Edge Talks Christian On Right After Wrestling

Recently, former WWE Superstar Edge was interviewed by Arda Ocal and Jimmy Korderas, of The Score. In the interview, Edge spoke about a range of topics including having to retire, how long he felt he would have competed before he retired if he didn’t receive the unfortunate news, his work on the show ‘Haven’, the Hall of Fame and much more. He even shared a few stories including Christian as well as his thoughts on Christian’s rivalry with Randy Orton and in his opinion why it took so long for Christian to be considered a main event superstar. Here’s what he had to say on the matter:

…I still loved getting in front of the audience, I still loved having matches. Especially when it was with guys [like] Ziggler, I really enjoyed working with Ziggler, which was my last match in Toronto, because he’s exciting, he’s young. I really thought I could help teach him things, to kinda help him step up to a next level, like guys did for me. Then on the horizon, the stuff with Christian, I knew that was looming, so I was excited about that and that’s a disappointment. But the way everything worked out and him basically kinda stepping into my slot, I think it worked out really cool. It would have been awesome if we could have teamed then eventually feuded and then gone from there. But it actually might have worked out even cooler.

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IOL.co.za: Christian Gives SA A Smackdown

A wrestling superstar has issued a serious smackdown to South Africa, cursing the country after his luggage was pilfered.

The Grand Arena at GrandWest was packed to capacity last night as the WWE Superstars kicked off the Cape Town leg of their world tour bringing crowd favourites like Randy Orton and Kane to perform in front of a fanatical audience.

It wasn’t all fun and games, though: one wrestler, Christian, was particularly angry that his luggage had been broken into somewhere between the US and South Africa, and used some of his time in the ring to condemn SA.

“I step off a plane, my baggage is broken into – you rip off the locks and you steal my clothes,” he yelled at the crowd just before his loss to Orton in a heavyweight title bout.

“Is this what this country is all about? Then shame on you!”

The crowd jeered and booed at his comments and later cheered when he lost to Orton.

Other wrestlers showing off their athletic – or acting, depending on your attitude to the sport – skills last night included the 140kg Ezekiel Jackson, who emerged from behind a dark curtain and stalked to the ring while cameras flashed around the arena.

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Daily Voice: Smack Town

Cape Town wrestling fans are in for a treat of blood, sweat and hot bods when the World Wrestling Entertainment comes to town. WWE superstars will be in action at the Grand Arena this Wednesday and Thursday night.

In an interview with the Daily Voice, WWE stars Kane and Christian promised audiences nothing less than a spectacular show…

Meanwhile, for fellow WWE pro wrestler, William Jason Reso, commonly known as Christian, this is his first time in the country. Christian, who began his wrestling career in college, cleared up the myth about wrestling being all fake.

“It’s not the easiest job and it takes lots of training and practice.

There are some things you just can’t fake on the show – if it looks like it hurt there’s a good chance it did,” he says.

Christian proudly vows: “Fans can expect the same world-class performance they see on TV and nothing short of spectacular.”


PennLive.com: ‘WWE Smackdown’ Slams Its Way To Giant Center

Let’s get ready to rumble! “WWE Smackdown” is coming to Hershey’s Giant Center Tuesday. Fans will see superstar favorites Christian, Kane, and Randy Orton, among others in action. There will even be some diva representation from Natalya and Alicia Fox. The show will be taped and broadcast at 8pm June 24 on SyFy.

Expect drama, and lots of it, as Randy “The Viper” Orton faces off against Christian in a non-televised match. The two have been locked in a war over the title of World Heavyweight Champion since Orton claimed the title from Christian, who had only had the title for two days.

The battle for the title has seen once good guy Christian turn heel, reject his fans, and embrace his dark side. Here he talks about what it’s like to go evil, lose a title, and endure all the physical bashing in the ring.

What got you into WWE?

I was a lifelong fan growing up. I played hockey growing up in Canada and I’d fallen awkwardly into the boards and broke my shoulder. I was stuck in the house for 8 to 12 weeks and wasn’t allowed to go to school. So I was stuck in the house by myself and flipping through the channels and stumbled on the WWE and have been hooked ever since. As time wore on I realized this was something I wanted to do in my life, to go out and perform in the WWE like the superstars I saw perform.

Any advice for WWE hopefuls?

I would say the main thing to do is make sure you get the proper training, make sure you can do what we do properly. It’s a long tough road. You have to take it seriously and really, you have to dedicate your life to it.

