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CLEVELAND – Hilarity and hostility were on full display when The New Day joined Edge and Christian on the set of “The Cutting Edge Peep Show” during WWE Fastlane 2016. The two groups traded pointed barbs and amusing insults until Big E, Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods veered into putting down The League of Nations, which prompted the four Superstars to emerge from backstage.

A couple of the more memorable taunts during the show included Big E proclaiming “Out with the old, that’s you [Edge and Christian], and in with The New Day” as well as The Rated-R Superstar telling the reigning WWE Tag Team Champions he had “never seen so much chocolate act so vanilla.”

After several minutes of the verbal smackdown, The League of Nations joined the fray. With all nine men in the ring, tempers began to boil over until both The New Day and Edge and Christian eventually exited up the ramp, where both groups lobbed a few choice put-downs at, in the words of Edge, “The International House of Dumbasses.” The insults may be over, but the animosity between New Day and The League of Nations is certainly no laughing matter.

Charismatic Chronicles – A New Genesis – November 13th 2005

On this day, ten years ago, the world unfortunately lost the one and only ‘Latino Heat’ Eddie Guerrero. The very same day, Total Non-Stop Action wrestling held a pay-per-view event, which was dedicated to his memory, Genesis. In the weeks prior to the pay-per-view, a huge name was being teased to be making what was called the biggest jump in the history of TNA Wrestling. In a event that was ranked as the fifth greatest moment TNA’s history, it was revealed to be Christian, who had reverted back to using his original ring name Christian Cage, he was greeted by Scott D’Amore and Robert Roode who had invited him to join Team Canada and later in the night Christian Cage showed exactly who he was sided with, by putting the then NWA World Heavyweight Champion, Jeff Jarrett through a table, with help by Team 3D.

This is the very speech he made on that night, in 2005:

“So, I can guess you can imagine the question that I got asked the most this week… are the rumours that we’ve been hearing true? Is it true that you’re going to TNA? And if so, why?

Well, I’ll tell you this much… I didn’t come here to see the same guy, come out and say the same damn thing week after week after week…. And I didn’t come here to see a grown man dressed up like a doctor, pulling things out of another man’s ass. And you can be damn sure, I didn’t come here because I got fired.

Which brings me to another rumour that I wanna address and put to bed right now, the rumour that I got low-balled in a contract offer. Well, that’s not true at all, actually, I was offered a very hefty sum to stay exactly where I was. But the reason that I came to TNA, is the same reason that each and every one of you is in this arena right now. The same reason that everybody’s watching Genesis, live on pay-per-view… and that reason is that I love wrestling.

Now you know, I’ve been known to crack a joke or two, say something sarcastic, pull a rib… but I don’t want anybody to ever forget, the fact that I am without a doubt the greatest all around performer, in this sport today. It’s like this, I’m tired of egos and politics, I wanna see guys in this ring, busting their asses, I wanna see wrestling reinvented, like last night, I turn on Spike TV, I’m watching Impact and it reminded me of when I broke into the national wrestling scene eight years ago. There was two companies, one was old, stale and lacking direction. The other one, I was a part of, it was young, hungry and cutting edge. Fast forward eight years to this very moment and there’s still two companies, one is old, boring and lacking direction… and the other one is TNA!

And I said this is something that I wanna be a part of, in fact, I wanna be the biggest piece of this puzzle. Which brings me to Jeff Jarrett. I’ve got two things to say to you… one, you should never wear white pants after labor day. And two, I’ve come to TNA to take the one thing that’s alluded me, my entire career, the one thing we both can agree on, is the most important and prized possession in this sport, the NWA World Heavyweight Championship. So I want everybody right now to stand up and take notice, that Christian Cage is here and Christian Cage will fulfil his destiny, because that’s… how I roll!”

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Charismatic Chronicles – A Broody Beginning – September 27th 1998

Welcome to the very first edition of Charismatic Chronicles where we will be taking a look back at moments of Christian’s career. Whether you’re an old fan or a more recent one, we’re sure that you will enjoy reliving or discovering the moments that made Christian who he is today. What better place to start than with one very special moment which happened on this very day, sixteen years ago.

