Candids From Christian’s Recent FCW Appearance

Remember when Christian made an appearance at a Florida Championship Wrestling houseshow, back on January 14th? Well, thanks to Viviann for informing me about a few candids taken from Christian’s signing that have all been added to the gallery. There are 75 photos in all and full credit goes out to FCW’s official site, you can check them out by clicking below!

Christian To Appear At Wrestlemania Axxess have released the schedule for Wrestlemania Axxess, with Christian scheduled to make an appearance. So if you’ve got your tickets, be sure to try and catch Captain Charisma!

Sunday, April 3: 8:00 – 10:00 am
“Rowdy” Roddy Piper, The Miz, Alex Riley, Daniel Bryan, Nexus, Christian, R Truth, Eve, and more!

Christian To Appear At An Upcoming FCW Event

Friday, January 14, 2011
FCW event,
Port Charlotte Fairgrounds – Expo Hall
2333 El Jobean Rd
Port Charlotte
FL 33593

Come meet WWE Superstar Christian he appears at the FCW event in Port Charlotte, FL Doors open at 6:30pm.

For more info, visit FCW’s official site.

Thanks to Terri for passing on word, via our Facebook page. If anyone is planing to meet Christian, you can send any candids that you may take to, we’d love to have them! Full credit will be given.

REVISED: Fan Experience – Smackdown Houseshow – 11th September 2010

I’m sure that most, of not all of you have read the fan experience that my friend Shirlz passed on a few days ago, but recently she passed on what happened in more detail this time and a few awesome candids to. Be sure to check them all out! Thanks again Shirlz! 😉

After the show, my sister & I ran to the coaches, and some people went in already. Cody & Layla went in together, and then Dolph followed. He had a slice of pizza HAHA! I was in charge of looking out for people, so when I saw Christian everyone freaked. There were 2 sets of fences separating us from him, but he asked security to go through. We all went LOOPY!

Christian said he could stay for a bit, and he did his own autograph session! I asked him if he was OK after he bled during his match, and he said he was alright. I got my book signed (1st sig!), and then I blurted out Steph says hi. He asked me who you were, and when I mentioned IC, he smiled and told me to tell you that the site is really good & he appreciates the support. I asked if he would follow and he said yes, but may need reminding on Twitter.

He asked about where I’d come from and how far I travelled and he was shocked, but said “I know the feeling”. At this point, and little boy came in front of me and I shouted “You got a lil peep here!”, and he shook his hand and spoke to him for a bit. Can I just say I adore his accent?! I was swooning and proud of it!! A fan gave him a teddy to give to Kelly, and almost ran off with my sisters pen, but she’s kept it so she can brag about how Christian used it! Dolph came back out, and we sang Spobgebob to him to come over, but he didn’t. But Kelly went to the 1st fence and asked about the teddy. She was gonna cone too but she got pulled away.

Fan Experience – Smackdown Houseshow – 11th September 2010

Thanks to my friend, the awesome Shirlz for allowing me to post this message that she passed on yesterday!

Right here is my story of when I met your boy! I spotted him in the dark, and FREAKED! I shouted for him to come over (there were 2 sets of gates) and he opened the first. Everyone went NUTS!!! I got my autograph but stuck around to talk coz I was near the front of this fence. I said you said hi, and he said “oh that site is really good, and tell her I will follow on Twitter”

Ok, then I said you would be so happy, and he replied “That’s really awesome to hear. HE THEN ASKED FOR YOU BUT I TOLD HIM YOU WEREN’T THERE. HE SAID THAT WAS A BIG SHAME COZ HE WANTS TO MEET YA!!!!! He stayed for about 10 minutes and he used my sisters pen to sign stuff with.

I know that I’ve said it time and time again, but thanks so much Shirlz! You are the best!! 😉

Fan Experience – Smackdown/ECW Houseshow – 24th September 2009

Thanks to frequent site visitor Ayane, for allowing me to post up her story from the Smackdown / ECW Houseshow that she attended back on the 24th September 2009 in Madrid, Spain.

It was in the house show in Madrid, Spain. I made three signs for the show: one for Undertaker, other for Matt Hardy (for his birthday) and another for Christian. The Christian sign said “Spanish peep”. I was in the first row behind ringside. The opening match of the night was a tag team match between Ezekiel Jackson and William Regal against Goldust and Christian. The first wrestler who entered was Goldust, Christian entered before.

When he was making his entrance I raised my sign. I had to stand some guys shouting at me to down my sign… Christian entered in the ring and he made his poses. Then he saw my sign and he smiled and pointed to me. After that, Regal and Ezekiel entered in the ring. Regal made a gesture to everybody to shut up. Before the match started, Christian throwed me his shirt! When I was going to receive it… POW! I crashed with the chair that was in front of me and an opportunist guy caught the shirt… The following day I had a scar in my shoulder. Despite my bad luck, it was one of the best moments of my life and I won’t forget it.

Fan Experience – Smackdown/ECW Houseshow – 15th August 2009

Thanks to site visitor and forum member Hank for allowing me to post up his story from the Smackdown / ECW Houseshow that he attended back on the 15th August 2009 in Mankato, Minnesota, where he actually got the chance to get in the in the ring with our very own Christian.

Okay, so I went to a show in my hometown, and pretty much the only guys I wanted to see were Jericho, Punk, Morrison, and Christian. The whole week before I thought about how cool it would be to meet some wrestlers, and I really wanted to meet Jericho (he was filming MacGruber so he didn’t show up). So I waited outside the show about 6 hours before it starts. I met R Truth, and Jimmy Wang Yang. They were cool. I was waiting in the back, and there was this huge crowd waiting blocking the way for the wrestlers, so they all had to move when their cars showed up. I think, wouldn’t it be cool to get a picture with either Morrison or Christian. Morrison pretty much ignored everybody. Christian arrives with Dreamer and Dolph, and the crowd doesn’t move, so he starts honking at them. He drives by and doesn’t stop by for autographs, despite this guy yelling “CHA-RIS-MA!” for like five minutes by himself.

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Christian To Appear At Summerslam Axxess 2010 have just added the WWE Superstar appearance schedule for the Summerslam Axxess 2010 Event and our very own Christian will be making an appearance yet again.

Saturday 14th August, 2010
Superstar Signing by Christian

If anyone is planning to go and see Christian, we’d love to have any candids! Also, if you want to take a look at the full appearance schedule click here.