Droz’s Picks For Backlash

ECW Champion Jack Swagger vs. Christian

Young Jack Swagger has impressed a lot of people since coming to the WWE, including myself. He is a very technical and athletic wrestler with good size and a great wrestling background to top it all off. I am looking for Swagger to have one hell of a match with Christian. Christian, being a very cagey vet, will have quite a few tricks up his sleeve for the youngster and will make this a supremely challenging match for Mr. Swagger. I am definitely leaning towards Christian in this one, because of experience and skill and although Swagger has the size on him, Christian wrestles very big for a mid-sized wrestler

IGN.com: Top 10 Worst Wrestlemania Matches

#9. The Undertaker vs The Big Boss Man – Hell in the Cell
Wrestlemania XV

If you’re like me, then you like your Hell in the Cell matches to come in at around nine minutes long. Oh yeah! Carnage! I’ll get into the whole “Undertaker at ‘Mania” thing a little later on, but for right now I’ll just keep it simple. This match blew. There was no heat going into it and it was part of the whole “there are no good guys or bad guys” thing that WWE was trying out. The Undertaker was playing out his whole Ministry of Darkness thing and Boss Man was one of Vince’s Corporation goons.

And then came the end, which was supposed to hit us all with its outrageous “shock” appeal. The Boss Man! Hanged! To death! Murder on TV! Controversy! Extreminess! This moment of mayhem was brought to you by Mountain Dew and…I don’t know…Arsenic! Edge, Christian and Gangrel came down and helped their Dark Lord put a noose around Boss Man, but all I could wonder was how uncomfortable it must have been for Boss Man to have had to wrestle in a suspension harness.

By the way, not to totally sour the mood, but this whole “suspending from ropes and cables” thing did wind up having extremely dire consequences the following May.

IGN.com: Top 25 Wrestlemania Matches

#14. The First Money in the Bank Ladder Match
Wrestlemania XXI

Just when I was starting to miss the Tag Team Turmoil TLC matches at ‘Mania – they came up with this gem. The Money in the Bank Ladder match. Not only was it a way to get more talent booked on the card, but it was also a way for some extremely talented fellows to shine.

The WWF/WWE has always been great at putting on big event matches that are filled with emotion and story. Nothing gimmicky, just straight matches. But when they do insert the occasional weaponfest, or ladder match, they’re also able to remain innovative. Of course, a lot of these death-defying moves have been done in feds like ECW and ROH, and even smaller organizations. But it’s always fun to see WWE wrestlers, who are normally forced into wrestling a certain style of match, break free of their usual artistic constraints. This match marked the beginning of the rise of Edge, who won the match even though he was almost actually the least engaging person in it.

And who could forget Shelton Benjamin running up the ladder?

#1. Edge and Christian vs The Dudleys vs The Hardys – TLC II
Wrestlemania XVII

This entire series, which began with a Dudleys/Hardeys/E & C Ladder Match at the previous Wrestlemania, was just a potboiler of insanity. From that match, it headed into a TLC (Tables, Ladders, Chairs) match between the three team at the previous Summerslam. Now it was time for TLC II! Yes, the match was named for the supposed items of power for each team. Dudleys were the “tables” guys. Hardeys were the “ladder” guys and Edge and Christian, because of their “ConCHAIRto” were the “chairs” guys. Now Edge and Christian had actually won the previous two matches in this series, so there was no way that they were winning for a third time, right?


They did it. And in their seventh and final title win, Edge and Christian captured the WWE Tag Titles! But not before all hell broke loose, including run-ins from each of the team’s “third” player. Lita for the Hardeys, Spike for the Dudleys, and Rhino for Edge and Christian! All of a sudden there were nine players in this beautiful chaotic symphony!

Sweet sweet violence. It’s like Satan’s giving me a scalp massage.

IGN.com: Top 10 Summerslam Moments

Our list of the ten most memorable matches in SummerSlam history will likely be different than anyone else’s. Sure, there are matches that were more technically sound, or even drew more money, but we’re looking at the ten matches that most stood out in the “Summer’s Biggest Party”.

#5. Dudley Boyz vs. The Hardy Boys vs. Edge and Christian
Summerslam 2000

The match that stole this show was the first-ever TLC (Tables, Ladders, and Chairs) match, establishing a match and style that also forever changed the business. TLC matches now occur at WrestleMania each year as part of the “Money In The Bank” stipulation, and these teams would go on to face each other in several more TLC matches building off the legendary performance they all put on here.