Breakdown: In Your House 1998
Edge who was competing in a match against Owen Hart, was building up momentum against his fellow Canadian when, a mysterious figure, who looked somewhat like Edge, with the flowing blonde hair and wearing dark shades, suddenly appeared jumping the barricade and watching the match continue on from outside of the ring, after hitting Owen Hart with with a spinning heel kick, knocking him down to the mat, Edge turned around, noticing the onlooker and immediately becoming distracted, asking what he was doing there.

All of a sudden, Owen Hart quickly recovering from the kick grabbed Edge and scored the pin-fall, winning the match, after a quick roll up. During all of this, the unknown onlooker had vanished, jumping back over the barricade and disappearing in to the crowd. As soon as Edge gathered his senses and realised what had just happened, he quickly made it out of the ring and followed the individual through the crowd.

Night Of Champions 2014 Coverage

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The Peep Show with special guest Chris Jericho
We go to the ring and out comes Christian to a big pop for a The Peep Show. Christian says he’s missed us a lot. He says tonight isn’t about him, it’s Night of Champions. Christian says one match has his interest tonight – Randy Orton vs. Chris Jericho. Christian brings out Jericho to the ring, who comes out to a big pop. Jericho is excited to be on The Peep Show and even more excited to have Christian here.

They jokingly argue about when they used to team together. Jericho apologizes for not wearing pants to The Peep Show. They start talking about Randy Orton and Orton interrupts on the big screen. Orton takes credit for Christian not being able to wrestle any more. Orton says when he’s done with Jericho tonight, the only TV show he’ll be able to appear on is Total Divas. Jericho says Orton’s show would be Total Jackass. Jericho fires back at Orton and tells him not to forget who he’s facing tonight.

Battleground 2014 Kick-Off and Pay-Per-View Captures

For the second pay-per-view in a row, Christian, along with Booker-T, Alex Riley and Renee Young was apart of the Battleground Kick-Off panel. I’ve added capture taken from the kick-off show, as well as a few taken from the Battleground pay-per-view, itself. Feel free to view them by clicking the links below.

Money In The Bank 2014 Kick-Off and Pay-Per-View Captures

Christian along with Renee Young, Booker-T, and Alex Riley appeared on the panel for the Money In The Bank Kick-Off show. Christian also made a brief appearance on the pay-per-view and captures have been uploaded to the gallery for your viewing pleasure.

Elimination Chamber 2014 Results and Photos

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Renee Young interviewed Christian. He said that he hasn’t been on a role when questioned but said no one will remember after he wins the WWE World Heavyweight championship tonight. He said that he re-assessed and told everyone to underestimate him. He said he’s desperate and will win the title.

Elimination Chamber: WWE World Heavyweight Championship – Randy Orton vs. John Cena vs. Daniel Bryan vs. Cesaro vs. Sheamus vs. Christian
Cena, Orton, Christian, Bryan are in the pods. So, opening will be Sheamus vs. Cesaro.

Cesaro controlled Sheamus and stomped him until he rolled out of the ring. Sheamus made a comeback but was sent over the top and to the steel outside again. Cesaro charged across the ring but was nailed with a flying shoulderblock into the ring. Sheamus nailed a neckbreaker for a two count.

He whipped Cesaro into the corner and nailed him with a big knee lift. He clotheslined Cesaro over the top onto the steel outside and tried to set him up for the chest strikes. Cesaro fought to free himself but failed, getting drilled over and over with the shots. He was then clotheslined down on the steel.

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Summerslam 2013 Results and Photos

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World Heavyweight Championship Match – Alberto Del Rio vs. Christian
They lock up and Del Rio backs Christian into the corner and Del Rio with a clean break. Del Rio with a kick to the leg and punches. Del Rio with a side head lock and Del Rio holds on when Christian tries to send him off the ropes. Del Rio with a shoulder tackle. Christian with punches and then he sends Del Rio over the top rope to the floor. Christian with a baseball slide but Del Rio moves.