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Jim Ross Talks About Christian In Latest Blog

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross updated his official site with yet another blog. In the latest, he had a few words to say about Christian, his title loss and what happened in the closing minutes of last week’s Smackdown:

After the vocal minority uproar when Christian lost the World Title on Smackdown, I mentioned that I thought that loss would likely position the skilled veteran from Ontario, not talking about Neil Young here, to become more relevant and valuable to WWE. Seems as if that has occurred as Christian, after this week’s Smackdown broadcast, is arguably the brand’s #1 villain. Of course there will be some who refuse to look at the reality of this matter and the fact that Christian has the opportunity to fill a huge gap and to be in plenty of main events at live events and on TV. Plus, Christian’s verbal skills will be better utilized as an antagonist, IMO. The bottom line is about making money and this certainly positions Christian to have the potential to capitalize on such.


Jim Ross Mentions Christian In Latest Blog

Earlier today, WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross updated his official site with yet another blog. In his latest blog, he had a few words to say about Christian and his match at the recent Over The Limit pay-per-view:

Loved the Orton-Christian match and felt like it was the show stealer on the PPV. Two really skilled guys and once again it showed that Christian is underrated but is an important facet of Friday Night Smackdown. Orton is a major star, without question, but his best days should lie ahead.

Enjoyed calling the one match at OTL but would have loved to have been able to be sitting at the announce desk for Orton-Christian.


IGN.com: Christian on Edge: “We Were Planning On Teaming and Having Some Fun.”

IGN talks to WWE’s “Captain Charisma” about winning the World Title & having to cancel the official Edge & Christian reunion.

Wrestling fans were outraged two weeks ago when WWE Superstar Christian lost the World Heavyweight Title to Randy Orton, just days after winning it for the first time at Extreme Rules in a hard fought ladder match with Alberto Del Rio. This Sunday, Christian has a chance to win the title back from Randy Orton as the two of them will face off at the Over the Limit Pay Per View. IGN had a chance to talk to “Captain Charisma” himself about winning the “Big Gold Belt,” Edge’s injury and the final “Five Second Poses” in the weeks leading up to Edge’s retirement.

IGN: Even though you lost the title a few days afterward, it still must have been incredible to win the World Heavyweight Championship at Extreme Rules.

Christian: It was awesome. It was probably the most memorable moment of my career to this point. Obviously I grew up being a huge fan as a kid. And when I started training to get into the business the ultimate goal was to become the World Heavyweight Champion. So few guys ever get the opportunity. It’s been sort of a strange year in how things turned out with Edge having to relinquish the title because of his injury and then the title being vacated. And then me getting to step into his spot there in the Ladder Match. Having him right there at ringside watching me step up and grab it was huge. Huge for both of us. It was just as big for him as it was for me. And that meant a lot. It’s hard to put into words how it all felt. It just felt like every single moment that had ever happened in my life, good or bad up to that point, was worth it at that very second.

IGN: It’s being described as a “fan moment” as well. What do you think about that?

Christian: That’s great to hear. I know that there are a lot of fans and a lot of supporters who’ve wanted me to step up to a different level for a long time and I’ve always appreciated that. And I’ve always tried to never let them down and keep working hard. And I do feel that moment was just as much for them as it was for me. And that’s why there was such real emotion when it happened.

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Slam! Sports: Christian Hopes To Keep Riding The Emotional Wave

It has been an emotional month for WWE superstar Christian. His best friend, Edge, was forced into retirement because of injuries, leaving a hole atop the Smackdown roster. Christian jumped at the opportunity, and toppled Alberto del Rio in a ladder match to win the vacant World Heavyweight title at Extreme Rules.

Alas, he lost the title two days later to Randy Orton. The rematch is Sunday at the Over the Limit pay-per-view.

Christian told SLAM! Wrestling that he hopes to keep the emotional wave rolling, and knows Edge will be a part of it, even if he’s not there in person.

“It was two guys that grew up as fans and broke into the business together. We’ve both gone up and down different paths, and things like that. We were both able to realize a dream. Yeah, it was real emotional. The flipside of that is that unfortunately Edge has to retire, and the landscape has all changed,” Christian said, referring to roster changes and post-WrestleMania fallout.

“I’ve just got to go out and do what I do every night, and that’s go out and perform. I think one of the things that the people, the fans, know about me is that every time I step in the ring, I give everything I have to entertain everyone that’s spent their hard-earned dollars on a ticket for a WWE event. I think that’s apparent. I think that’s what people know about me, that every night I leave it in the ring. I’m just going to carry that emotion away with me and bring it to my matches and all those sorts of things. The rest should take care of itself.”

Christian’s fan base — his “peeps” — is second to none in the WWE.

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