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Christian vs. CM Punk
Before the match starts, Chris Jericho appears on the TitanTron and he says that Punk claims to be the best in the world but it isn’t true. He is going to be Punk at Wrestlemania and become the WWE Champion. He is going to expose Punk as a fraud. We know that his father is an alcoholic and his sister has substance abuse problems. Jericho says that he found out some information about his mother. It turns out that his mother turned out to be a decent person. He did find out one piece of information. Jericho mentions that Punk was born before his parents got married. Jericho says that Punk is a bastard.

Christian attacks Punk from behind and the referee tries to pull Christian off Punk before the match starts. Christian throws Punk to the floor but Punk kicks Christian and he sends Christian repeatedly into the announce table. Punk with a round kick to the head and then he connects with elbows to the head. Punk moves the steps and then he drops Christian on the steps instead of the kick for the Go To Sleep. Punk applies the Anaconda Vice and the referee tries to get him to release the hold but the bastard is not going to release the hold until four referees do the job. Punk reapplies the Anaconda Vice.

Punk is restrained by the referees and the medical staff checks on Christian.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Lawler and Cole talk about what we just saw Punk do to Christian. Cole suggests that Christian may have reinjured his neck.

Raw Results and Photos – December 12th 2011

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We are back and it is time for more Slammy Awards to be presented. The next award is Game Changer of the Year and the presenter is Christian who is helped by two crutches and the ones the doctors gave him. Christian has an award not on the ballot and he wants to give the Courageous Moment of the Year award to himself for showing up despite having numerous injuries.

This award is to remember the one moment that changed the landscape of the WWE. Christian wants to know how he is not nominated for this award or how he is not Superstar of the Year. He won two World Championships this year. Christian blames everyone and their stupid faces for not showing enough outrage that he did not get one more match.

Raw Results and Photos – October 31st 2011

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We go to the back to Bunsen and Beaker and Bunsen is working on an energy drink for Santino.

Beaker bumps into Christian and Christian pours out the drink that was for Santino. Christian turns around and he sees Beaker’s brother from a different life form.

Christian walks away and we have a family reunion. Sheamus says that he can’t make it this year and he tells Beaker to tell Aunt Teresa hello. Sheamus fixes Beaker’s hair.

After the match, in which Air Boom took on the team of Cody Rhodes and Wade Barrett, Christian goes after Kofi and then Barrett and Rhodes join in the attack. Sheamus’ music plays and he pulls Christian out of the ring and then he hits a Brogue Kick on Cody.

Raw Results and Photos – October 24th 2011

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Randy Orton & Sheamus vs. Cody Rhodes & Christian
Christian and Orton start things off as we see what is trending on Twitter now that is WWE related. Christian with punches to Orton followed by an Irish whip but you don’t Irish whip Orton into the corner because he clotheslines Christian. Orton with a back body drop followed by a boot to the midsection. Orton works on the arm and tags in Sheamus. Orton Irish whips Christian towards Sheamus for a slingshot shoulder and a near fall.

Rhodes tags in and gets a back body drop. Sheamus puts Rhodes in the ropes and connects with a series of forearms and then Sheamus punches Christian on the apron. Sheamus with a short arm clothesline and then he goes to the turnbuckles but he sees Christian moving towards him and he hits a shoulder tackle off the apron.

Rhodes with kicks to Sheamus followed by a side Russian leg sweep for a near fall. Rhodes with a reverse chin lock as we go to commercial.

We are back and Christian is choking Sheamus in the ropes and Rhodes with a forearm to the head while the referee deals with Christian. Sheamus punches Christian and Christian tries for the Killswitch but Sheamus with a belly-to-back suplex and both men are down. Orton makes the tag and he clotheslines Christian a few times and then he hits a power slam. Orton with a kick followed by a back drop driver from the shoulders.

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Raw Results and Photos – October 17th 2011

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Randy Orton, John Morrison & Sheamus vs. Cody Rhodes, Mark Henry & Christian
Christian and Orton start things off but Sheamus wants to get involved. Orton wants Rhodes to start, but he stays on the apron. Christian with a kick and punch but Orton with a clothesline and he puts Christian in the corner and he punches Christian followed by a European uppercut. Sheamus tags in and Christian goes to the floor and he tags Cody into the match.