Del Rio tries to punch Christian when Christian gets back on the apron but Del Rio misses. Christian drops Del Rio against the top rope. Christian goes up top but Del Rio escapes and crotches Christian. Del Rio with a step up enzuigiri and Christian is in the tree of woe. Del Rio with a running kick to the left shoulder. Del Rio with a hammer lock and he sends Christian shoulder first into the ringside barrier.

Del Rio gets a near fall when they return to the ring. Del Rio with an arm bar. Christian with punches and kicks. Del Rio sends Christian into the air and then Del Rio with a flying Yakuza kick and he wraps the left arm in the ropes. Del Rio goes up top with a double stomp to the arm while Christian was hanging on the middle rope. Del Rio gets a near fall. Del Rio with a drop kick to the arm. Del Rio wraps the arm in the ropes again.

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Money In The Bank 2013 Results and Photos

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All-Star Money in the Bank Ladder Match – Rob Van Dam vs. CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus vs. Randy Orton vs. Christian
Everyone stands in a circle in the ring as the bell rings and they look at Rob Van Dam. Rob realizes that he has the bulls-eye on his singlet. Rob goes for the thumbs and it is a five-on-one attack. Sheamus with a kick to Christian and everyone goes after Sheamus and kick him to the floor. Christian goes after Punk and Bryan kicks Orton.

Orotn with punches while Punk sends Christian to the floor. Bryan sends Orton to the floor and things get honorable in the ring. Van Dam is knocked off the apron. Bryan and Punk exchange kicks and punches. Punk with a knee and chop.

Punk with an Irish whip and Bryan flips over Punk. Bryan escapes a Go To Sleep while Bryan tries for a Yes Lock. Sheamus hits Punk and Bryan with the ladder and then he hits Christian with it. Orton with a drop kick. Van Dam with a kick off the turnbuckles. Van Dam with a monkey flip to Christian. Van Dam with a step over spinning heel kick to Orton.

Van Dam is able to do his thumbs deal. Van Dam with a baseball slide to Sheamus. Van Dam gets a ladder but Christian goes for the Killswitch but Van Dam blocks it and he presses Christian over his head and drops him on the ladder. Van Dam with a kick to Bryan and he goes for Rolling Thunder and he hits it.

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Money In The Bank 2012 Results and Photos

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Money In The Bank Ladder Match For A World Heavyweight Championship Contract
Dolph Ziggler vs. Christian vs. Tensai vs. Santino Marella vs. Damien Sandow vs. Tyson Kidd vs. Cody Rhodes vs. Sin Cara

Tensai controlled the fray early, destroying everyone and tossing Santino over the top to the floor. Tensai brought a pair of ladders into the ring Tensai kicked Kidd down in, the corner. He nailed a catapult into a ladder bridged in the buckles. He nailed Christian with an Avalanche in the corner.

Kidd and Christian worked over Tensai and used a ladder to run him down. Kidd, Christian and Santino all tried to get to the top of a ladder but Sandow tipped it over.

Sandow began climbing the ladder but Ziggler and Cody returned and prevented it. Ziggler was laid out by Rhodes but Cara hit the ring with a series of kicks and a rana to the outside. Ziggler went to the top but Cara nailed a kick to the head. Cara went for a neckbreaker but they instead toppled down in a frightening moment.

Kidd went after Cara but was slammed on the ladder. Cara went to the top for a moonsault but was shoved over the top to the floor by Christian. Christian went for a splash off the top but Kidd moved and Christian ate the ladder. Rhodes worked over Kidd but was nailed with a leaping kick.

Kidd set up a ladder in the center of the ring but Tensai nailed him from behind and worked him over in the corner. Santino tried to scurry up the ladder but Tensai nailed a powerbomb then tossed him out to the floor. Kidd went up the ladder and Tensai tried to do it again but instead Kidd caught him with a rana over the ropes to the floor.

Sandow tried to ascend the ladder but Cara attacked him. Sandow stomped the hell out of him and went back to the top. Christian followed him and climbed over him. He grabbed the case but couldn’t unhook it. Christian was pulled down and went for the Killswitch but was shoved off. He was sent into the ladder and tried to climb it but Sandow nailed him.

