Raw Results and Photos – September 19th 2011

Live Event Digitals > September 19th, 2011
Screen Captures > September 19th, 2011

Evan Bourne, Kofi Kingston, Justin Gabriel & Sheamus vs. Christian, Wade Barrett, David Otunga & Michael McGillicutty
Gabriel and Michael start things off and Michael works on the arm but Gabriel with a drop kick and Kofi tags in and he slingshots over and gets a near fall with a rollup. Kofi with a European uppercut and then he tags in Bourne who hits a double stomp off the turnbuckles and gets a near fall. Bourne tries for a head scissors take down but Michael counters with a side slam for a near fall. Otunga is tagged in and Michael with a reverse atomic drop and Otunga with a clothesline.

Otunga with a slam and Barrett is tagged in and he kicks Bourne. Barrett with an Irish whip and a back breaker for a near fall. Christian tags in and he punches Bourne and then he chokes Bourne in the ropes. Bourne with an elbow followed by kicks but Christian with a punch. Bourne with a leaping knee to a charging Christian and both men are down.

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Raw Results and Photos – September 5th 2011

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Drew McIntyre says that he sees that Christian is a victim of injustice. Christian says that he deserves one more chance at the title. Alberto and Ricardo stop by and they want to talk to Christian and Drew leaves. Alberto says that he expected to see Christian with the World Title and he says that is because of John Cena. Christian says that he sees through what Alberto is saying. Christian says that if he was going to take out John Cena, it would be on his terms, not Alberto’s.

Alberto reminds Christian that Cena hit him with the Attitude Adjustment and then 24 hours later he was wrestling Randy Orton for the World Title. Alberto says that they could have been talking together as the two champions.

Tonight, Alberto says that he is not in the ring with John because he is trying to protect him. Alberto says that he is only speaking for himself. He cannot say the same for the other guys. Alberto introduces the Rudos of Raw.

Jack Swagger and Wade Barrett go after John Cena and Dolph Ziggler and Christian join in but Alex Riley makes his way out and Sheamus does too. John Morrison comes out and he hits a flying clothesline after hitting the floor when jumping off the ringside barrier.

Teddy Long comes out after his music plays. Teddy Long says that Triple H has given him the authority to intervene when necessary. Teddy is making an eight man tag match.

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Raw Results and Photos – August 29th 2011

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Christian’s music plays and he comes out to the ring. Christian tells Mark that after he beats and embarrasses Randy Orton on Smackdown, he will be facing him at Night of Champions. Christian tells Cena that he makes him sick to his stomach. Christian says that one thing that he can’t stand is someone who comes out week after week and bitches and complains. Then they whine and complain more until they get what they want. Christian says that Cena is embarrassing himself.

Cena says that he isn’t whining and then Cena mocks someone whining and he insults Christian and Henry. Cena tells them if they want some to get some or else they can leave. Christian tells Cena that there are two of them and maybe he should learn about repercussions.

Before Christian and Henry can do anything to Cena, Sheamus’ music plays and he makes his way to the ring to stand next to Cena. Christian leaves the ring and it is two-on-one again but Henry is at the disadvantage now. Henry leaves the ring.

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Raw Coverage – August 8th 2011

Screen Captures > August 8th, 2011

Christian was shown backstage during Raw last night, where mentioned that he had an announcement to make on this week’s Smackdown, an announcement that he was sure current COO, Triple H would want to hear. Be sure to check out what The Champ has to say, this Friday night, on Smackdown.

Raw Results and Photos – June 20th 2011

Live Event Digitals > June 20th, 2011
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R-Truth makes his way to the ring and he has something to say to the Jimmys and Jennys. Truth says that he can see that the people of Baltimore have no home training so he will let them continue to act like the animals they are. Truth wants to know if they are happy that they are in charge.

Truth says that he made a call to himself in his head. He says that he did not think this out clearly last night. He asked himself and he wanted to know who would get him. Would it be the computer? Would it be John Cena? Truth says that he got okey-doked by Little Jimmy. He says that he got got by Little Jimmy. Truth says that he knew it was a Jimmy Conspiracy.

