Press Release: E&C’s Pod Of Awesomeness Returns On Westwood One Podcast Network

Adam “Edge” Copeland and Jay “Christian” Reso End Podcast Hiatus With New Shows and a New Network

New York, NY – November 13, 2018: The wait is over! Adam “Edge” Copeland and Jay “Christian” Reso are back as their podcast returns with a new home: Westwood One Podcast Network. Get ready – new episodes of E&C’s Pod of Awesomeness start Friday, November 16th. E&C will make their return with a new episode featuring a revealing conversation with one of wrestling’s most gifted and notorious figures, Shawn Michaels.

The innovators of the TLC match, the five-second pose and the masters of reeking of awesomeness, WWE champions Edge and Christian’s podcast takes listeners behind-the-scenes of the wrestling industry as the hilarious duo interview wrestlers and entertainers they’ve met over the years, share fun stories about life after the business and being dads, and, sometimes, they even play the kazoo. Some have called them the Lennon/McCartney of podcasting. Others have called them the Milli Vanilli. Edge and Christian say if you understand either of those references, their show is for you.

Edge and Christian are excited to get back in the groove with their pod fans. Edge said, “The most decorated champion in WWE history, me… and Christian, are back with more E&C Pod of Awesomeness on our new home, Westwood One Podcast Network. Our team just got mightier. Look out Hosers, this Pod will even surpass awesomeness now!”

Reso added, “I know all of our Hosers have missed me and maybe Edge just a smidge. Well, the auditory idiocy is about to get real. We’re back Brother Brother on the powerful Westwood One Podcast Network! And of course, Paul Smackage and Flip Sunset are coming with us… pppfffffttt here we go!”

“Edge and Christian have been named the greatest tag team in WWE history, and their chemistry is just as electric on the mic as it is on the mat,” said Suzanne Grimes, EVP Marketing for CUMULUS MEDIA and President, Westwood One. “Their unique insight combined with their connection with fans are just two of the reasons why this pod oozes with awesomeness.”

E&C’s Pod of Awesomeness drops new episodes every Friday. Listen and subscribe to the show now on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts,, or the Westwood One Podcasts App for iOS or Android.

source Christian Talks Chris Jericho vs Kenny Omega, If Jericho Still Has What It Takes To Be The Best

Former WWE star Christian recently spoke with Kevin Kelly for Title Match Wrestling, and you can watch the entire conversation below. The following are some interview highlights:

Christian on whether or not he feels Chris Jericho, at his age, can face Kenny Omega and still prove that he is the best:

“Oh for sure. I think as you get older, and I can attest to this, you find different ways to be great if you physically can’t do the things you could do before. You’re wily enough, you’re smart enough, you have enough experience to figure out different things and different ways. And I don’t even think Chris has lost that big of a step physically. He’s very durable, he’s never really been injured. Even when he’s gone back for his previous runs with WWE, he didn’t look like he missed a day, to me, and he could still go out there and do 25, 30, 40 minutes if he needed to.”

His overall feeling on the Chris Jericho vs Kenny Omega bout:

“Honestly, I think it’s a great thing for the business as a whole that this is even happening, and I think it also legitimizes how good Kenny Omega has been the past year or so. Because I don’t think [Chris Jericho] would be doing this if Kenny wasn’t the real deal.”


Screen Daily: ‘SuperGrid’ Begins Production In Saskatchewan

EXCLUSIVE: Raven Banner to handle worldwide sales, distribute in Canada.

Principal photography has begun in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan on SuperGrid, the apocalyptic road movie from the creators of WolfCop.

Regina-based producer Hugh Patterson has teamed up with Trinni Franke and director Lowell Dean (pictured at right), who directed horror-comedies WolfCop and Another WolfCop. Toronto-based Raven Banner handles worldwide sales and will distribute in Canada.

SuperGrid is set in a near future where mining conglomerates have turned Canada into a wasteland. Two brothers must travel the same road that claimed their sister’s life in their quest to deliver mysterious cargo. En route they must contend with road pirates, rebel gangs, and each other.

Leo Fafard of WolfCop stars alongside Marshall Williams, Tinsel Korey, Natalie Krill, Fei Ren, former WWE wrestler Jay Reso, and Regina natives Amy Matysio, Daniel Maslany, and Laura Abramsen. SuperGrid is funded by Telefilm and Creative Saskatchewan and the producers anticipate a 2018 release.

“To produce a movie with local crew and a strong cast in my hometown is a huge win,” Patterson said. “Remaining local is a must for SuperGrid. With Lowell at the helm, we are pumped to show the world an epic prairie apocalyptic road movie, that is produced right here in Regina.”