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WWE.com: Intercontinental Champion Christian def. Cody Rhodes

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. – The athletic ability of two of WWE’s most versatile Superstars was put on full display at No Way Out, as Intercontinental Champion Christian defeated former titleholder Cody Rhodes to retain his illustrious title.

Christian entered the IZOD Center Sunday night with two essential goals in mind. First and foremost, defend the Intercontinental Championship — the same title he won in shocking fashion when he returned to the ring at WWE Over the Limit one month earlier. But Captain Charisma also sought to solidify his standing as one of the greats in WWE history and gild the road to what he hopes will someday lead to the WWE Hall of Fame.

Cody Rhodes, on the other hand, looked to add another championship reign to his family’s already legendary lineage on this Father’s Day. Heading into Sunday’s pay-per-view, Cody was typically cocky, and that arrogance carried over into the bout as the challenger continually held up three fingers — signifying that he was looking for his third reign as Intercontinental Champion.

A red-hot New Jersey crowd was clearly vested in the battle, giving their Captain a warm welcome when his music blared through the sound system. The action really picked up when Christian hit a flying dropkick through the ropes, sending Rhodes crashing to the floor. The younger competitor was able to find an early opening, however, and zoned in on the champion’s left arm. Rhodes’ tactical assault slowed the pace of the bout and put the challenger in complete control.

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No Way Out 2012 Results and Photos

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Intercontinental Championship Match
Christian vs. Cody Rhodes

They lock up and Cody with a side head lock. Cody with a shoulder tackle. Cody with a kick and punch followed by more kicks to Christian. Christian with shoulder tackles and Cody backs into the corner. Cody pushes Christian and Christian punches Cody. Cody goes to the apron and Cody with a shoulder. Cody tries to suplex Christian to the floor but Christian with a punch and then he slides between Cody’s legs and pulls him off the apron.

Christian with a baseball slide and then Cody avoids Christian on the apron and Cody trips Christian. Cody drops Christian’s arm on the top rope and gets a near fall. Cody with knees to the arm and elbow and then he stomps on the elbow and gets a near fall. Cody with a key lock but Christian with punches.

Christian with an Irish whip but Cody avoids Christian when Christian charges into the corner. Christian trips Cody and appears to prepare to pull Cody into the ring post but Christian takes too long and Cody pulls Christian into the ring post.

Cody with a knee to the midsection and Cody with a gourdbuster for a near fall. Cody puts Christian’s arm in the ropes and then he punches and kicks the champion. Cody with a snap mare and then he works on the arm with a submission.

Cody punches Christian and then he puts Christian on the turnbuckles. Cody sets for a superplex but Christian knocks Cody to the mat. Cody avoids a tornado DDT by pushing Christian off the turnbuckles and he lands on the apron and the floor. Christian sends Cody into the ring steps.

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TNA Slammiversary 2012 Coverage

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Hulk Hogan came back out to the ring. Hogan said he had a surprise for everyone and introduced Christian Cage aka WWE Intercontinental champion Christian. Cage was in street clothes and made his way to the ring, with his old TNA theme music. Taz said he was shocked to see him and that he hasn’t seen him in forever. Cage saluted the audience. The crowd chanted, “Welcome back.”

Christian took the mic and asked if anyone can guess the question he was asked the most this week. He was asked if he would be appearing on Slammiversary. The crowd chanted, “Yes!” Cage asked who would have thunk it – Cage standing right here in a TNA ring. He started talking and stopped, counting how many corners they had. He said the last time he was here, there had a few more corners. He said that there may be changes in the ring and in the competitors and who competes but the one thing that hasn’t changed are the fans, who have stuck by the company through thick and thin for years.

Cage said that the fans gave TNA the chance to exist and asked everyone to stand and give themselves a round of applause. He then introduced the #1 moment in TNA History, and it was the night Sting returned in January 2006.

