Smackdown Results and Photos – January 2nd 2015

Live Event Digitals > January 2nd, 2015
Screen Captures > January 2nd, 2015

Edge and Christian make their way to the ring and they appear to be okay after their attack on Monday night and their successful return on Main Event.

Michael Cole mentions that Edge and Christian have filed a lawsuit against WWE, Triple H, and Stephanie McMahon.

Edge says he has been running through the events on Raw in his head for the week and the direction that the WWE is going, and he says that he feels it could be his fault. Edge says that if there is something they could do to Seth Rollins, they would tear him apart. He has a huge target on his back and he has a John Cena sized missile aimed at him.

Christian says that they have an amazing Smackdown lined up for tonight. Edge says the Authority cannot do anything about tonight’s show.

Before Edge and Christian can do anything else, Joey Mercury and Jamie Noble arrive in a limo. Jamie and Joey berate the limo river as they make their way to the ring.

Edge and Christian wonder what has happened and then Seth Rollins’ music plays, but only Joey Mercury and Jamie Noble emerge from the back. They make their way to the ring and the have some paperwork.

Edge tells them that they might want to go under the bottom rope next time since they are so short. Christian says that his e-mail is working now so he didn’t expect the Geek Squad to show up tonight.

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Smackdown Coverage – November 7th 2014

Live Event Digitals > November 7th, 2014
Screen Captures > November 7th, 2014

The Peep Show with special guest Dean Ambrose
We are back and it is time for the return of the Peep Show and Christian. Christian says that when you least expect it, Captain Charisma shows up looking for one…more…episode of the Peep Show. He says that he sees that he has a lot of Peeps in Albany. He says that he just got back from the set of Haven. He mentions that his episode featuring Edge will air on November 28th right before Smackdown. There is a lot of wild stuff going on. You have the stipulation announced by Vince McMahon in the Team Authority versus Team Cena match at Survivor Series.

Christian takes a quick poll of the crowd for the main event of Survivor Series and the majority feel that Team Cena will win. Christian says that things are going to be getting chaotic over the next few weeks…

Dean Ambrose’s music plays and he appears to have jumped Christian’s cue for him to come to the ring. We have a video package to show why Dean is not in a gregarious mood tonight. Christian introduces the man who doesn’t like introductions, Dean Ambrose.

Christian says the last time he saw Dean, he was running with the Shield. He asks Dean what is it like to be Dean Ambrose now.

Dean says that it is a bowl of cherries. He has no friends and there are enemies around each corner.

Christian mentions Bray Wyatt, the man who cost Dean his match at Hell in a Cell. Why did Bray do it?

Dean asks Christian if he knows. Dean says that you usually go after the person who has something that you want, but Dean says that he has nothing. There is no title for Bray to take from him. What does he want? Dean says that he thinks Bray likes to play mind games. The people who cannot handle the volume being turned up, so Bray preys on weak minded people.

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Smackdown Results and Photos – March 7th 2014

Live Event Digitals > March 7th, 2014
Screen Captures > March 7th, 2014

Dolph Ziggler vs. Christian
They lock up and Ziggler with a side head lock and shoulder tackle. Ziggler does some shimmying for Christian. Christian wants a test of strength but it is a trap for a kick to Ziggler. Ziggler holds on to the ropes when he avoids a clothesline and elbow. Ziggler with a flying clothesline. Christian with a slap but Ziggler with a double leg take down. Ziggler with a series of elbow drops, ending with a leaping elbow drop.

Ziggler gets a near fall. Ziggler is sent to the floor by Christian but Christian misses a baseball slide. Christian sends Ziggler into the apron and then catapults him into the ring steps.

We go to commercial.

Christian returns to the ring and the referee starts his count. Ziggler rolls back in and Christian with a kick and punch. Christian stands on Ziggler’s back. Ziggler with punches to Christian but Christian with a back elbow for a near fall. Christian punches Ziggler in the head.

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Smackdown Results and Photos – February 28th 2014

Live Event Digitals > February 28th, 2014
Screen Captures > February 28th, 2014

Sheamus vs. Alberto Del Rio
They lock up and Sheamus backs Del Rio into the corner and Del Rio with punches to the taped ribs. Sheamus blocks a kick and he pushes Del Rio over the top rope to the floor. Sheamus with a flying shoulder tackle off the apron and then he sends Del Rio into the announce table. Sheamus rolls Del Rio back into the ring and Sheamus with knees to the back followed by a European uppercut.

Sheamus sends Del Rio into the turnbuckles but Del Rio sends Sheamus over the top rope but Sheamus lands on the apron. Del Rio tries for a shoulder but Sheamus moves. Sheamus with a kick and then he tries for the forearms from the apron but Del Rio stops Sheamus. Del Rio with a drop kick that knocks Sheamus off the apron.

