Video: Hot 106’s Vezzy Parmesan & Winner Chris Interviews WWE’s Christian

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Video: The Rhode Show – Smackdown: WWE Christian At The Dunk

Smackdown was live at The Dunkin Donuts Center yesterday, with a World Heavyweight Championship matchup between “The Viper” Randy Orton and Christian. But before the live show, Christian joined The Rhode Show to talk more about his fight style and signature move.

Video: WWE Superstar Christian In The Studio With Hot 106’s Rise & Grind Morning Show

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Video: WWE Superstar Christian With Jess Of 92 PRO-FM

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WWE Superstars And Divas Talk About The Importance Of “be a STAR”

If you watched Over The Limit last night, you saw WWE’s second commercial for be a STAR, in which Christian was breifly featured. You can watch video below and I’ve also added 6 captures taken from the video to the gallery, which you can view by clink the link below.

Christian Talks About What It Means To Him To Realize His Ultimate Goal

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Exclusive Fan Video: 5 Second Pose After Last Week’s Smackdown Taping

Huge thanks to my friend Carmisha for passing on this video, exclusively to Instant Classic, of the 5 Second Pose that took place after last week’s Smackdown taping, that we both attended. Watch it below and enjoy!

Ultimate Honors: Christian Reflects On The Career Of His Longtime Friend, Edge sat down with several WWE Superstars, including Christian to get their thoughts on Edge and his retirement. Thanks to my friend Caleb I’ve been able add captures taken from it. You can check them out, by clicking below.

Photos From Edge’s Farewell Celebration

After last week’s Smackdown taping, the Superstars of the WWE gathered to wish Edge well on his retirement, as he took to the ring one last time. have added several photos, where Edge’s best friend Christian was also present. You can check out the photos by clicking the links below. World Heavyweight Champion Edge Discusses His Win Over Alberto Del Rio At Wrestlemania

Immediately after his win against Alberto Del Rio, World Heavyweight Champion Edge, as well as his long time friend and former tag team partner, Christian, caught up with You can listen to what the pair had to say in their exclusive video below. Alternatively, you can check out captures taken from the video, by clicking the link below.

Video: Between The Ropes Interview

WWE superstar Christian talks about coming back from his injury, his return to the WWE, why he thinks he is having the best matches of his career, being in Edge’s corner at WrestleMania XVII and more. SmackDown vs. Raw 2011 Universe Mode Blowout Video have just updated the SmackDown vs. Raw 2011 page with a video showing off the newest feature to the game series the WWE Universe Mode, this is said to be one of the most exciting new features for the new game, and of course Christian, in video game from at least, is featured. Be sure to check out the video by clicking below!

Video: Matt Hardy’s Youtube Entry – E#66: Me & The Captain

Myself and “Captain Charisma” Christian roll out of Boston and head to the next town.

Candids and Video From 3/9/07 TNA Houseshow

Candids taken from the 3rd September 2007 TNA Houseshow from the New York State Fair, have just been uploaded on the the gallery. I’ve also been able to upload a video taken from the show, so be sure to check that out, as well the candids, which you can view by clicking below. All credit for the candids and the video goes out to nyfireman911 from webshots.

A Kick-Off To Tristian Month – Looking Back At Wrestlemania XX

March 14th 2004, Wrestlemania XX, Madison Square Gerden. This was were Christian and Trish Stratus, who we all came to know simply as Tristian, came to be. Christian and Chris Jericho’s friendship came to an abrupt end after Christian had annihilated Trish in a match on Monday Night Raw, that was made by Eric Bischoff a few weeks earlier, which set-up the match between Christian and Jericho at the biggest stage of them all, Wrestlemania.

Shockingly, we saw Trish slap Jericho, not once, but twice and then we found out that Trish and Christian had this planned out all along, they had a relationship going on behind the back of, what seemed like, their best friend Chris Jericho. You can relieve the moment by watching the match below, as well as well as checking out the captures from the event!

Three Videos From 8/4/10 Houseshow

Thanks to frequent visitor and forum member Sam for donating these two videos from the 8th April 2010 Raw houseshow in Newcastle, England. You can check them both out below.

TNA iMPACT! The Game Interview With Gamona and Captures

Back in 2008 Christian Cage took part in an interview with German video gaming and entertainment website Gamona, promoting the upcoming release of TNA iMPACT! The Game. I’ve just uploaded the interview as well as a few captures taken from the video below, to the gallery. Be sure to check out the video, if you haven’t already and the captures by using the links below.