that I can learn from him. There’s so much that he can bring to the table for me. So I’m ready to eat.”

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Edge Mentions Christian On Bubba The Love Sponge

Edge talked about Chris Jericho telling him he met Joe Walsh, and Edge then talked about the TLC PPV. He said Christian and Benjamin had the best match. He also enjoyed the main event. He said Christian looked pissed off when they stopped the match due to the new rule. He said Christian wanted to keep going.

credit: wrestling-radio.com

San Antonio Current: One Man Con-Chair-To

SOURCE: Two A-frame ladders sit in the center of a wrestling ring, a championship belt suspended above them, just within reach of the highest rungs. Two unbelievably large men with comic book muscles and spandex pants, already battle weary, race to be the first to drag himself within belt-grabbing distance.

“You don’t want to create an environment where it’s a horse race up the ladder,” an offscreen announcer cautions, but that’s just what’s happening. Christian is the first to the top, and he begins grasping for the belt that represents the 2001 intercontinental title, rocking the ladder beneath him, needing just an inch or two more height. This delay gives Edge just enough time to catch up. Edge grabs Christian by his long, sweat-soaked hair and begins punching him on the top of his head. Then Edge hooks an arm around Christian’s chest and drags him off his ladder, throwing himself to the mat in the process. Both men land and begin to writhe in pain. Earlier in their careers, they’d been partners, a seven-time championship tag team. Sometimes, they’d even been brothers.

“Once you get an inanimate object like a ladder involved,” Christian, aka Captain Charisma, says in a 2009 interview with the Current, “anything can happen. There’s just really no way to prepare for a ladder match. You just have to expect the unexpected.”

Back in the ring in 2001, Edge kicks his legs, holding his lower back while Christian just lies there, ominously still.

The screen splits to simultaneously replay their fall; a new camera angle reveals that Edge has landed badly, tailbone first, “compressing his spine,” as the announcer says. “It’s hard to say who has the real advantage. It seems like Edge, but I’m not so sure.”

Edge rolls over and crawls to the base of a ladder, begins pulling himself up, hand over hand. His legs dangle shakily beneath him, as though he’s using the ladder to hold himself up. Just as Edge struggles to the top and begins stretching out to grab that belt, Christian regains his feet and grabs Edge by the leg. Christian lands a vicious punch to Edge’s kidney, and he doubles over, resting his head on the top rung. Christian grabs him and pulls him to the canvas. “Gosh almighty,” the announcer exclaims. “That’s some high impact. … I’ve seen car wrecks that are more gentle.”

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Sinn Bodhi Mentions Christian In A Recent Interview

Former TNA and WWE Superstar Nick Cvjetkovich (Sinn Bobhi / Kizarny) recently took part in an interview conducted by Wrestling101 where he was asked about being in the same company with his childhood friends, current WWE Superstars Edge and Christian, here’s what he had to say.

Being childhood friends of Edge and Christian…what were they like growing up and do you still keep in touch with them?

They and I were goofy-ass Dorks growing up and STILL are today!!! Yes, we all still are bff’s to this day…

What was it like working in the same organization with them?

The three of us jumped around our hotel room like giddy children on the weekend of Christian’s ECW debut… Three goofy-ass peas in a pod!!! Aside from interrupting a Vicky Guererro segment—Kneizock! Kniezock!— and being chased off by Edge lol that’s as close as we came to wrestling at WWE… Edge reeeally wanted us to wrestle each other on Smackdown to show what I can do but unfortunately that never ended up happening… We did wrestle at the FCW training center in Tampa and at the BSE gym in Toronto when Edge was test driving his body coming off injury… We even snuck Christian into a private workout once at the FCW gym when he was still working with TNA.

If you want to check out the whole interview, check it out here.

AJ Styles Wants Christian Back In TNA?

TNA Wrestling World champion AJ Styles was interviewed by Perth, Australia’s 91.3 SportFM and spoke TNA’s desire to compete with WWE.

Styles also named Rey Mysterio, Shawn Michaels, Shelton Benjamin, Christian and Evan Bourne as WWE superstars who would be a good fit in TNA.

credit: lordsofpain.net

Marvel.com: WWE vs. Marvel – A Matter Of Survival

The key to survival – if comparing WWE Superstars and Marvel Comics’ greatest characters – is none other than The World’s Strongest Comic Book Fan, Mark Henry.

Between Survivor Series live this Sunday on pay-per-view and Marvel’s “Fall of the Hulks” massive storyline this December, only a Superstar as mighty as Henry could possibly endure the weight of both colossal events.

This is why Marvel.com selected The World’s Strongest Man to discuss a potential Traditional Elimination Tag Match clash between both entertainment realms, featuring WWE’s ring warriors and the strongest, smartest and toughest Hulk characters in the Marvel Universe.

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Edge Mentions Christian In New Interview

Edge called into the Bubba the Love Sponge Show yesterday and said the Achilles tendon tear he suffered back in July was the most painful injury of his career yet. He added he does not know yet when he will be able to return to the ring.

During his appearance, Bubba asked him when his contract with WWE expires, to which he replied next June. He said while he’s a homegrown guy, “he likes competition.” However, he then made sure to note that “WWE is the NFL of wrestling.”

When asked about Shane McMahon leaving the company, he said he was really surprised. He said it’s really hard to work with Vince McMahon and be his son at the same time.

Edge put over Christian, John Cena and Randy Orton. He said watching Orton is like watching a horror show, but in a good way. He also feels Cena is a workhorse and having Christian on ECW was a good move.

credit: pwmania.com

Christian’s Interview with Wrestling.net.au

On the road to the Hell in a Cell Pay Per View this coming Sunday, the WNA team spoke with current ECW Champion Christian about the PPV and coming back to Australia next year. Thanks to Jason for pointing this out to me, be sure to listen to the interview below.

Listen to the interview here

Christian Cage Podcast With Movie Entertainment

I just came across this podcast interview that Christian did with Movie Entertainment, from 2008, just before TNA’s Bound For Glory pay-per-view. Listen to the podcast by clicking the link below.

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Movie Entertainment Interview – October 2008

IGN.com: Could Edge And Christian Reunite?

ECW Champion Christian talks about the future of the five-second pose.

This past Friday, heading into Summerslam, IGN had a chance to attend a party in the heart of Hollywood sponsored by the WWE and Nancy O’Dell’s ALS Charity organization Betty’s Battle (head to bettysbattle.org for more information).

Whilst hobnobbing, we had a chance to talk to ECW Champion Christian and ask him the golden question; “Would we ever get to see seven-time Tag Team Champions Edge and Christian reunite?” So what did Captain Charisma have to say? Did he think it would happen?

“Sure. I mean I don’t think that anything could be ruled out, to be honest with you,” Christian stated. “When, or if it’s going to happen, who knows. But I think that ever since I came back, there were all the rumblings even before I came back that I was going to reteam with him…I think that it’s something the fans want to see.”

If the two dudes who formerly “reeked of awesomeness” did ever get back together, would it be as friends or foes?

“You know, whether it’s together or against each other or what have you, I’d be down,” Christian smiled. “I think, in some form, they (the fans) want to see Edge and Christian share the screen at the same time.”

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