Christian’s music plays and he makes his way to the ring while Sheamus is still down on the floor.

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Smackdown Results and Photos – February 21st 2014

Live Event Digitals > February 21st, 2014
Screen Captures > February 21st, 2014

Renee Young is in the interview area with Christian. Renee asks Christian about his actions and more aggressive attitude. Will it help against Sheamus. Christian says that when he came back, he said he was desperate and he knew that the window to become WWE World Champion was starting to close. The last few weeks haven’t gone the way he wanted and he is in a bad mood.

If he does not figure this out for himself, who will? Will Renee figure it out? Will the people in the arena? Will the sloths who are sitting at home stuffing their faces with chips and hot dogs figure it out?

Christian says that if he wants one more match, he has to do it himself. He is desperate and desperation equals dangerous. Sheamus will find out tonight. Christian says that he will win the Elimination Chamber and main event Wrestlemania. He will become the WWE World Champion if it is the last thing that he does.

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Smackdown Results and Photos – February 14th 2014

Live Event Digitals > February 14th, 2014
Screen Captures > February 14th, 2014

The Shield vs. Daniel Bryan, Sheamus & Christian
Rollins and Christian start things off and Rollins with a kick and punch followed by more kicks. Reigns tags in and he gives Christian a series of head butts. Christian tries for a cross body but Reigns catches him. Christian escapes a power slam attempt and he punches Reigns and tags in Sheamus.

They get face to face and Sheamus blocks a punch and he connects with a series of punches. Sheamus sends Reigns into the turnbuckles and connects with forearms. Reigns with a head butt. Sheamus with an Irish whip but he runs into an uppercut. Sheamus with a Finlay Slam followed by a knee drop to the midsection for a near fall.

Sheamus with a European uppercut. Reigns with a knee to the midsection followed by an uppercut. Ambrose tags in and he punches Sheamus in the corner and connects with a head butt. Sheamus is put in the ropes and Ambrose runs his forearm across the bridge of the nose. Ambrose prepares for the running drop kick but Sheamus escapes the ropes and he connects with a running double sledge.

Bryan tags in and he kicks Ambrose. Bryan with kicks in the corner but Ambrose with an Irish whip and Bryan flips out of the corner and then he hits a flying clothesline. Bryan with a running drop kick into the corner. Bryan puts Ambrose on the turnbuckles for a super rana and he connects. Bryan gets a near fall.

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Friday Night mackdown Results and Photos – February 7th 2014

Live Event Digitals > February 7th, 2014
Screen Captures > February 7th, 2014

Randy Orton vs. Christian
They lock up and Orton with a side head lock and shoulder tackle. Christian with a forearm and Orton goes down. Orton with a kick and forearm to the head. Orton kicks Christian and connects with forearms across the chest. Orton is sent to the floor and Christian with a baseball slide for a near fall.

Christian misses a pescado when Orton moves. They return to the ring and Orton runs into an elbow from Christian. Christian back body drops Orton to the floor. Christian goes up top and hits a shoulder tackle from the top and we go to commercial.

Both men struggle to get back to their feet. Both roll into the ring at eight to stop the count. Orton goes back to the floor to regroup.

Orton takes the mic and he says that he is from a town called St. Louis that is about six hours away from Des Moines. It is snowing outside and he cannot take his bus home. He can’t take an SUV home. He can’t spend $10,000 for a charter because of the weather. His flight is canceled so he has to stay in Des Moines of all places. He says that is not a good thing. Orton says that Des Moines sucks.

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Smackdown Results and Photos – January 31st 2014

Live Event Digitals > January 31st, 2014
Screen Captures > January 31st, 2014

Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match – Christian vs. Jack Swagger (w/ Zeb Colter)
Before the match starts, Michael Cole wonders why Zeb would do what he did on Monday night so John gets Zeb to join him and Michael on commentary to discuss his actions.

The match starts and they lock up with Swagger backing Christian into the corner. Swagger with punches but he misses an elbow. Swagger with an Irish whip but Christian gets his boots up. Swagger catches Christian coming off the turnbuckles and then Swagger press slams Christian over the turnbuckles to the floor. Swagger with a running knee against the ringside barrier.

Swagger rolls Christian into the ring and he gets a near fall. Swagger with a waist lock and he rolls Christian around the ring. Christian gets back to his feet and Christian with an elbow. Swagger sends Christian into the turnbuckles. Swagger yells at Christian but Christian with a punch. Christian with another punch but Swagger with a knee to the midsection. Swagger with a double jump Swagger bomb for a near fall.

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