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Christian, Y2J’s former tag team partner and traveling partner, has plenty to say about his early days in WWE with childhood friend Edge, paying his debts (literally!), tag teams, performing nearly-naked, working at a sawmill, transitioning to singles, his time in TNA, his return to WWE, and “Creepy Little Bastard.”

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Ezekiel Jackson Mentions Christian In Recent Interview With Wrestling 101

In a recent interview with Wrestling 101, former WWE Superstar Ezekiel Jackson was asked how it was like working with several superstars, including during his time on the ECW brand, where he worked with the likes of William Regal and Christian. Here’s what he had to say:

You joined the ECW brand in 2009, what was it like working with the likes of William Regal and capturing the ECW Championship?
I’ve been a fan of William Regal since his WCW days, I would watch him and yeah you could see he was this snob character but when he unleashed hell, you saw it, you felt it, and you would think to yourself, I don’t want to be in there with him. To be working alongside William Regal was a great in for me and that pointed me in the direction of the ECW Championship.

I then began working with Christian and I felt my wrestling elevated ten fold, because Christian is a phenomenal entertainer and athlete. I felt like I owned the world when I worked with Christian because it was so much fun. People ask me to this day, what is my favourite match during my time in WWE and my answer is always the same, it was against Christian at a house show in Mexico City. It was the first night I didn’t have to do a squash match and we had a blast.

It was great winning the ECW Championship at the last ever ECW show, that moment no one can take that away from me, I was a champion in WWE.

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Sheamus Mentions Christian In Recent Interview With Power92FM

In a recent interview with Power 92 Jams, Sheamus had a few words to say about Christian, following their match on last Monday’s edition of Raw. Here’s what he had to say:

…Christian, for everything about him is a tremendous Superstar. He’s very creative, he’s achieved so much in his career, especially with Edge beforehand and then on his own as a singles competitor. I think his matches have been the toughest matches, physically and I’m not talking about going through ladders or taking bumps through tables and stuff…I think these have been the most physical matches and he’s literally gone toe-to-toe with me. I out power him with size, in a bit of strength probably, but he’s hung in there. He’s a veteran, he’s a war horse and he’s stood in there. We may not like each other but I’ve got the utmost respect for him.

Dean Ambrose Mentions Christian In Recent Interview With The Classical

In a recent interview with The Classical, The Shield’s Dean Ambrose was asked who he would like to feud with in the future. Here’s what he had to say about Christian:

Who do you want to feud with in the future?
Christian is just so unbelievably good. I mean, I always knew Christian was really good. Working with Christian, he’s been here for so long and has so much experience, you realize his brain is a super-evolved version of my brain [with] the way he sees matches play out, the way he comes up with things, especially in tag matches and stuff like that. Christian’s a guy who I’ve only had a small sampling of working with. Christian’s a guy I want to spend a lot more time in the ring with.

Heath Slater Mentions Christian In Recent Interview

In a recent interview with Local Bozo fellow WWE Superstar of Christian’s former NXT rookie Heath Slater noted that Christian including a few others is one his biggest influences backstage. Feel free to check out an excerpt of the interview below, or you can read, or listen to the interview in full, on Thanks to Jennifer for passing this on.

You’ve been one of the rising stars in the company over the past year. At this point in your young career, who’s been the biggest influence on you backstage, just as far as bringing you along to this point and helping you reach your current level of success?

Backstage? Honestly, there’s been numerous people. Big Show’s helped me out a lot- showing me the ins and outs. [John] Cena’s been- every time you messed up a little bit, he would always correct you and help you out. Chris Jericho would always help me out a lot. He was a very good influence on me and everything. Christian, Edge- both of them would always see something- ‘try it this way, try it that way.’ They would always lead me in the right direction. The agents- Double A Arn Arnderson, he’s one of the best guys for information for helping you put together matches and everything, he’s awesome. Dean Malenko, Fit Finlay- they’re great. Road Dogg with the entertainment side- it’s like they got a good crew up there. They got guys up there with older guys helping the younger guys out and they got agents basically telling you ‘what’s right, what’s wrong, try this, try that, this is what they like, don’t do that.’ It’s like there’s a good group of guys up there and all it is is that they’re trying to help everyone.

Edge Mentions Christian In Recent Interview

On Sunday night, WWE Hall Of Famer Edge was interviewed by Wrestle Talk Radio were he discussed his appearance on Haven and how he got into acting and much more. During the interview he was asked about his tag team days with best friend, Christian, you can check out a few noted from the interview below, or you can check the full interview out by clicking here. Thanks to Jennifer passing this on.

The iconic TLC match at Wrestlemania X-7 with the Hardy’s and Dudley’s:
“At Wrestlemania 16, we actually won the Tag Team Championships for the first time, so that one really sticks out for me, because there had been talk about breaking us up as a tag team and we thought we had so much to offer as a team, and it would have been a waste to not let us do our thing. Up until that point, we’d never even really talked on camera because no one thought we could. We knew what we could do; we knew we were just a couple of morons and you give us a mic and man, we’re going to have some fun with it. So, thankfully, at Wrestlemania 16, we got the chance to do that.”

“Fast forward a year later, to Wrestlemania 17 and it was like ‘Ok, there’s some pretty good matches here’. We had Rock/Austin, Undertaker/ Triple H, Shane/Vince , I mean it was a pretty stacked card and we were really proud of the fact that one of the main events of that show was the Hardy’s, the Dudley’s and Edge and Christian. We knew we were doing something different and we had to come through and had to deliver; we knew we could do something that no one else was doing. I do remember that night though; we got to the back and were like ‘Man, the crowd wasn’t that great, huh? I don’t know; they just weren’t there like we thought.’ We’d done some ridiculous spots; not realizing, up until that point we’d never worked a crowd of that size or a dome for that matter, so the sound goes straight up; it doesn’t come at you like it does in an arena. So, that was an adjustment because we watched it back and we were like ‘Oh, the crowd was going nuts; we just couldn’t hear it.’ So that was pretty interesting.”

Who came up with the idea of the ‘Five Second Pose’ gimmick:
“I wish, I wish I could tell you whose exact idea. I do know that Jay (Christian), myself and Brian Gewirtz (now Head Writer of RAW) would all sit down and we would just bounce ridiculous things off the wall to see what would stick; whether it was words or you know. The genesis of it started when I remember saying ‘I don’t want to come through the crowd anymore. I think that whole Goth, mysterious thing; we aren’t that anymore. We should be cocky; we should not want the audience to touch us.’ So, that was the genesis of that whole thing and then it became: ‘Ok, we’ll still give you fans something; we’ll let you take our picture for five seconds.’ That’s kind of where that all was born, but the three of us would just sit around and say ‘What about rediculosity? That could work, huh? What about toolshed? Those are good words. How about Reeking of Awesomeness?’ If it made us laugh, it stuck.”