Christian comes out after interrupting the Jimmy Conspiracy. He tells Truth that he feels where he is coming from. Power to the people? Power to the People is a complete joke. He has been in this business for seventeen long years and then he finally became the World Champion. Only to have it stolen from him five days later when he wasn’t 100 percent because the people decided that he should face Randy Orton. Christian says that he has had his opportunities but he has had his setbacks. Christian says that it isn’t his fault. Christian blames horrible audiences just like the one in Baltimore. He blames a horrible general manager as well as a horrible referee. Christian wants Truth to look at the footage from Capitol Punishment and we see that Christian’s foot was under the bottom rope so the three count never should have happened.

Christian says that he is demanding that justice be served. He says that he only needs one more title shot. Truth says that at least Christian was a champion. Truth says that he had his first title match and he got got by Little Jimmy.

Christian asks who Little Jimmy is and Truth says that maybe there aren’t Little Jimmys in Canada.

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Raw Results and Photos – June 13th 2011 – WWE All-Star Night

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Randy Orton’s music hit as he slowly made his way into the ring as Cole revisited events from this past Friday on Smackdown when Christian struck Orton with the World Title belt to cost him a No DQ match vs. Sheamus.

Orton was shown watching the footage as Cole set the stage for Orton vs. Christian this Sunday at the PPV. Orton paced around the ring and tried talking, but his mic didn’t work. Orton flipped the mic into the air and said into a new mic that live TV is awesome. Orton introduced himself and said he hasn’t been gone too long, but it feels good to be back on Raw. Orton said he has a chance to inflict a lot of punishment on Christian this Sunday, but he doesn’t want to wait for Sunday. He said he knows Christian is in the building. He said he just wants to talk. He promised not to drop Christian with an RKO since all he wants to do is talk. Orton paced around the ring, but no sign of Christian. Okay okay. Orton said he was lying because the first chance he gets, he’s going to punish Christian.

Christian then appeared on the Videotron sporting a new “Hit the Switch” t-shirt. Christian said he doesn’t get why Orton is always angry. He said Orton was born with a WWE silver spoon in his mouth while he’s had to scratch and claw for every thing he’s had to earn in WWE. A mild babyface pop in the arena. He said it’s hard work, which is something Orton and the idiots in the crowd wouldn’t know about. Mild heel reaction. Christian polled the crowd on whether he should come out to the ring, then said he doesn’t care what they think. Orton said it’s too bad Edge isn’t here to carry Christian to the ring since he carried him for 17 years. Christian smirked, then vowed to come meet Orton. Christian walked backstage before his music hit to a mild babyface reaction.

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Captures From 2/5/11 Edition Of Raw

Christian, with his newly acquired World Heavyweight Championship title belt, was featured briefly backstage talking to The Rock, during last night’s edition of Raw. Captures from his brief appearance have been added to the gallery, which you can check out by clicking below.

Raw Results and Photos – April 25th 2011 – Draft Night!

Live Event Digitals > April 25th, 2011
Screen Captures > April 25th, 2011

Smackdown General Manager Teddy Long comes out and he says that the main event is a six man tag match for the final draft pick. Team Raw will be CM Punk, Alberto Del Rio and Miz versus John Cena, Christian and Mark Henry.

Team Raw (CM Punk, Alberto Del Rio [w/ Ricardo Rodriguez] & Miz [w/ Alex Riley]) vs. Team Smackdown (John Cena, Christian, and Mark Henry)
Miz and Christian start things off and they lock up and Miz with a side head lock and shoulder tackle. Miz with a kick and side head lock followed by a flying forearm. Cena is tagged in and Miz gets out of the ring very fast as we go to commercial.

We are back and Cena with an Irish whip and suplex to Miz. Punk tags in and he hits a hip toss and drop kick. Henry is tagged in and he hits a clothesline in the corner. Henry with a head butt and punch. Henry stands on Punk’s chest. Christian tags in and he hits a running forearm and then he goes to the turnbuckles and hits a back elbow. Punk with a back kick and he gets Christian on his shoulder but he avoids the Go to Sleep. Punk with a round kick and then Del Rio tags in and hits a drop kick and gets a near fall.