Edge Wants To Feud With Christian

In the latest issue of WWE Magazine, the Rated R Superstar Edge says he’s excited that Christian is back in WWE and is eager to step in the ring with his “brother.” When asked whether he’d be willing to team up with Christian for another TLC match against the Hardy Boyz, Edge said “I’d love to face those guys in another TLC match. It’s fantastic having Christian back in WWE. But I’d much rather oppose him in the ring than team up again. Hopefully, someday soon I’ll get my chance.”

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The Sun: Relive The Mania

Wrestlemania 25 was the most controversial in years – but not due to anything that happened in the ring. It’s because grappling fans around the world are split over how to rate the show.

Which camp are you in?

The Sun have put together a video highlights package and slideshow to help you make up your mind. Click here to view the highlights.

WWE: Christian Is The King Of Pain

SOURCE: He’s been hit in the face with everything from a stop sign to a microphone. But for Wrestlemania’s Christian, it’s all just part of earning a shot at the title.

What’s it like to get smashed in the skull by a steel chair? “It doesn’t tickle, that’s for sure,” laughs Jay Reso, the WWE daredevil whose followers (known as peeps) call him everything from Christian to Captain Charisma to The Instant Classic. “If it looks like it hurts, it did, that’s the best way to put it,” he says. “The way it jars you, you can feel it all through your body.”

And Reso should know as throughout his career the man’s been beaten in the face with everything from a stop sign to a microphone.

In fact, it seems like every Wrestlemania he’s involved in, he just happens to be in the show’s most dangerous match. From falling from the sky in the bruising TLC battles (tables, ladders and chairs, oh my!), to getting catapulted face-first into the steel steps, there isn’t much Reso won’t do to earn the respect of peers and peeps alike, and if that means falling off the top of a ladder and through a few stacked tables on the floor, well, that’s just part of the job description that makes the man smile and wince all at the same time.

This Sunday, Reso once again finds himself in the show’s most hazardous brawl, this time a “Money in the Bank” ladder match that pits him against seven other competitors, including CM Punk, Shelton Benjamin, and the Terrell Owens of WWE, Montel Vontavious Porter, AKA MVP.

It’s a match that Reso not only hopes will boost him on his way to his first WWE World Championship, but the ultimate showcase will once again give him the chance to try and steal the show on the company’s biggest stage.

ESPN caught up with Reso while he was working out at the gym to talk about the upcoming event, why he decided to rejoin WWE, and his broken Xbox. Here’s what he had to say:

ESPN: You recently left TNA to rejoin WWE. What’s the free agent process like in wrestling as opposed to what most sports fans are used to seeing in the NFL and NBA?

Christian: I think the free agent process is a little bit different because other major pro sports like the NBA or NHL, you’re looking at 30 teams. You have 30 options. You don’t really have that in this industry. There is one name that stands above all else, and that’s WWE. So to really be on top, that’s where you have to apply your trade.

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Former Referee Wes Adams’ Wrestlemania Predictions

Former WWE Referee, Wes Adams, recently took some time out of his scheduled to speak with PWMania. He spoke on this Sunday’s WWE WrestleMania XXV and also his predictions for the event including what match he would want to officiate and main event:

Money in the Bank Ladder Match
– Shelton Benjamin vs. MVP vs. Christian vs. Mark Henry vs. Kane vs. CM Punk vs. Finlay vs. Kofi Kingston

Wes Adams: With the addition of Mark Henry, and the return of Kane, this year’s MITB has more power in it than previous years matches. Kofi and Henry are the only two who have not competed in MITB matches before. As much as I would like to see it, I don’t believe Punk will make it back to back. I could see Edge retaining, and Christian winning MITB and challenging Edge but I don’t think its going to happen. I am a huge fan of Kofi and one of his biggest supporters. I think that he is going to steal the show in this match with some unique offense that we have not seen out of him before. After the match everyone will be talking about Kofi, but I think its MVP’s time to shine. MVP will be Mr. Money In The Bank this year.

Read the full article here.

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The Sun – WrestleMania 25 Predictions

They may be stuck at home this year, but you can bet your bottom dollar our wrestling columnists will be watching every second of WrestleMania live on Sky Box Office. You’ve already heard from our man in Houston, so here, Simon and Richard LilsBoy give their annual preview and predictions for the show:

CM Punk v Kane v Mark Henry v MBP v Shelton Benjamin v Kofi Kingston v Christian v Finlay

The traditional Money In The Bank spot fest with a championship shot up for grabs.

