Matt Hardy Mentions Christian In Recent Interview

Recently, former WWE and TNA Superstar, Matt Hardy took part in an interview with, where he mentioned Christian a couple of times, excerpts from the interview are below, but if you want to read the interview in full, you can do so here and here. Big thanks to Jennifer for passing this on.

In your first run there, you saw all sorts of crazy stuff. Wrestling had hit these heights that it had never been. What were some of your favorite memories during that first run?

…I mean, there were so many great memories between the ‘Stone Cold’-McMahon thing. Just for us, obviously, our feud with Edge and Christian and going through with the first ever tag team ladder match and having that and the TLC matches. Winning the tag team titles, which was our only goal that we really set for ourselves when we started in the business. There were so many great, monumental moments that there’s too many of them to list now. But, it was a really special time in the wrestling business.

Definitely. Before I let you go, the 1,000th episode of Raw [was last week]. What was your favorite Raw moment that you were apart of and what was your favorite Raw moment in general?

Goodness, gracious. You know, it’s funny. I’m obviously a big Twitter person and I get asked that question all the time. It’s funny because it’s hard to really pin-point one thing as my greatest Raw moment because I feel like I had so many Raw moments personally and even watching through the years. There were so many moments throughout the years. Obviously, the McMahon-Austin series. I remember the first Raw they had on TNN and they had us in a ladder match and we had a cage the night before. Myself, Jeff, Edge, Christian — the four of us — we could barely walk. We went out and we still busted our asses and had this ladder match. My feud with Edge. There were a lot of things MVP and I did. The majority of it was on Smackdown!, but a few things here or there, we did on Raw. I don’t know, man. It’s really hard for me to really pin-point one moment. All I can say is that Raw is an amazing show. WWE, regardless of the fact that they don’t always put out the greatest product of all time, they really do an amazing job. They really have lived and existed for a long time and you have to give them props, man. They have a roster that changes and those writers are writing 52 live episodes a year, which is a lot. Onward, Christian soldier – WWE champ headed to B-N

If Bloomington was ancient Rome and the U.S. Cellular Coliseum was that OTHER Coliseum, they’d be feeding the lions to Christian this weekend, with no table scraps.

Despite a marquee name that suggests tender mercies and the turning of other cheeks, Christian would only be turning necks.

Clear ’round… wrung clean.

As for the kings of the jungle… have a rec room wall in need of some mounted kings’ heads?

Born William Jason Reso 38 years ago, Christian isn’t the WWE’s reigning Intercontinental Champ for nothing — and certainly not for being a pussycat to bigger pussycats.

In short, there’s no turning of other cheeks for this Christian.

But extreme head-banging?

Now we’re talking the kind of doing-unto-others that we love and expect from our WWE Smackdowns.

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Intercontinental Champion Christian is a die-hard hockey fan. Learn more about his love for hockey, and who he thinks will win the Stanley Cup Finals between the Los Angeles Kings and New Jersey Devils. The Stanley Cup Finals are starting, and being the die-hard hockey fan you are, who do you think is going to kiss the Cup?

Christian: At the start of the season I always pick the (Toronto Maple) Leafs but that never seems to happen. But then I picked the St. Louis Blues to win it all, and if they didn’t win it, I said Nashville would win it. I guess I was wrong on both accounts. The Kings just look unbeatable. They’ve clicked and really hit their groove at the right time. I’m picking the Los Angeles Kings in five games. Can you talk about the impact hockey had on your childhood growing up in Canada?

Christian: Hockey was huge. When you’re born in Canada they put a hockey stick in your hand and that’s the way it is. I have such fond memories growing up, like going out on the street in the dead of winter and playing hockey with other kids in the neighborhood. We would pretend we were our favorite hockey players just like we’d pretend we were our favorite wrestlers we saw on television. Hockey and wrestling have always been my two favorite sports. During career days at school I would always say, “I haven’t decided if I am going to be a hockey player or a wrestler.”

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Edge Talks About The Hall Of Fame and Reveals His Idea For His Final Match

One of my personal favorites over the years has been Edge. He’s had a fantastic career, racking up 31 WWE championships as both a singles and tag-team wrestler. He was a lifelong wrestling fan and his passion drove him to becoming the star that he still is today, even after retiring a year ago due to a neck injury.