Del Rio punches Christian and then he Irish whips Christian into the corner and hits an enzuigiri. Miz tags back in and he kicks Christian in the ribs. Miz with a boot to the head and he gets a near fall. Miz with a rear chin lock on Christian and then he applies a side head lock. Christian with punches but Miz pulls Christian down by his shirt. Punk tags in and he kicks Christian in the hamstring followed by a leg drop and gets a near fall.

Punk with a hard Irish whip and then he tags Miz back into the match. Miz with a kick to the ribs and then he kicks Christian in the head a few more times. Christian tries for the Killswitch but Miz gets out of the hold and then he hits the Awesome Clothesline and gets a near fall.

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Captures From 11/4/11 Edition Of Raw

Christian was shown briefly on last night’s edition of Monday Night Raw, in a video package highlighting the thoughts of several WWE Superstars on the match between Triple H and The Undertaker which took place at Wrestlemania 27. There are 8 captures in all, which you can check out by clicking below.

Raw Results and Photos – March 28th 2011

Live Event Digitals > March 28th, 2011
Screen Captures > March 28th, 2011

Backstage, Christian knocked on Edge’s locker room door and Edge emerged. Edge recapped Smackdown GM Teddy Long’s decree that he can’t touch Alberto Del Rio on Smackdown, but they’re on Raw tonight. Mathews excitedly said Edge and Christian team up on Raw for the first time in six years next.

Edge & Christian vs. Alberto Del Rio & Brodus Clay
Edge and Clay started things off against each other. Edge and Christian exchanged tags back and forth trying to wear down the big man. E&C then dumped Clay over the top rope and executed more double-team offense on the floor. Mathews fed to a break with the faces in control.

Back from break, Del Rio had Christian in a nerve hold trying to wear him down on the mat. Del Rio and Clay tagged in and out working over Christian. Meanwhile, Mathews was practicing for his call of WrestleMania as Cole & Lawler filled time arguing with each other leading to their WrestleMania match. Christian then caught Del Rio with a Tornado DDT and crawled across the desert to make the hot tag to Edge. Clay also tagged in.

Edge dropped Clay with a sit-out slam, then got that crazy look in his eyes wanting the Spear. The crowd popped, but Del Rio yanked Edge down from the floor. Christian and Del Rio battled on the floor, then Edge and Del Rio reset in the ring. Edge ducked a clothesline and nailed the Spear on Clay for the pin and the win.

Post-match: Edge’s music played, so he didn’t see Del Rio trying to snap Christian’s arm with the cross arm-breaker ringside. Edge then ran to the outside to run off Del Rio, who disappeared to the back. Edge started to walk back to Christian, but Del Rio attacked him from behind. Del Rio then slapped on the cross arm-breaker and Edge tapped out furiously. Cole noted if Edge taps out on Sunday, Del Rio will be new World champion.

Winners: Edge & Christian

Raw Results and Photos – March 7th 2011

Live Event Digitals > March 7th, 2011
Screen Captures > March 7th, 2011

Christian came to the ring. Ricardo Rodriguez then introduced Alberto Del Rio. Brodus Clay came out with Del Rio. Del Rio cut a promo as he walked to the ring, saying it was his destiny to become the World champion at Wrestlemania. He said that he and Christian were going to fight but not tonight. He said that if Christian wants to fight him, he has to get through Clay.

Christian vs. Brodus Clay (w/ Alberto Del Rio)
Clay controlled Christian early, overpowering him but Christian came back with several rights. Clay destroyed him and dropped several big elbows for a two count. Clay went after Christian’s pectoral injury, locking on a deep armbar. Christian tried to fight him off but was picked up for an thrown exploder suplex.