Simon: Punk won last year, cashed it and became Raw’s heavyweight champion. That was too soon for him but 2009 should be his year so I expect a repeat.

Richard: I feel someone new needs to break the glass ceiling this year and that man will be MVP.

credit: thesun.co.uk

Slam! Sports: Christian Reborn Back In WWE

SOURCE: Jay Reso got away from WWE to regenerate himself mentally and physically. Eight years on the road had worn on him.

A reduced schedule with TNA, which operates out of Orlando, near his Tampa home, gave him what he needed. But it also drove the star we know as Christian back to WWE, where he has already won a spot in Wrestlemania’s Money in the Bank match.

“I’d been away for three-plus years,” says Christian. “(Returning) was nothing personal (against TNA). I had a chance to re-evaluate the things I wanted in life. I didn’t think my job was done in WWE. I felt if I wanted to be on top, WWE’s where I had to be. I had some unfinished business here.”

He was excited to re-debut on ECW, working his way into a program with Jack Swagger.

“Standing behind the curtain before I stepped out, I was feeling nervous, yet comfortable at the same time. There had been speculation about certain things, but I don’t think anybody expected me to show up on ECW. It’s a good place to get my feet wet.

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WWE’s 25 Greatest Matches In Wrestlemania History

With WWE’s storied history and many memorable moments to choose from, BuddyTV.com has compiled their own list of the best matches to ever take place in the squared circle, at the Grandest Stage of Them All – Wrestlemania.

#18. The Hardy Boyz vs. Edge and Christian vs. The Dudley Boyz in a TLC Match
Wrestlemania X-Seven

If you’re looking for Crash Test Dummy collisions, shattered furniture and men defying the laws of physics, this is the accepted standard of excellence. Watching it one can easily understand how Jeff Hardy and Edge blazed paths for themselves as main event stars when few high flyers had before. The only downside of this match was that the contenders didn’t look like they were trying to win, with grapplers wandering off to go set up more stunts while their opponents hung from the title belts. With Lita, Spike Dudley and Rhyno all interfering this match was madness, good or bad.

The full list can be seen here.

credit: buddytv.com

Lance Storm’s Wrestlemania Prediction

Money in the Bank

This is always a percentage killer. It’s hard enough when you have a 50/50 chance of getting the winner right; with this match I’ve got only a 1 in 8 shot. I guess the only upside is you know there is going to be a definite winner. I’m picking Christian to win MITB. Christian has been awesome since returning and in my opinion is the most capable guy of caring the promos that will milk MITB on RAW, SD, or ECW. The briefcase will allow him to be on any show before or after the draft, so this is a way to really capitalize on his work rate and promo skills.

credit: stormwrestling.com / captain charisma

Now We Start To Feel The Mania

The eight men who will fight over (or indeed, under) the Money in the Bank briefcase were up next in an exciting tag match. Christian picked up the win for the babyface team but Finlay demolished much of his competition after the contest with a ladder. Money in the Bank always delivers and with the general standard of athlete in this match, you can expect more of the same.

credit: thesun.co.uk

Vince Cares More About His Doormat

SOURCE: Former TNA world champion Christian Cage will never achieve success in the WWE, according to a high ranking former employee.

Captain Charisma was promised big things when he left Orlando for Vince McMahon’s group last month but has since languished on ECW rather than headline Raw or Smackdown. And, according to the insider, it’s because Vince McMahon just doesn’t see him as a star.

He told The Pro Wrestling Torch: “Vince cares more about the doormat at his house than Christian.

“I don’t understand why you re-hire the guy and then don’t do anything with him.”

Christian quit the WWE in 2005 when his contract expired, frustrated at a lack of opportunities and bosses’ failure to deliver on a planned main event run against John Cena.

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The Fink’s ECW Thoughts

SOURCE: “Christian, Christian, at last you’re on your own”.

Do you folks remember that opening lyric of the former theme song of the Toronto native? Well, last night, I thought of those words after Christian won the Tri-Branded Battle Royal on ECW-TV, to qualify for the Money in the Bank Ladder Match at the 25th Anniversary of WrestleMania.

