Tag Team Greats – Edge & Christian Ranked #7

#7. Edge & Christian

These kayfabe brothers wrestled on the independent circuit in Canada under the names Sexton Hardcastle and Christian Cage on a team called The Suicide Blondes. When they came to the WWF in 1998, Sexton Hardcastle was changed to Edge. He feuded with Gangrel but Christian revealed himself to be a believer and Edge was soon won over. Two years we wrestling fans suffered Gangrel and the brood but it wasn’t until 2000 that Edge and Christian emerged. Comedy ensued and so did some of the greatest matches the tag division in the WWF has ever seen. The triangle ladder match against the Dudleys and Hardyz at WrestleMania 2000 saw E and C win their first of seven tag titles in the WWF. Rumor has it that Christian may just be popping up to team with Edge one last time before retiring.


Christian Ranked Number 30 For The Top 100 Wrestlers of 2008

SOURCE: 30. Christian Cage

Martin Smith: A disappointing year for Cage I thought. He’s drifted wildly over the last twelve months and in particular, since the Summer. His feuds at the beginning of the year involved some great matches, but the last sixth months of the year has been quite poor. Cage has the potential to be a star, he was just used in a very boring role for far too long in TNA. A return to the WWE would help him greatly and the much rumoured switch will no doubt start his 2009 off superbly.

Dan Short: Christian has been merely alright this year. This is what he was probably thinking too as of late. Despite some fun matches that have made him probably one of the better performers for TNA, the lack of importance about him really knocked him down a notch. It does leave many wondering if his prime has indeed past him by and he’s just floating in the waters.

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Will Christian Cage Go Back To WWE Or Stay With TNA


Several weeks ago on TNA Impact the Main Event Mafia were welcoming their newest member, Christian Cage. However instead of embracing him they opted instead to beat him down, leaving in a heap and he has not been feature on TNA TV since. Kurt Angle, the Mafia’s front man, cited Christian’s inability to choose between TNA and WWE, let alone the Frontline or The MEM, as the reason for him getting his backside handed to him.

TNA are notorious for their back references to other companies. They have been sensible enough to refer to past instances in WCW and ECW, where wrestlers have experienced similar things to the circumstances their character is going through in the Impact Zone. However, it does appear at times that they are a trifle obsessed with the bigger company up North and one can’t help but feel they would be better served to quell the allusions to WWE a little. In Christian Cage’s case specifically.

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The Hardcore Truth – An Instant Classic

SOURCE: A few weeks ago on Impact! we witnessed Christian Cage being laid out by The Main Event Mafia (MEM). The keyfabe reason given for the beat down was eerily similar to the real reason, as reported on numerous wrestling websites. The reason is Christian’s contract is up and TNA management are not sure if they will be able to resign Cage. Total Non-Stop Action (TNA) Wrestling has made an offer but so has a larger, more economically stable company, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).

At this point many are speculating Christian will be signing and returning to the WWE. Many feel WWE’s recent signing of Tomko is foreshadowing of things to come with Christian. Also with a hurting economy, many feel the WWE would be Christian’s smartest choice. The only problem which may occur for Christian if he signs with the WWE is how he gets used. The WWE roster is filled with big names such as Triple H, The Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, Randy Orton, Edge, Batista, Chris Jericho, and Jeff Hardy, to name a few. Where would Christian fit in amongst the rich talent roster?

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Lance Storm Mentions Christian

On Lance Storm’s website,, he mentioned Christian’s part on the previous iMPACT!. Here’s what he had to say: – TNA: Impact November 7, 2008

Speaking of Neutered Baby Faces, that brings me to Samoa Joe. I like Samoa Joe, but man they make him look like a tool. After getting owned by Scott Steiner on the mic, he states that his group has been recruiting new members and introduces Christian Cage as their newest teammate. Christian then comes out and says he’s not actually joining Joe’s side. That’s right, this baby face wants no part of these other baby faces. There are two possibilities here. Either Cage lied to Joe back stage and set him up to look like a fool in front of the crowd, or Joe is such a fool that he didn’t bother to check with Christian before introducing him. In either event Joe comes of like a complete tool because he is either too stupid to ask the guy if he’ll join them before announcing him as being part of the team, or he just had a guy lie to his face and make him look stupid in front of the world and he stood there and did nothing about it. This is the reason we never hear the, “Joe is Gonna Kill You” chants anymore. Ranks Top Ten WWE Matches

With WWE’s storied history and many memorable moments to choose from, has compiled their own list of the best matches to ever take place in the squared circle. The list includes matches from as far back as WrestleMania III to WrestleMania X-Seven.

With scores of pay-per-view events and countless other shows, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) has seen plenty of stellar matches throughout its history. The company has had tons of colorful characters over the years, and most important, lots of heart-stopping, jaw-dropping matches. In this list, we’re counting down the best matches ever, taking into consideration the storyline, drama, star power, and historical significance of each.

No.9 – The Hardy Boyz vs. Edge and Christian vs. The Dudley Boyz
WrestleMania X-Seven — April 1, 2001
Decision: Christian and Edge win the Tag Team Championship

There’s little doubt that the three most electrifying tag team duos of the early 2000s were the six men in this bout, and they didn’t disappoint in a Tables, Ladders and Chairs Match on a huge WrestleMania X-Seven card. This match is considered one of the most extreme in WWE history, thanks to the damage the wrestlers put their opponents (as well as themselves) through. Highlights included Jeff Hardy being on the receiving end of Edge’s spear from on top of a ladder, and the Hardy Boyz’s swanton bomb from 16 feet in the air

The full list can be seen here.


Lance Storm Comments On Christian

On Lance Storm’s website,, he commented on what Christian had to say on iMPACT!. Here’s what he had to say: – TNA: Impact October 9, 2008

Christian is a buddy of mine but he called Samoa Joe and AJ Styles, Up and Coming Stars, in his promo. Joe is the current TNA World Champion, hasn’t he already UP and CAME? When the only thing AJ and Joe haven’t done that Angle, Booker, and Christian have is work for WWE, they should not be referred to as lesser stars, or future starts, EVER!