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Raw Results and Photos – December 13th 2010

Live Event Digitals > December 13th 2010
Screen Captures > December 13th 2010

Edge comes to present the Meltdown of the Year award. Edge says Kane was supposed to be his co-presenter but he’s at home having a meltdown of his own. Edge calls out Christian to help him present the award. Christian comes out in a sling and vows revenge on Alberto Del Rio. Edge wins the award for destroying the Raw GM’s computer. Edge says things change in WWE but one thing has always stayed the same and that’s the fact that Michael Cole is a Tool.

A History Of The Tag Team Champ – Part 9

Christian & Chris Jericho
Raw (Oct. 14, 2002 – Dec. 15, 2002)

Christian teamed up with Chris Jericho to take on the World Tag Team Champions, Kane and The Hurricane on an edition of Raw. Kane had a lot on his mind as he had just been accused of murder by Triple H. The Game stated he was responsible for the death of one of his ex-girlfriends from his past. Even with all of that weighing on Kane’s mind, he put forth a strong showing, but Chris Jericho used the ropes on a roll-up of The Hurricane to get the win. It marked Jericho’s third World Tag Team Championship and Christian’s ninth.

A History Of The Tag Team Champ – Part 6

Edge & Christian
Raw (March 19, 2001)

The Dudleys were originally scheduled to face the Hardy Boyz on an edition of RAW for the World Tag Team Championship. Edge & Christian had other ideas, though. They came out, claiming that the Dudleys were not at the Pepsi Arena in Albany, but that they would take their place in the title match. The Hardy Boyz accepted, and it would turn out to be a costly mistake. As the match wore on, Rhyno stormed the ring and hit Jeff Hardy with the Gore, allowing Edge to pick up the win. The win was also the team’s sixth World Tag Team Championship reign, which broke the New Age Outlaws previous record of five. The Dudleys showed up at the arena later, irate that they had missed their title shot. So, Commissioner William Regal ordered that Edge & Christian would have to defend the titles they had just won against the Dudleys later in the evening. The Dudleys came out on top, making this one of the shortest title reigns in WWE history.

Raw Results and Photos – June 7th 2010

Screen Captures > June 7th, 2010

Christian, who was one of the choices to be R-Truth’s partner for the night, was shown backstage briefly, with the two other choices, MVP and John Morisson. Morrison won with 54% of the vote, Christian gained 29% of the vote and MVP gained 17%.

Raw Results and Photos – May 17th 2010

Live Event Digitals > May 17th, 2010
Screen Captures > May 17th, 2010

Edge mentions Wayne Brady, Meat Loaf, and Vickie Guerrero and he wonders if Orton thinks he can go around and RKO everyone. Edge says that Orton will not RKO him and he says that he will show the depths that he will…

Edge is interrupted by his opponent and it is someone Edge knows well.

Pick Your Poison Match
Edge vs. Christian

They lock up and Christian with a clean break. They lock up again and Edge with a waist lock but Christian with a take down. They lock up again and Edge works on the arm and into a hammer lock. Edge with a side head lock and Christian with a back elbow for a near fall. Edge slaps Christian and then Christian follows Edge to the floor and then Edge with punches when they return. Edge with a punch to Christian. Christian with a punch to Edge and then he avoids a punch from Edge and Christian with another punch.

Christian leaps onto Edge’s back and then he slingshots to the floor and Christian goes for a punch but Edge blocks it. Edge with a baseball slide but Christian returns to the ring. Christian with a hesitation drop kick and then he hits a double jump cross body onto Edge and both men are down. Christian goes after Edge but Edge moves and Christian goes into the ringside barrier. The referee gets to nine and Christian returns to the ring. Edge kicks Christian in his shoulder as he works on the apparent injury. Edge with a knee to the shoulder as he applies more pressure with an arm bar. Christian gets to his feet and Christian with punches and an uppercut.

Edge with a shoulder tackle and Christian is holding his shoulder. Edge with a kick to Christian’s head and then he returns to the arm. Edge with an elbow drop and then he puts Christian in an arm bar submission. Edge with another arm submission but Christian gets to his feet but Edge brings Christian back to the mat. Christian with a side head lock after escaping the hold.

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Raw Results and Photos – April 26th 2010 – Christian Gets Drafted To Smackdown!

