Raw Results and Photos – February 17th 2014

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Christian interrupts and he says that maybe Sheamus should have saved his Brogue Kick for Dean Ambrose. He says that it was probably an accident. He will send Sheamus into the mat with a Killswitch on Sunday and that will not be an accident.

Randy Orton comes out and he thanks the Authority for the opportunity to beat all of them on Sunday. Antonio is right that he underestimated him on Friday, but that won’t happen again. We know that John Cena cannot beat him when it counts. He has had some of his best matches with Christian, but he has beaten him every time. Tonight that Brogue Kick will not get anywhere close. There is a reason why the Authority has deemed him the face of the WWE.

Daniel Bryan’s music plays and he makes his way to the ring.He says that everyone came out and did their talking, but the people are here to talk for him. Daniel says that everyone knows how important the Elimination Chamber match is because it leads to Wrestlemania. No one will throw out other catchphrases on Sunday. They will be chanting one word in the arena on Sunday… YES!

Kane’s pyro goes off and he makes his way to the ring. He has been given the power by the Authority to rectify recent events and he is in charge tonight. We know that Randy Orton will be facing Sheamus, so in all fairness to the champion, the other four will be in action.

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Raw Results and Photos – February 10th 2014

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We go to the locker room where Byron Saxton is with Sheamus. Byron asks Sheamus about having to tag with one of his opponents in the Elimination Chamber Match. Sheamus says that he has been both a friend and enemy to Christian. He respects him and is willing to tag with him. Maybe they can celebrate with a pint after the show.

At the Elimination Chamber, it is the last opportunity to headline Wrestlemania XXX. Legacies are made in the Chamber match. He promises that he will kick their teeth in and become the WWE World Champion.

We are back and Christian is in the Goldman Box. He says that there has been a lot of talk about being the Face of the WWE. Maybe this can be the face of the WWE. Maybe he is not poster boy material, but he is a two time World Champion. Why not make it three.

Zeb Colter tells the non Americans in the ring that they make him sick. After being allegedly out of action for months, they found a way to sneak back across the border and sneak back into the WWE. They are given the chance to win the WWE Championship.

Antonio Cesaro is given the mic and he says that it will not matter because he will become the first Real American World Champion.

Christian & Sheamus vs. Antonio Cesaro & Jack Swagger (w/ Zeb Colter)
Cesaro starts with Christian and Christian with a waist lock but Cesaro with a standing switch and a waist lock take down. Cesaro with a dead lift Side Salto. Swagger tags in and Christiain with a forearm to Cesaro and a rollup to Swagger. Christian with a pendulum kick to Swagger and he goes to the turnbuckles for a missile drop kick and he gets a near fall.

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Raw Results and Photos – February 3rd 2014

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Christian vs. Jack Swagger (w/ Zeb Colter & Antonio Cesaro)
Swagger with a waist lock take down and then he Gator Rolls Christian before sending him into the turnbuckles. Swagger with an Irish whip and Christian with a pendulum kick. Christian sends Swagger over the top rope to the floor. Christian with a baseball slide and then he goes to the apron and he has a kick blocked and Swagger pulls Christian off the apron.

Swagger sends Christian into the ring steps and then he rolls Christian back into the ring and he gets a near fall. Swagger gets an Irish whip followed by a knee to Christian in the corner. Swagger with a biel for a near fall. Swagger traps the arms but Christian gets to his feet and he punches Swagger. Swagger with an Oklahoma Stampede for a near fall.

Swagger chokes Christian and then he kicks and punches Christian. Swagger goes to the turnbuckles but Christian gets his boots up and Swagger falls into the corner. Swagger misses a clothesline and Christian with a punch followed by a missile drop kick. Swagger with a knee to the midsection.

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Raw Results And Photos – December 9th 2013

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It was the night of the Slammy Awards 2013 and Christian had the honour of presenting the Slammy for the ‘This Is Awesome!’ Moment Of The Year which was awarded to The Big Show, for knocking out COO Triple H.

Later in the night Christian was one of the 20 former WWE and/or World Champions gathered in the ring for the Championship Ascension ceremony.

Raw Results and Photos – September 9th 2013

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We begin tonight’s show with Edge and the return of the Cutting Edge. Edge says that every time he comes out here, the fans remind him why this is home. Edge says that it has been far too long for him to welcome everyone to the Cutting Edge.

To be perfectly honest, he is here because he was requested by the COO, Triple H, to come out here because it would be ‘good for business’. He thought it would be good if he had a reunion…not one with his best friend Christian. Edge says that nobody wants to see Edge and Christian. Hunter felt that it would be better for Edge to have a reunion with his Rated RKO partner, and WWE Champion, Randy Orton.

Edge says that he has known Randy for a long time and Randy has nothing interesting to say. Edge does not have a problem with Randy cashing in the briefcase because he wrote the blueprint for it. Randy is a puppet. He is Triple H’s lackey. Randy needs the Shield to fight his fights for him. Randy is not going to be the guest on The Cutting Edge tonight.

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Raw Results and Photos – August 26th 2013

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Josh Mathews is with Christian in the interview area. Josh asks him about the announcement of the Gauntlet Match for Daniel Bryan. Chrisitan says that it is hard to say anything bad about the current regime because you end up with dire consequences. Christian points out that he survived the Attitude era and the McMahon-Helmsley regime. He talks about how history has a habit of repeating itself.

Randy Orton stops by and he says that Christian is angry because he lost at SummerSlam while Orton won. Randy tells Christian that he will lose when he gets taken out with an RKO.

Christian says that Hunter likes sledge hammers and he has found a new tool.

Randy Orton vs. Christian
They lock up and Christian with a rollup for a near fall. They lock up again and they go around the ring. Orton with a side head lock and shoulder tackle. Orton with a kick and punch followed by a head butt and European uppercut. Christian with a drop toe hold and he goes to the floor but Orton moves on the punch.

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Raw Results and Photos – August 12th 2013

Screen Captures > August 12th, 2013

We go to a video package for Christian and he says that he wonders if this is the last day when he wakes up each morning.

Christian is in the interview area with Renee Young. She asks about his match on Sunday. Christian says the video reminds him of the hard work he has done over the last few years. On Sunday, he will become the champion for a third time and he will prove that all he needs is one more match.

Alberto Del Rio enters and he tells Christian that after SummerSlam there will be no more matches.

Raw Results and Photos – August 5th 2013

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Christian vs. Heath Slater (w/ Jinder Mahal & Drew McIntyre)
Christian with a waist lock but Slater with punches and then Christian with a drop toe hold. Christian slingshots to the floor and he is stopped by the presence of McIntyre and Mahal. Slater gets a near fall and he punches Christian. Slater with a knee drop and a reverse chin lock. Slater with a knee and punch. Mahal and McIntyre gets shots in on Christian while Slater distracts the referee. Slater goes to the turnbuckles and Christian gets his feet up.

Slater with boots to Christian in the corner but Christian with a flapjack and a missile drop kick for a near fall. Slater with a shoulder to Christian from the apron and he tries to suplex Christian over the top rope to the floor. Christian stops Slater and back body drops him into the ring. Christian with a back heel kick and sunset flip for a near fall.

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