That’s one of the things I’ve always liked about him: his passion. He wears it on his sleeve and it showed in everything he did during his career whether during a match or cutting a promo.

Now, Edge is taking his right place in the WWE Hall of Fame and will headline this year’s class with the ceremony taking place on March 31 in Miami, the night before WrestleMania XXVIII.

I spoke with Edge about what he misses from not being in the WWE on a day-to-day basis anymore, the day he got the call from the company that they wanted him, what he would have done if he had not become a WWE superstar, what he would have liked to have done if his career has lasted another year including who he wanted his last match against, the build to the match between The Rock and John Cena this year and how unique it is, the talk that some guys are upset about The Rock returning, what Michael P.S. Hayes will be wearing to the Hall of Fame ceremony, an idea for him and Christian at the induction and more.

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Edge Confirms Who Will Be Inducting Him Into The Hall Of Fame

In a recent interview with Extreme Pro Wrestling Radio former WWE Superstar and soon-to-be WWE Hall Of Famer, Edge, revealed who will be inducting him into the Hall Of Fame. Here’s what he had to say:

Christian [will be inducting me]. The WWE asked me the other day and it wouldn’t make sense to have anyone else. I mean if I showed up and Sarge (Sargent Slaughter) was inducting me, I’d be like, ‘I love ya’ Sarge, but why you?


Christian and WWE Bring The Smackdown To Newark

The man known as ‘Captain Charisma’ returns to the Prudential Center with the WWE Tuesday. The chairs are going to fly Tuesday night as the WWE comes to the Prudential Center for a taping of their hit show “Friday Night SmackDown.” Just two weeks away from their annual mega event “WrestleMania,” the superstars are sure to have a big show planned.

One of those superstars is Christian, a former World Heavyweight Champion who is returning from an ankle injury suffered last November. After 15 years of rising through the ranks, Christian finally became the top superstar on his show in April last year by winning WWE’s World Heavyweight Championship. However, since then his career was offset by multiple injuries, culminating in a high-ankle sprain.

“It was without a doubt the most frustrating injury I have had in my career,” Christian told Patch. “It was a high-ankle sprain. It was very frustrating. I tore some ligaments as well and had to rehab it for seven weeks.”

The good news for the grappler is that he said his rehab has been so successful that he was able to make it back to television last week, interjecting himself in the feud between SmackDown General Manager Teddy Long and Raw Interim General Manager John Laurinaitis.

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Edge Talks About Wanting Christian To Induct Him Into WWE’s Hall Of Fame

Recently WWE’s Edge called The Big J Show (KRSQ Hot 101.9) to talk about his movie “Bending The Rules” and his induction into the WWE’s Hall of Fame. Here’s what he had to say:

Do you think Christian, since you guys are buddies, is he going to be inducting you [into the Hall Of Fame]? Do you have any idea?

Well, they asked me who I wanted to induct me and I said Christian, because to me that’s a no-brainer. That was the last thing that I said about it, I think it needs to be him. I don’t know what they’ve decided but that’s who I want it to be.

If you want to listen to the interview in full, you can here.

Video: Play3-Live’s Interview With Christian

Thanks to Anais for passing this on.

We invite all fans of WWE wrestling games in general to see our interview with the one nicknamed “Captain Charisma” Christian. We were able to discuss with the departure of his friend Edge, the World Heavyweight Championship he won and video games.

Video: Breakfast Television Calgary Interviews WWE Superstar Christian

The WWE’s former World Heavyweight Champion Christian talks about tonight’s street fight against current champ “The Viper” Randy Orton, with special guest referee Bret “The Hitman” Hart.

Audio: WWE’s Christian Hangs Out In The KSFM 1025 Studio

Jay might be the biggest wrestling fan around, but he is definitely the biggest fan here at the radio station. Since WWE Smackdown was going to be at Power Balance Pavilion back in August, Waynee Wayne surprised Jay by getting Christian, the World Heavyweight Champion of the WWE to come by the radio station. Jay was as excited as a child on Christmas morning. Jay got a chance to sit down and interview the champ, so for all you wrestling super-fans.