Indeed, Christian has been on his own for a few years now. Prior to that, he and Edge had arguably one of the most entertaining and productive tag teams to have ever appeared in WWE rings. But there came a point to where both charted individual courses in continuing their careers…

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JR’s Blog – 2/25/2009

Watching the Jack Swagger title defense of the ECW Championship Tuesday night against Christian reminded me of food. Please, no jokes as I am becoming increasing more sensitive in my AARP years. Watching some wrestling matches on TV that last 3 minutes or so is like having fast food. It’s o.k. when you need a quick bite but there is noting like sitting down and having the time to enjoy a nice meal like one would find at J.R.’s Family BBQ, for example. The Swagger-Christian bout was long enough to sit down and emotionally invest in the process much akin to enjoying a Slobber-Knocker, 3 meat combo at J.R.’s. For the record, slow smoked ribs are meant to be savored not inhaled. Nonetheless this aforementioned ECW main event was a solid piece of business.

credit: jrsbarbq.com

Carl Evans Talks Christian’s WWE Return

SOURCE: Christian is by far and large a very talented wrestler. He clearly shows an ability to enter a ring and tell an entertaining story. Christian as well most certainly has shown the traits necessary to be considered “good on the mic.”

There is no argument that overall Christian is a good pro-wrestler.

In the last say 14 years since I would say pro-wrestling and the Internet have become so intimately linked the rise of a new fan has spread from just handful of guys who “were in the know” to a whole community that I think can be safely assessed at in the thousands, I will refrain from millions although I wouldn’t doubt it, and of course this group is collectively labeled the smart-marks or smarks, even though “smart-marks” existed before the Internet, I trust you understand my definition.

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Christian Debuts In ECW – An Extreme Choice Of Home

SOURCE: At the Royal Rumble, the world was waiting for someone to reveal themselves as Jeff Hardy’s mystery assailant. Although many were expecting the return to WWE of Jay Reso, better known as Christian Cage, it turned out to be Matt Hardy turning on his brother.

As things turned out, Christian was not involved in the break up of Team Extreme. This week, though, he finally reappeared – in a very different place to most expected. ECW Champion Jack Swagger opened this week’s show with standard heel rhetoric, belittling his No Way Out opponent Finlay and calling out the Irishman’s sidekick Hornswoggle. However, it was not the leprechaun that answered the All-American American’s call, it was Christian.

In typical style, the Canadian proceeded to run down Swagger and challenged the victor of his match with Finlay to a future title encounter. It wouldn’t be the last time Christian would appear on the show, either. As Swagger was explaining to Teddy Long that he was taking the night off, the ECW GM had other ideas. He booked Swagger into a non-title match with Christian. The ensuing contest was decent fare, but was not made to feel like the big deal Christian’s return ought to have done.

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JR’s Blog – SmackDown This (Feb. 12, 2009)

Christian returning to WWE wasn’t a huge surprise as the speculation of “Captain Charisma” rejoining WWE had been on going for weeks and weeks. However, I was shocked to see Christian show up on ECW and not on Raw or Friday Night SmackDown, which would have been my personal preference. Certainly Christian provides ECW a marketable boost and with Evan “Air” Bourne about to return from an injury along with ECW Champion Jack Swagger progressing so well, even though the last couple of weeks have not been stellar for Swagger, Sci Fi’s Tuesday night show starring Slammy Award winning announcers Todd “I’m funnier than people think” Grisham and Matt “I despise pronouns” Striker has received an extreme makeover in the wink of an eye.

I have to admit that I was surprised to see Christian return to the WWE Tuesday night on ECW. Christian returning to the WWE at some point wasn’t a big secret in many circles but Christian going to the ECW brand was. Personally, I was hoping that “Captain Charisma” would have joined the Smackdown team. ECW got a nice addition to their roster and because they only do one hour or 6 segments of TV weekly, the ECW show should feature solid, in ring wrestling more weeks than not. I think fans want to see more bell to bell action and ECW seems to provide that most weeks.

credit: wwe universe / jrsbarbq.com

Dan Wahlers Talks The Return Of Christian To WWE

SOURCE: Christian’s Return On ECW: A Positive or Negative?

Christian made his long awaited return to WWE last night on the live ECW broadcast from Fresno, Calif. The fact that he was coming back to WWE was one of the worst kept secrets in wrestling over the past few months. It was merely a matter of when, not a matter of if. The fact that he made his return on WWE’s least watched television show was a huge shocker, however, since it’s certainly not the way most people would have booked his return. After all, Christian didn’t leave a relatively high position on the TNA roster to come back and curtain jerk as part of the ECW roster in WWE did he? You wouldn’t think so.

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