“It’s great to be joining forces with the Lowell and Hugh again,” Raven Banner managing partner Michael Paszt said. “We look forward to capturing the same magic with them on SuperGrid that we had on WolfCop.”

source Edge And Christian Think ‘Broken’ Matt Hardy Would Work In WWE, Talk Paige

One of the true signs of a legendary career is one where the legend in question is at peace. This demonstrates both fulfillment and accomplishment, which describes the careers of childhood friends and former WWE Superstars Edge and Christian.

Each had wildly successful runs both as singles and tag team performers, and neither have any desire to get back in the ring even as a stadium filled with over 80,000 screaming fans awaits at WrestleMania 33. I spoke with the entertaining duo as they prepared to release the first episode of their podcast, E&C’s Pod Of Awesomeness, which will feature WWE universal champion Goldberg as its first guest.

“We want it to be very fan-interactive. We’re going to have a voicemail where you can leave ideas or just rambling whatever and we play it on the air,” said Edge.

“We don’t take ourselves too seriously, so it leaves a lot of room to just have fun with stuff, so hence you get the TV show on the [WWE] Network and I’d like to think, in terms of a podcast, we’ll try to bring the same thing.”

Christian followed up, saying “we want to talk about everything. We’re both fathers and we want to talk about that. [Edge] is big into music…we both like all types of different types of sports and we can actually formulate a sentence or two, so good for us.”

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Sports Illustrated: WWE’s Christian On Wrestling, His Love Of Hockey And How He’s Combining The Two

Even though the card for WrestleMania 33 is far from official, there is one match that Christian is already anticipating will be appointment viewing.

“I’m looking forward to watching AJ Styles’ match, no matter who he is wrestling,” said Christian (born Jay Reso). “AJ had such a great year in the ring, and no one even came close to him. I would have liked to have seen him carry the title all the way to WrestleMania and have a chance to defend it, but he’s still my favorite guy to watch.”

In addition to enjoying a Hall of Fame-worthy career in professional wrestling, Christian is also a diehard hockey fan. The 43-year-old native of Orangeville, Ontario, is a devoted supporter of the Toronto Maple Leafs, and he is still patiently awaiting the team’s first run with the strap—or, in this case, the Stanley Cup—in his lifetime.

“I was a huge Toronto Maple Leafs fan, and I still am,” said Christian, whose Leafs last won the Cup in 1967. “They have a good young core for the future with Auston Matthews, Mitch Marner, William Nylander, Connor Brown, and Nikita Soshnikov. I think they’re going to be the best team in the league within three or four years. Toronto fans deserve it—we’ve been let down before. They had a couple of deep runs in the playoffs when I was younger, but it’s pretty much been heartbreak every single year.”

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Toronto Sun: A Career That Totally Reeked Of Awesomeness

Recently, Christian was interviewed by Jan Murphy for Toronto Sun, where he discussed several topics surrounding his wrestling career, including when he first became a wrestling fan, breaking into the WWE with The Brood, groundbreaking matches with the Hardys and The Dudleys, Injuries and life after wrestling, to name a few. Be sure to take the time to read the interview, in full, below, it’s a great write-up and thank you once again to Jan Murphy.

If not for a bad break, literally, the professional wrestling world and its fans may never have been treated to the legendary aerials and antics of Canadian friends and wrestling partners Edge and Christian.

That break came in the form of a broken shoulder suffered by a young Jay Reso. And while he didn’t yet know it, that injury set the young Ontarian on a collision course with destiny.

“At the time I was living in Grand Valley, Ontario, which is a really, really small town,” Reso, better known by his Christian moniker, said in a telephone interview promoting his return to Toronto this weekend as part of an NXT afterparty that also features the WWE’s Miz.

It started on a Friday night not unlike many before it, Reso recalled when asked how he came to fall in love with pro wrestling.

“Do you remember when people used to go public skating?” he asked the reporter, whom replied he did. “We were public skating. Kids would race the length of the ice or the width of the ice and we were in a race and I hit a groove in the ice and I ended up losing my balance and I (crashed) head-first into the boards. I ended up breaking my shoulder.”

Little did he know then but crash landings would play a pretty significant role in the future of the then fourth-grader.

“The break was so high up in my shoulder at the time that (doctors) couldn’t even put a cast on it,” Reso recalled. Grand Valley was so small that it had no hospital. The injured young Reso was taken to nearby Orangeville (more on that town later) to be treated.