Listen to the interview here

Audio: Christian Drops By Sportsnet Radio: The FAN 960

Last month, while the WWE held shows in Canada, Christian dropped by Calgary’s Sportsnet Radio FAN 960 and joined Boomer in-studio to talk about his match at Smackdown in Calgary and WWE legend Bret Hart called in as a surprise.

Listen to the interview here

Stone Cold Steve Austin Gives His Thoughts On Christian

In the recent issue of Powerslam Magazine, WWE Hall of Famer, Stone Cold Steve Austin gave his thoughts on several of WWE’s top Superstars, Christian was one of the Superstars included. Here’s what he had to say about the former World Heavyweight Champion:

“Christian is a hell of a performer in the ring, and he’s just had a hell of a run. He’s recently added a few exclamation points to his work and his promo style-but, again, there’s at least one more level for him to step up,” he feels.


Thanks to Virginia for passing this on.

ABS-CBN News: Wrestlers Say Pacquiao Tough Enough For WWE

During their time in Los Angeles, for the Summerslam pay-per-view, several WWE Superstars expressed their admiration for Filipino boxing icon Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao, one of the Superstars including in an article on ABS-CBN News was World Heavyweight Champion, Christian. Here’s what he had to say:

Former World Heavyweight Champion Christian, meanwhile, is proud to say that Pacquiao is one of his friends.

“I am friends with the most famous Filipino ever,” said the Canadian superstar.


Slam! Sports: Christian Seeks Revenge Against Orton At Smackdown In Calgary

Some Calgarians might be disappointed Canadian pro wrestler Christian no longer holds the World Heavyweight Championship belt, WWE Smack Down’s highest prize, which he lost to Randy Orton at Summer Slam just over a week ago.

However, if that pay per view is any indication the upcoming Street Fight between Christian and Orton is going to be something any fan can get ecstatic about.

“I’m looking forward to coming to Calgary and putting on a great show for all my Canadian peeps,” Christian said when asked how he felt about coming back to perform on home soil. “It will be my first time there actually to perform since, I believe, before I got injured a year ago (when he tore his pectoral muscle and had to undergo surgery). So it’s been well over a year since I’ve even had a chance to compete in my home country, so it will be great to come back.”

Even though Christian is no longer the world heavyweight champ, he can still hold his head up high for the honour he’s held twice in the last few months.

“It felt great, obviously, when I first won the world championship. You know, it took me 17 years to finally win it, and I lost it in five days,” Christian said.

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Edge Mentions Christian In Recent Interview With

Your last match was at Wrestlemania 27 when you successfully defended the World Heavyweight Title against Alberto Del Rio. At the time you didn’t know that was going to be your last match. But looking back now, how does it feel to end your career on a high note as The Heavyweight Champion at the biggest event of the year?

Looking back now I’d have to say it would be tough to top it as a retirement. And it made it less emotional since I didn’t know it would be my last match. In a perfect world wrestling Christian at a Wrestlemania in Canada would be the ideal retirement, but the one I had is nothing to sneeze at.

The last time we saw you in the WWE was in May when Christian won the World Heavyweight Title. Now Christian has been your best-friend throughout these years, tell me about being there as he won his first World Title. And what was the first thing you told him in the ring?

My retirement didn’t feel bittersweet because I got to watch him finally realize his dream and take the opportunity my retirement presented. I’ll keep what I told him for my next book.

Since your time out of the ring, have you been paying attention what’s been going on in the WWE? If so, tell me what you think of what’s been going on (CM Punk, Christian’s 2nd Title Reign, etc.).

I haven’t watched anything besides Christian’s stuff.

Finally, I ask this to all my interviewees. What have you been watching on TV lately?