Rhodes with a side head lock but Sheamus with a shoulder tackle. Sheamus sends Rhodes into the turnbuckles and he follows that with punches and kicks in the corner. Sheamus with an Irish whip but Rhodes with a kick and punches. Sheamus with punches but Cody with a kick and then he knocks Orton off the apron but doesn’t worry about Morrison. Sheamus with a back body drop and Henry is tagged in. Meanwhile on the floor, Orton clotheslines Rhodes and they fight at ringside. Rhodes runs to the back and Orton stops him and he punches Cody. Cody is able to escape.

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Raw Results and Photos – October 10th 2011

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We are back and everyone enters the building and John Morrison cannot believe that Laurinaitis is in charge. He says that Hunter is a narcissist but John sucks. Laurinaitis tells Morrison that he has a match and he will pick his opponent.

Christian says that this is the best decision that the Board has made and John should be made the permanent General Manager. John asks Christian to be Morrison’s opponent.

It is time for the announcers to return to their position and Jim Ross takes the place of the Ghost of Announcing Past. Jerry Lawler replaces the Ghost of Announcing Present. Michael Cole takes the place of the Ghost of Announcing Mistakes. Michael Cole takes credit for everything and he has a new crush and it is John Laurinaitis.

John Morrison vs. Christian (w/ Dolph Ziggler, Cody Rhodes & Jack Swagger)
Christian with a kick and punches to Morrison but Morrison with a forearm and then he stomps on the midsection. Morrison misses a Shining Wizard but he punches Christian. Morrison goes for Christian’s shirt but Christian with a knee. Morrison with punches and they fight to the turnbuckles. Morrison with a back body drop and then he tries for Starship Pain but it was too early and Christian moves out of the way. Morrison gets distracted

Winner: Christian

Ziggler with a modified Zig Zag followed by Cross Rhodes from Rhodes. Swagger with a Doctor Bomb.

Raw Results and Photos – October 3rd 2011

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John Laurinaitis is with the disgruntled ones and he wants to know if David has anything to do with the lawsuit that Miz and Truth filed. Otunga is non-committal and he wants to make sure that Hunter deals with the legitimate ones. Vickie says that they are going to go to the ring to deal with their grievances.

John Laurinaitis texts his mystery texting partner as we go to commercial.

We are back and Christian, David Otunga, Jack Swagger, Dolph Ziggler, Vickie Guerrero, and Cody Rhodes are in the ring. They are joined by Alberto Del Rio who has to make his own entrance.

Alberto is the first to talk and he reminds us that he became the WWE Champion last night. He could not celebrate his victory because two people who were supposed to be fired jumped the rail, entered the cell, and attacked him. It happened because of Triple H. He says that Hunter cannot run this company. In the moment he became victorious, the cell magically got raised so John Cena and the hooligans could enter the ring. Then magically, the cell was lowered. Only one man has the power to take that position and that man is Triple H. He says that Triple H is a pig.

Christian says that it is fine that Hunter is the COO, but ever since he took the day to day operations of Raw, it has become unsafe. Christian says that he is not going to take it anymore.

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Raw Results and Photos – September 26th 2011

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The complaint line continues with Christian to air his grievances. He says that he doesn’t interrupt a conversation that doesn’t involve him. What happened to him last week was worse. Sheamus put his hands on Christian during his match, threw him into the ring and cost him the World Heavyweight Championship. Christian wants to hear from Hunter how that was fair.

Hunter says that it was a Lumberjack match and it is the job of the lumberjacks to throw you back in. Christian says that he has had enough, all of them have had enough. Christian asks them if they want to join him in filing the biggest lawsuit in the history of WWE. Christian says that he could change his mind if he gets ‘one more match’.

Hunter says that it seems fair if he gives Christian what he wants. Christian gets one more match at Hell in a Cell against Sheamus. On Friday, Christian gets one more match against Randy Orton. Tonight, Christian gets one more match against John Cena. Christian asks if it is for the title and Hunter says no. Christian says this is unacceptable as he leaves the ring.

In the closing moments of the first match of the night, a Battle Royal for the Intercontinental Championship, we are down to Cody and Sheamus. Sheamus sets for the Celtic Cross but Cody gets out of the hold and Christian distracts Sheamus and Sheamus knocks Cody down. Sheamus sets for the Brogue kick and Sheamus misses. Cody pushes Sheamus over but he lands on the apron. Cody tries to use the mask but Sheamus blocks it. Christian distracts Sheamus and Cody hits Sheamus with the mask and knocks Sheamus to the floor. After the match, Christian sends Sheamus into the ring post and then he wants to know how it feels not to win a title because Sheamus cost him on Friday night.

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