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Stay Loud: WWE Superstars Share Guilty Pleasure Songs

Christian, WWE Superstar: various songs

“Here are a few, and they all stem from 10 hour car rides from Orangeville, Ontario, where I grew up to Morrisville, Pennsylvania, where my dad grew up and my grandparents lived. We would drive down to visit and cram the whole family-dogs included—into a van and make the 10-hour trek. My parents were easy listening enthusiasts and would crank that stuff for the entire ride. Gems like ‘Islands In The Stream’ by Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton, ‘Sailing’ by Christopher Cross and ‘How Deep Is Your Love’ by the Bee Gees. I wanted to hate them, I tried to hate them, but whenever they are played on the radio, I turn it up and sing along. Some or all of these may or may not be on my iPod.”

You can check out the full article, by NXT’s Corey Graves here. Thanks to Jennifer for passing this on.

Jack Swagger Mentions Christian In Recent Interview With MTV UK

In a recent interview with MTV UK, Jack Swagger was about Christian and if he is set to return to the WWE. Here’s what he had to say:

We recently sat down with the ‘We, The People’ star to catch up on a few bits and got talking about Christian – one his first opponents when he made it to WWE’s version of ECW – his manager Zeb Colter and what it feels like to be smashed around by a couple of his former tag team partner’s signature moves.

He told us that both Christian and Zeb, not seen on WWE TV for some time, are set to return at any time.

“He’s a little busy… counting his money, I guess,” Jack joked about veteran star Christian.

“Christian is one of the most intense competitors I’ve ever been in the ring with. He’s still very much around. He lives down the street from me… he’s not going anywhere.

“He will be back, jumping through your television or computer screen very soon.”


How To Get A ‘Haven’ Job: In WWE Wrestler Jay Reso’s Case, Be BFFs With Adam Copeland

Let’s face it, whoever your best friend, he/she is cool. That’s why they’re your best friend. But it’s the rare friend who’s been your bestie since sixth grade and who ends up being your championship partner in crime in the WWE before bringing you onto his television show.

And yet that is exactly how things are working out for Jason “Jay” Reso, who begins guest-starring duties on “Haven” Friday (Dec. 5) on Syfy. The 41-year-old professional wrestler better known as Christian grew up with “Haven” regular Adam Copeland (Chief of Police, Dwight Hendrickson) before they both decided to become professional wrestlers. (Copeland is better known by his WWE moniker, Edge.) In fact, the pair won the tag team championships seven times with the then WWF.

Fast forward a few years and Copeland is now a fan favorite on “Haven,” so producers thought it made sense to bring aboard his real life friend.

“With ‘Haven’ airing on Syfy in the U.S. as the same night as ‘WWE Smackdown,’ there was a real tie-in there for the fan base,” Reso tells Zap2it. “Plus, with Adam and I being one of the most celebrated tag teams in the WWE, we have this dynamic when we’re together, I think they thought it would translate well. We’re like brothers.”

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Edge and Christian Inducted Into The Rotary Club of Orangeville’s Sports Hall of Fame

Last month, in their home town of Orangeville, Ontario, Canada, Adam Copeland and Jay Reso (Edge and Christian) where among several inductees who were entered into The Rotary Club of Orangeville’s Sports Hall of Fame. Congratulations go out to both for the honour of being inducted and following is a short article about the event. Thanks to Jennifer for passing this on.

Seven new members honoured

The Rotary Club of Orangeville’s Sports Hall of Fame held it’s annual induction dinner on Thursday, May 22, to welcome new members to this prestigious group.

The Hall of Fame honours Orangeville athletes, coaches, and builders who have made a significant contribution to sports – both locally and on national and international levels.

A Hall of Fame committee makes the annual selections based on nominations from the public.

This year, the committee selected seven individuals who have made outstanding contributions to athletics.

In the Builder category, Greg Verner was honoured as a long time volunteer and coach with the Orangeville Hawks Basketball Organization.

Bob and Fiona Clevely were inducted into the Builder category for their long-time service as volunteers with the Orangeville Northmen Lacrosse Club in a host of different capacities.

Adam Copeland and Jay Reso, were honoured as athletes. As a tag team wrestling duo, Copeland and Reso teamed up to become seven time WWE tag team champions.

Hanna and Barry Sawyer were inducted into the Builder category as long time volunteers with Orangeville Minor Hockey, Orangeville Minor and Northmen lacrosse, and the Orangeville Crushers Junior hockey team.

Christian Listed In Trish Stratus’ Top 5 Managed Superstars

With Trish Stratus going in to he WWE Hall Of Fame, this year, Trish’s official website compiled a Top 5 list of Superstars that she had managed during her time in the WWE, along with a few comments from Trish. herself. Christian made the list coming in at number 3.

