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Captain Comeback
Everyone knew it was coming. It was simply a matter of where and when. Fans all over the world knew it was only a matter of time until Prodigal Son returned ‘home’ to WWE, a born again Christian. Internet rumours had the Canadian set to re-debut by costing old-rival Jeff Hardy the WWE Title at the 2009 Royal Rumble. Fans in the Joe Louis Arena were well aware of said rumours, as evidenced by the booming “Christian” chant that broke out during Hardy’s Title defense against Christian’s former tag team partner Edge. It started earlier in the month when a series of accidents befell the unwitting WWE Champion. Before the first angle even had the chance to hit the air, numerous websites, including the one I am writing this article for, claimed the angle was been done to reintroduce ‘Captain Charisma’.

Anyone betting on the rumours to actualize went home with nothing. Christian’s comeback never happened. Instead WWE Creative went with Matt Hardy, who turned heel by delivering a chair-shot to the head of his (real life) brother in a jealousy angle that was ironically reminiscent of Christian’s own heel turn on his (storyline) brother Edge almost eight years earlier. When Christian didn’t return at the Rumble the smart money was on his making an appearance at the following month’s No Way Out as a surprise entrant in one of the two Elimination Chamber Matches. That didn’t happen either.

Continue Reading > Top Title Wins – Edge & Christian Win TLC II

Wrestlemania is traditionally the “season finale” pay-per-view, with several plotlines being resolved and a few starting up over the course of four hours of wrestling. But sometimes you don’t really even need a traditional storyline to hype an upcoming match – when it involves three of the hottest tag teams in the business performing a mind-meltingly dangerous gimmick match, for example. The TLC II match at Wrestlemania X-7 (2001) was ridiculously brutal for a WWE match, with the Hardy Boyz, the Dudley Boyz, and Edge and Christian (as well as three run-ins) getting clobbered by tables, ladders and, yes, chairs. Towards the end, Jeff Hardy climbed to the top of a ladder and grabbed the WWE Tag Belts, and it looked like he and his brother Matt would retain their status as champions until Edge climbed a taller ladder. He speared Jeff, who hit the ground like he’d been dropped out of an airplane. Rhyno (remember him?) helped Edge get up to the hanging belts, and Edge and Christian were crowned Tag Champions once again – but it was the action and injuries that got talked about the next day Legendary Feuds – The Hardy Boyz vs. the Dudley Boyz vs. Edge & Christian

Yes, occasionally a feud gets so out of control that more than two men are involved – in this case, six! These three tag teams not only shed blood, sweat and tears in a series of incredible matches, they revolutionized the way things were done in the WWE, popularizing a never-ending series of high impact bumps aided by tables, ladders, and chairs. In 2000, the Hardyz, Dudleyz and E and C began feuding over the WWE Tag Team Titles, with each team bringing something to the table – the Dudleyz with ECW-style power moves, the Hardyz with aerial acrobatics, and Edge and Christian with dastardly double-crosses and hilarious promos. Their landmark Tables, Ladders and Chairs match at WrestleMania 2000 brought the house down, widely regarded as the best match on the show. All three teams feuded until 2002, but the real-world feud between Matt Hardy and Edge over a real-life relationship with Lita emerged in 2005

Droz’s Picks For The Bash

Right off the bat, let me pat myself on the back for my excellent pay per view picks last month. I could of sworn that I had picked Batista to win the belt vs. Orton, but when I looked back I hadn’t, so…oh well! Hopefully my good luck will continue with this pay per view, so let’s get to it.

ECW Championship Scramble Match
Wow…what a group of superstars in the ring all at one time. First off let me congratulate Tommy Dreamer for winning the belt at last month’s pay per view. This has been a long time coming and if anyone ever deserved that belt its Dreamer. I say this not only as a fan, but as a friend. The four other men involved in this match all have a great shot at winning this belt as a result of the scramble format. Mark Henry would really stand out in my eyes as having the best shot but I have to stick with Dreamer and hope that he continues making the ECW belt a proud and respected belt.

Droz’s Picks For Extreme Rules

WWE presents its Extreme Rules Pay-Per-View this Sunday. This event involves all kinds of wonderful (and Extreme) matches. I am sure the WWE Universe can’t wait to experience Extreme Rules, because I know I am ready for the one night WWE goes Extreme. On that note, let’s get to the matches.

ECW Champion Christian vs. Jack Swagger vs. Tommy Dreamer (Triple Threat Hardcore Rules Match) (Match preview)
Triple Threat Matches always make for an interesting scenario. Any Superstar can pin another to become champion, and sometimes those rules make it that much better for one of the opponents. Although I am glad Christian is holding the ECW Title right now, I would love to see Dreamer fulfill his quest to become ECW Champion. Of course, Dreamer is the Hardcore master. But I am sure Swagger is no slouch when it comes to this type of match, and we all know Christian has been in his fair share. I am going against the grain on this one, and finally picking Dreamer to win the ECW Title.

Lance Storm Mentions Christian

Q: Do you like when a Superstar crosses over to film and who do you think could be the next one to be successful at it?

A: I don’t care too much either way. I’m happy for the boys who succeed at what ever they try. I think Christian is one of the better actors in the business.


JR’s Blog – 6/5/09

Random thoughts from lovely Chicago O’Hare on my home to Oklahoma. ECW is becoming a really nice wrestling show that isn’t over thought or reaching for comedy. The small roster works hard and they seem motivated. Striker and Mathews are getting better each week in the ever growing, complex role of a wrestling broadcaster. I like Swagger’s improvement and Swagger wrestling men like Christian and Dreamer will help the former Sooner improve quicker


Droz’s Picks For Backlash

ECW Champion Jack Swagger vs. Christian

Young Jack Swagger has impressed a lot of people since coming to the WWE, including myself. He is a very technical and athletic wrestler with good size and a great wrestling background to top it all off. I am looking for Swagger to have one hell of a match with Christian. Christian, being a very cagey vet, will have quite a few tricks up his sleeve for the youngster and will make this a supremely challenging match for Mr. Swagger. I am definitely leaning towards Christian in this one, because of experience and skill and although Swagger has the size on him, Christian wrestles very big for a mid-sized wrestler