Live Event Digitals > April 26th, 2010
Screen Captures > April 26th, 2010

Heath Slater comes out and he is dressed to wrestle. Slater wants to know if Jericho wants him to apologize. Slater says that he is sorry that Chris couldn’t beat Edge last night. He is also sorry that Jericho couldn’t beat him. Slater says that he won’t beat his pro either.

Winner’s Brand Receives Draft Pick
Chris Jericho vs Christian (w/ Heath Slater)

Slater attacks Jericho while Christian comes to the ring before the match.

Christian with a kick and punches but Jericho with a forearm to the back. Christian with a single leg takedown and Jericho goes to the floor. Christian with a hesitation drop kick as we go to commercial.

We are back and Jericho with a rear chin lock. We see footage from the commercial break when Christian was sent to the floor by Jericho. Back to live action and Christian with a rollup for a near fall. Jericho with another near fall. Jericho chokes Christian in the ropes and then he catapults Christian’s throat into the bottom rope. Jericho with a forearm and slam to Christian and then he tries for the Lionsault but Christian moves out of the way. Christian punches Jericho followed by a running forearm and corkscrew back elbow from the turnbuckles. Christian tries for the Killswitch but Jericho blocks it. Christian with a drop toe hold that sends Jericho into the ropes and then Christian looks around before he stands on Jericho’s back.

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Raw Results and Photos – April 5th 2010

Live Event Digitals > April 5th, 2010
Screen Captures > April 5th, 2010

Ted DiBiase vs Christian
Ted misses a punch but Christian does not miss with his punch. Christian with a back body drop and then he stands on Ted’s back before slingshoting to the floor. Ted is sent to the floor and then Christian with a hesitation drop kick to Ted and then he hits the double jump cross body and both men are down on the floor. Christian tries to get back into the ring but Ted hits a swinging neck breaker and he punches and kicks Christian while the referee warns him. Ted punches Christian and then he hits a running back elbow and gets a near fall. Ted with a reverse chin lock on Christian as he tries to weaken his opponent.

Christian punches Ted and hits him in the head but Ted with the follow up clothesline for a near fall. Christian punches Ted but Ted punches him back. DiBiase with an Irish whip but Christian moves when Ted charges into the corner. Christian with a pendulum kick followed by clotheslines. Christian puts Ted on the ropes and goes to the floor and connects with a punch. Christian with a cross body for a near fall. Christian sets for the Killswitch but Ted punches him. Ted misses an attempt at Dream Street. Ted with a snap mare but Christian avoids a kick. Ted blocks a tornado DDT attempt and Christian is sent into the ring post when he charges into the corner and Ted hits Dream Street for the three count.

Winner: Ted DiBiase

Raw Results and Photos – March 29th 2010

Live Event Digitals > March 29th, 2010
Screen Captures > March 29th, 2010

Clark Duke, on of the hosts for the night, says that there are legends around the ring because they went to the 80s so there will be a Legends Lumberjack match. As Ted DiBiase comes to the ring for the first match, we are told that Cody Rhodes suffered a concussion and will be out for a few weeks.

Legends Lumberjack Match
Christian vs. Ted DiBiase

Christian goes to the turnbuckles and hits a sunset flip for a near fall. Christian with a punch to Ted but Ted with a kick. Christian sends Ted over the top rope and they help him back into the ring. Christian punches Ted but Ted hits a clothesline as Christian comes off the ropes and gets a near fall. Ted punches Christian in the corner but Christian with a punch to the head. Ted blocks a tornado DDT and then he kicks Christian and gets a near fall. Ted tries for another clothesline but Christian sees it coming and hits an inverted DDT for a near fall. Christian comes off the turnbuckles and gets another near fall.

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Raw Results and Photos – March 22nd 2010

Screen Captures > March 22nd, 2010

Christian and Pete Rose were chatting backstage. Rose said Kane was finally taken care of and his luck was changing. He said he had three more World Series rings than the San Francisco Giants. He opened his door and Kane was waiting for him. Kane pulled Rose into his dressing room and presumably beat the crap out of him, as Christian listened in.