#3. Christian

Trish: Who could forget the beginnings of my bad-girl persona – thanks to a heavy influence by Christian. Onward, Christian soldier – WWE champ headed to B-N

If Bloomington was ancient Rome and the U.S. Cellular Coliseum was that OTHER Coliseum, they’d be feeding the lions to Christian this weekend, with no table scraps.

Despite a marquee name that suggests tender mercies and the turning of other cheeks, Christian would only be turning necks.

Clear ’round… wrung clean.

As for the kings of the jungle… have a rec room wall in need of some mounted kings’ heads?

Born William Jason Reso 38 years ago, Christian isn’t the WWE’s reigning Intercontinental Champ for nothing — and certainly not for being a pussycat to bigger pussycats.

In short, there’s no turning of other cheeks for this Christian.

But extreme head-banging?

Now we’re talking the kind of doing-unto-others that we love and expect from our WWE Smackdowns.

Continue Reading > Is Christian Pulling A Con Job On The WWE Universe?

It’s tough to trust an Intercontinental Champion with a crooked smile.

It just comes naturally for Christian, who, when relishing a moment or getting caught up in a spirited discussion with an adversary, grows a half-grin. The left side of his mouth curls to a smile while the right side rests somewhat taut and emotionless. It’s part of his charm, part of being Captain Charisma. But it is also reminiscent of the times when Christian’s grin accompanied his ill-willed acts inside the squared circle.

Every time Christian shows off his pearly whites while holding that prestigious Intercontinental Title in his hand, there may be a hint of doubt nestled in some corner of the WWE Universe’s collective psyche about what might be his true intentions. Does the grin just mean that the guileful Captain Charisma is simply happy to be back on top, proud to possess championship gold once again? Or is it that other side, the matter-of-fact facial expression on the other half of his face that the Peeps should be mindful of going forward?

There’s something about the combination of Christian and the Intercontinental Championship that has brought the selfish side out of the Canadian-born Superstar in the past. That volatile mix once sent Christian down a sinister road to seize the spotlight for himself, at the expense of his longtime tag team partner and best friend, WWE Hall of Famer Edge, more than a decade ago.

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Christian and WWE Bring The Smackdown To Newark

The man known as ‘Captain Charisma’ returns to the Prudential Center with the WWE Tuesday. The chairs are going to fly Tuesday night as the WWE comes to the Prudential Center for a taping of their hit show “Friday Night SmackDown.” Just two weeks away from their annual mega event “WrestleMania,” the superstars are sure to have a big show planned.

One of those superstars is Christian, a former World Heavyweight Champion who is returning from an ankle injury suffered last November. After 15 years of rising through the ranks, Christian finally became the top superstar on his show in April last year by winning WWE’s World Heavyweight Championship. However, since then his career was offset by multiple injuries, culminating in a high-ankle sprain.

“It was without a doubt the most frustrating injury I have had in my career,” Christian told Patch. “It was a high-ankle sprain. It was very frustrating. I tore some ligaments as well and had to rehab it for seven weeks.”

The good news for the grappler is that he said his rehab has been so successful that he was able to make it back to television last week, interjecting himself in the feud between SmackDown General Manager Teddy Long and Raw Interim General Manager John Laurinaitis.

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ABS-CBN News: Wrestlers Say Pacquiao Tough Enough For WWE

During their time in Los Angeles, for the Summerslam pay-per-view, several WWE Superstars expressed their admiration for Filipino boxing icon Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao, one of the Superstars including in an article on ABS-CBN News was World Heavyweight Champion, Christian. Here’s what he had to say:

Former World Heavyweight Champion Christian, meanwhile, is proud to say that Pacquiao is one of his friends.

“I am friends with the most famous Filipino ever,” said the Canadian superstar.


Slam! Sports: Christian Seeks Revenge Against Orton At Smackdown In Calgary

Some Calgarians might be disappointed Canadian pro wrestler Christian no longer holds the World Heavyweight Championship belt, WWE Smack Down’s highest prize, which he lost to Randy Orton at Summer Slam just over a week ago.

However, if that pay per view is any indication the upcoming Street Fight between Christian and Orton is going to be something any fan can get ecstatic about.

“I’m looking forward to coming to Calgary and putting on a great show for all my Canadian peeps,” Christian said when asked how he felt about coming back to perform on home soil. “It will be my first time there actually to perform since, I believe, before I got injured a year ago (when he tore his pectoral muscle and had to undergo surgery). So it’s been well over a year since I’ve even had a chance to compete in my home country, so it will be great to come back.”

