E&C’s Pod Of Awesomeness – March 31st 2017

Shane McMahon on WrestleMania, AJ Styles, and What it Was Like Getting in the Ring With Mick Foley

WrestleMania 33 is a mere two days away, and for Episode 2 of E&C’s Pod of Awesomeness we were lucky enough to talk to another one of the event’s main participants…Shane McMahon!

Shane-O gave us a ton of his time, talking about…

– Making his return last year against the Undertaker.

– What he expects during his match with AJ Styles.

– And what it was like the first time he was on the receiving end of Mick Foley’s Mr. Socko.

That, plus the guys weigh in on whether or not they think last week’s Howard Finkel impression was done by Luke Gallows, Tommy Dreamer joins the show to debut a new segment called “Tales From the Indies,” and we announce a voicemail contest with a prize that can only be described as…awesome!

E&C’s Pod Of Awesomeness – March 24th 2017

Goldberg Talks WrestleMania 33, Brock Lesnar, and Getting Back Into Wrestling Shape

The wait is over! Finally, episode one of E&C’s Pod of Awesomeness is here. And on today’s show, we had one of the biggest guests you could possibly have, a man who will be headlining this year’s WrestleMania…BILL GOLDBERG.

Goldberg talked about how cool it is to be able to wrestle in front of his son, what it’s like getting into wrestling shape these days, and of course, what it’s going to be like fighting Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 33.

He also told some hilarious stories about the process of getting back into his old pre-match routines.

Also, before our interview with Goldberg, we opened up the floodgates and listened to some of your voicemails. They were wild, keep ’em comin’! Call us up and say whatever you want. We want you to be a big part of the show.

It’s going to be a wild ride, and we’re happy you’re taking it with us. Enjoy the first ever Pod of Awesomeness.

Edge and Christian Announce New Podcast!

As revealed yesterday on Twitter, Edge & Christian are starting their very own podcast!

Starting on March 24th, E&C’s Pod Of Awesomeness will available, each and every Friday, for all of the Edgeheads & Peeps out there!

The podcast will be available on iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify & Google Play. So be sure to subscribe.

Be sure to keep up to date with everything on the podcast, that will totally reek of awesomeness, by following the show on Twitter @EandCPod.

Audio: Ward and Al Interview

Audio: Bastl’s Bytes Podcast

In this edition of the podcast, we welcome former WWE Heavyweight Champion Christian to the program. The WWE will be in Toronto this weekend for Survivor Series. We talk about Goldberg vs. Lesnar, his TV show, wrestling today, among other subjects.


Audio: Talk Is Jericho – Christian Live At Caroline’s On Talk Is Jericho

Talk Is Jericho Live At Caroline’s with special guest Christian may or may not contain one or more of the following: an impromptu 5-second pose, some mad skillz kazoo playing, a Jack Lanza impression, something about a “Creepy Little Bastard” t-shirt, travel tips from Owen Hart, The Vampire Kids gimmick details, the truth behind the wrestler’s handshake code, a story about a ladder match gone wrong, and the greatest rivalry of the Attitude Era!

This is the live edition of Talk Is Jericho that featured Christian, back in August, so if you haven’t already listened to the interview in full, be sure that you do. This is definitely one that shouldn’t be missed!

Edge and Christian Return To Talk Is Jericho

Edge & Christian totally reek of awesomeness on TIJ! They’ve got stories about the TLC matches that made them a household name in WWE. Stories about tag teaming with Y2J. Stories about the 5-second pose and comedy bits on RAW. Stories about retirement and injuries. Stories about the “Haven” SyFy show set. Stories about Nova Scotia and Stephen King. And stories about their new sketch comedy show on the WWE Network, “The Edge & Christian Show That Totally Reeks of Awesomeness.” Rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it?

WWE.com: The 50 Greatest WWE Entrance Themes Ever

#36. Christian — “At Last”

Christian learned early that he would need to make a big statement if he ever hoped to step out of the shadow of Edge. After cutting ties with his longtime friend in 2001, he introduced an entrance theme to define him as a singular Superstar. To hammer home the point, the Canadian competitor employed a choir in his signature song to proclaim, “At last, you’re on your own!”