Game of Thrones, and Curb Your Enthusiasm on HBO. Modern Family. How I Met Your Mother, where Barney totally stole the use of awesomeness from Christian and I . (laughs)

To read the full interview, visit

Edge Talks Christian On Right After Wrestling

Recently, former WWE Superstar Edge was interviewed by Arda Ocal and Jimmy Korderas, of The Score. In the interview, Edge spoke about a range of topics including having to retire, how long he felt he would have competed before he retired if he didn’t receive the unfortunate news, his work on the show ‘Haven’, the Hall of Fame and much more. He even shared a few stories including Christian as well as his thoughts on Christian’s rivalry with Randy Orton and in his opinion why it took so long for Christian to be considered a main event superstar. Here’s what he had to say on the matter:

…I still loved getting in front of the audience, I still loved having matches. Especially when it was with guys [like] Ziggler, I really enjoyed working with Ziggler, which was my last match in Toronto, because he’s exciting, he’s young. I really thought I could help teach him things, to kinda help him step up to a next level, like guys did for me. Then on the horizon, the stuff with Christian, I knew that was looming, so I was excited about that and that’s a disappointment. But the way everything worked out and him basically kinda stepping into my slot, I think it worked out really cool. It would have been awesome if we could have teamed then eventually feuded and then gone from there. But it actually might have worked out even cooler.

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Edge Talks Christian’s World Championship Run In Recent Interview With

IGN recently had a chance to talk to Edge about his new gig on Haven, his take on Christian’s new World Title run and what life’s been like ever since he retired from in-ring competition. Here’s what the former World Heavyweight Champion had to say about his best friend and current World Heavyweight Champ, Christian:

You’ve been so busy with Haven I’m sure, but have you had any time to catch CM Punk’s story on RAW? Are you watching WWE programming these days?

I’ve kind of signed off on it for now. I’ve watched some of Christian’s stuff, Jay’s stuff. And that’s about it. I think it’s part of the “taking time away from it” process.

What do you think of Christian’s program? He’s won the World Heavyweight Title twice now.

Yeah, and that makes me really happy. He deserves it. And that will probably help shut up the naysayers and the critics who said he could do it or said he didn’t deserve it or whatever. And with him and Randy I knew the matches would just be awesome. Because you’ve got two guys who know their craft so well. So I knew from a performance standpoint it would be ridiculous. I knew that one thing that Jay and I really prided ourselves on was that no matter the story or no matter what the matches always had to be good. That was what people were going to take away from it. And then you’ve got a guy like Randy[Orton] who’s the same way. His matches always have to be good. So you get to guys like that, you know it’s going to be good. I’m really happy for him. I always knew he deserved it. I always knew that if he got the opportunity, he’d kick the door open. We were going down the route of him and I, so I think it would have happened whether I was still there or not. But I think me having to retire sped the process up and took the story a different way. Which I think actually played to his strength because he is such a great heel. But because he was doing such a great job as a babyface people might have forgotten that – How much fun he is to hate.

You can read the full interview over at

Audio: Christian Stops By 107.9 The End

If you are a wrestling fan, Jason sits down for a candid one-on-one with World Champion Christian…

Listen to the interview here

Video: Christian On Eurosport’s Clash Time

Back in June, Christian was featured on Eurosport’s Clash Time. You can watch the interview as well as a short Q&A below. Enjoy! Christian Gives SA A Smackdown

A wrestling superstar has issued a serious smackdown to South Africa, cursing the country after his luggage was pilfered.

The Grand Arena at GrandWest was packed to capacity last night as the WWE Superstars kicked off the Cape Town leg of their world tour bringing crowd favourites like Randy Orton and Kane to perform in front of a fanatical audience.

It wasn’t all fun and games, though: one wrestler, Christian, was particularly angry that his luggage had been broken into somewhere between the US and South Africa, and used some of his time in the ring to condemn SA.

“I step off a plane, my baggage is broken into – you rip off the locks and you steal my clothes,” he yelled at the crowd just before his loss to Orton in a heavyweight title bout.

“Is this what this country is all about? Then shame on you!”

The crowd jeered and booed at his comments and later cheered when he lost to Orton.

Other wrestlers showing off their athletic – or acting, depending on your attitude to the sport – skills last night included the 140kg Ezekiel Jackson, who emerged from behind a dark curtain and stalked to the ring while cameras flashed around the arena.

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