Even though Christian is no longer the world heavyweight champ, he can still hold his head up high for the honour he’s held twice in the last few months.

“It felt great, obviously, when I first won the world championship. You know, it took me 17 years to finally win it, and I lost it in five days,” Christian said.

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Edge Mentions Christian In Recent Interview With

Your last match was at Wrestlemania 27 when you successfully defended the World Heavyweight Title against Alberto Del Rio. At the time you didn’t know that was going to be your last match. But looking back now, how does it feel to end your career on a high note as The Heavyweight Champion at the biggest event of the year?

Looking back now I’d have to say it would be tough to top it as a retirement. And it made it less emotional since I didn’t know it would be my last match. In a perfect world wrestling Christian at a Wrestlemania in Canada would be the ideal retirement, but the one I had is nothing to sneeze at.

The last time we saw you in the WWE was in May when Christian won the World Heavyweight Title. Now Christian has been your best-friend throughout these years, tell me about being there as he won his first World Title. And what was the first thing you told him in the ring?

My retirement didn’t feel bittersweet because I got to watch him finally realize his dream and take the opportunity my retirement presented. I’ll keep what I told him for my next book.

Since your time out of the ring, have you been paying attention what’s been going on in the WWE? If so, tell me what you think of what’s been going on (CM Punk, Christian’s 2nd Title Reign, etc.).

I haven’t watched anything besides Christian’s stuff.

Finally, I ask this to all my interviewees. What have you been watching on TV lately?

Game of Thrones, and Curb Your Enthusiasm on HBO. Modern Family. How I Met Your Mother, where Barney totally stole the use of awesomeness from Christian and I . (laughs)

To read the full interview, visit

Edge Talks Christian On Right After Wrestling

Recently, former WWE Superstar Edge was interviewed by Arda Ocal and Jimmy Korderas, of The Score. In the interview, Edge spoke about a range of topics including having to retire, how long he felt he would have competed before he retired if he didn’t receive the unfortunate news, his work on the show ‘Haven’, the Hall of Fame and much more. He even shared a few stories including Christian as well as his thoughts on Christian’s rivalry with Randy Orton and in his opinion why it took so long for Christian to be considered a main event superstar. Here’s what he had to say on the matter:

…I still loved getting in front of the audience, I still loved having matches. Especially when it was with guys [like] Ziggler, I really enjoyed working with Ziggler, which was my last match in Toronto, because he’s exciting, he’s young. I really thought I could help teach him things, to kinda help him step up to a next level, like guys did for me. Then on the horizon, the stuff with Christian, I knew that was looming, so I was excited about that and that’s a disappointment. But the way everything worked out and him basically kinda stepping into my slot, I think it worked out really cool. It would have been awesome if we could have teamed then eventually feuded and then gone from there. But it actually might have worked out even cooler.

Continue Reading > Christian Gives SA A Smackdown

A wrestling superstar has issued a serious smackdown to South Africa, cursing the country after his luggage was pilfered.

The Grand Arena at GrandWest was packed to capacity last night as the WWE Superstars kicked off the Cape Town leg of their world tour bringing crowd favourites like Randy Orton and Kane to perform in front of a fanatical audience.

It wasn’t all fun and games, though: one wrestler, Christian, was particularly angry that his luggage had been broken into somewhere between the US and South Africa, and used some of his time in the ring to condemn SA.

“I step off a plane, my baggage is broken into – you rip off the locks and you steal my clothes,” he yelled at the crowd just before his loss to Orton in a heavyweight title bout.

“Is this what this country is all about? Then shame on you!”

The crowd jeered and booed at his comments and later cheered when he lost to Orton.

Other wrestlers showing off their athletic – or acting, depending on your attitude to the sport – skills last night included the 140kg Ezekiel Jackson, who emerged from behind a dark curtain and stalked to the ring while cameras flashed around the arena.

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Daily Voice: Smack Town

Cape Town wrestling fans are in for a treat of blood, sweat and hot bods when the World Wrestling Entertainment comes to town. WWE superstars will be in action at the Grand Arena this Wednesday and Thursday night.

In an interview with the Daily Voice, WWE stars Kane and Christian promised audiences nothing less than a spectacular show…

Meanwhile, for fellow WWE pro wrestler, William Jason Reso, commonly known as Christian, this is his first time in the country. Christian, who began his wrestling career in college, cleared up the myth about wrestling being all fake.

“It’s not the easiest job and it takes lots of training and practice.

There are some things you just can’t fake on the show – if it looks like it hurt there’s a good chance it did,” he says.

Christian proudly vows: “Fans can expect the same world-class performance they see on TV and nothing short of spectacular.”