The tune shifts suddenly to heavy metal riffs, reminding the WWE Universe to take Christian seriously. Yet, the song leaves a haunting final impression when a maniacal opera singer screams, “Il mondo è mio!” — an Italian credo that translates to “The world is mine!” and fit Christian perfectly. — MATTHEW ARTUS

#9. The Brood — “Blood”

With their affinity for pirate shirts and a stylized entrance that saw the trio rise up through a ring of fire as if they’d just taken an elevator from hell, Edge, Christian and Gangrel brought a gothic cool to WWE at a time when Hot Topic stores still seemed kinda dangerous. But it was the trio’s theme — with its lurching church organ and moaning wah-wah guitars — that pulled the whole thing together. Stalking to the ring in time with the music, the creeping Brood in red-stained clothing nearly convinced audiences that “Blood” was the last thing they’d ever hear. — RYAN MURPHY

Heated Conversations Podcast Interview

It’s WrestleMania! Booker T celebrates with a special edition of Heated Conversations as he gives his predictions for WM31. Then Booker welcomes WWE Superstar Christian on to talk his WrestleMania experience. Plus, Alex Riley joins the show to talk about his return to the ring after two years and who his dream WM opponent is! Booker also gives Roman Reigns a last bit of advice before he takes on the Beast, Brock Lesnar!

99.5 WKDQ Interview, Video and Photos – 26th June 2012

On June 26th 2012, while promoting the WWE Smackdown taping Evansville, Indiana, Christian stopped by the 99.5 WKDQ radio studio. The interview taken from that appearance, as well as a few candids and even a short video, as well as captures taken from the video, can all be viewed below.

Audio: Talk Is Jericho Podcast – Christian Returns!

WWE’s Christian and Snooks – together in one room with Y2J moderating! Oh man… first-time together in 20 years! Will it be friends or fistacuffs? Plus, Chris talks to Scorpions guitarist Matthias Jabs about the talkbox solo in “The Zoo,” his favorite guitar solo, the Berlin Wall & “Winds Of Change,” learning to speak English, and the fighter jets that buzzed the US Festival crowd in 1983.

Audio: Talk Is Jericho Podcast

Christian, Y2J’s former tag team partner and traveling partner, has plenty to say about his early days in WWE with childhood friend Edge, paying his debts (literally!), tag teams, performing nearly-naked, working at a sawmill, transitioning to singles, his time in TNA, his return to WWE, and “Creepy Little Bastard.”

Audio: WWE’s Christian Hangs Out In The KSFM 1025 Studio

Jay might be the biggest wrestling fan around, but he is definitely the biggest fan here at the radio station. Since WWE Smackdown was going to be at Power Balance Pavilion back in August, Waynee Wayne surprised Jay by getting Christian, the World Heavyweight Champion of the WWE to come by the radio station. Jay was as excited as a child on Christmas morning. Jay got a chance to sit down and interview the champ, so for all you wrestling super-fans.

Listen to the interview here

Audio: Christian Drops By Sportsnet Radio: The FAN 960

Last month, while the WWE held shows in Canada, Christian dropped by Calgary’s Sportsnet Radio FAN 960 and joined Boomer in-studio to talk about his match at Smackdown in Calgary and WWE legend Bret Hart called in as a surprise.

Listen to the interview here

Audio: Christian Stops By 107.9 The End

If you are a wrestling fan, Jason sits down for a candid one-on-one with World Champion Christian…

Listen to the interview here

Audio: Interview With 1560 The Game

WWE Superstar Christian joined Sean Pendergast to talk about his time in the business, his childhood friend Edge’s retirement and his feelings on winning the World Heavyweight Championship. Huge thanks to Amanda for passing this on.

Listen to the interview here

Audio: Christian Talks Over the Limit, Fan Uproar About World Championship

WWE superstar Christian talks with Brian Fritz, from Between The Ropes about his match this Sunday at the Over the Limit PPV against Randy Orton for the World Heavyweight Championship, winning that championship a few weeks ago and the fans reaction to him losing it so quickly, Edge’s retirement, being a veteran now in the locker room and more. Thanks to Terri for informing me about this interview.

Listen to the interview here

Interview With 103.1 The Buzz

Christian stopped by to check in with 103.1 The Buzz to update his recovery from his torn pectoral muscle, his role at Wrestlemania 27 and how he came up with the nickname: Captain Charisma. Click on the picture about to view it in full and thanks goes out to Jamie for for pointing this out to me.

Listen to the interview here

Christian’s Interview with Wrestling.net.au

On the road to the Hell in a Cell Pay Per View this coming Sunday, the WNA team spoke with current ECW Champion Christian about the PPV and coming back to Australia next year. Thanks to Jason for pointing this out to me, be sure to listen to the interview below.

Listen to the interview here

Christian Cage Podcast With Movie Entertainment

I just came across this podcast interview that Christian did with Movie Entertainment, from 2008, just before TNA’s Bound For Glory pay-per-view. Listen to the podcast by clicking the link below.

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