WWE.com: Christian def. Cody Rhodes (New Intercontinental Champion)

RALEIGH, N.C. – After his shocking return and impressive victory in the “People Power” Battle Royal earlier in the night, Christian seemingly had his sights set on Santino Marella’s United States Championship. However, after catching Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes doing some good, old-fashioned trash talking backstage to Eve where the second generation Superstar said he would “embarrass” Christian if the two went head-to-head, Captain Charisma decided to throw a bit of a curveball and challenge Rhodes for his beloved title instead.

Rhodes, who has held the title since his Extreme Rules victory over former WWE Superstar Big Show, was cocky right up to the moment the bell rang on his unexpected title defense. When his entrance music played, Rhodes made a final statement before taking on Christian, saying he is a better man than his opponent.

Christian was unfazed, however, and his sights were set squarely on Rhodes and his Intercontinental Title.

The younger Rhodes got off to a fast start against Christian, whose stamina was called into question after his long layoff and a hard-fought Battle Royal victory earlier in the night. Rhodes was relentless, slamming his opponent into the steel stairs at ringside and then hammering away at the former champion.

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WWE.com: Christian Wins 20-Man Battle Royal

RALEIGH, N.C. – Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes and United States Champion Santino Marella kept a close eye on The Great Khali, The Miz and David Otunga as they battled in the 20-Man Over-the-Top Rope “People Power” Battle Royal that kicked off WWE Over the Limit – and with good reason.

The winner of the melee, which was announced by Executive Administrator Eve in an effort to end a running dispute between Rhodes and Santino about the prestige of their respective championships, would be granted a Title Match later in the night to challenge for his choice of either the Intercontinental or the U.S. Championship.

If the announcement of the Battle Royal itself and the promise of an unexpected title match weren’t exciting enough, the sound of Christian’s entrance music sent shockwaves through the WWE Universe members in attendance.

Christian had not appeared in WWE since the March 16 episode of SmackDown, where he delivered a special edition of “The Peep Show.” Before that, Christian was taken out by WWE Champion CM Punk on Raw SuperShow just days before Captain Charisma was to take part in the six-man tag match as a member of Team Johnny at WrestleMania XXVIII. That match against Punk ended in a no contest and Christian re-aggravated a prior neck injury thanks to an overlong Anaconda Vise by the champion.

Christian’s arrival sent the WWE Universe into a frenzy, and also left Rhodes and Santino clearly shaken as the two champions exchanged a worried glance at ringside when Captain Charisma made his entrance. When the bell rang, the ring was literally overflowing with Superstars as Drew McIntyre, Ezekiel Jackson, William Regal, The Usos and others all battled for a title opportunity.

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Over The Limit 2012 Results and Photos

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We opened live with the Battle Royal. No opening, just live with the match. Santino Marella and Cody Rhodes are sitting ringside waiting to see which of them will be defending their title kater.

Order of elimination: Heath Slater, Michael McGuillicuty, JTG, Yoshi Tatsu (who took a suplex over the top to the floor and looked to have broken his ankle in the process), Ezekiel Jackson, Jey Uso, Drew McIntyre, Curt Hawkins, Tyder Reks, Jinder Mahal, Great Khali (tossed out by Miz, Titus O’Neal and Darren Young), Titus O’Neal, William Regal (LOTS of boos when he was tossed).

There was a nice exchange between The Miz and Alex Riley leading to Riley being tossed to the floor when he was caught climbing the ropes and then kicked off. Tyson Kidd unloaded with a lot of dropkicks and kicked David Otunga as he charged. Miz tossed Kidd but Kidd skinned the cat and tried to pull Miz over. Otunga kicked Kidd and sent him to the floor. The 90 seconds they put the spotlight on Kidd was great. No reason not to showcase him more.

The last three were Christian, Miz and David Otunga. Christian tried to fight them off but was overwhelmed. Otunga locked on a full nelson, leaving Christian open for Miz to nail him with running elbows.

They worked over Christian in the corner. Miz missed his running clothesline in the corner. Otunga went for a slam over the shoulder but Christian landed on his feet and tossed Otunga out.

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Elimination Chamber 2012 Coverage

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John Laurinaitis came out with David Otunga. Laurinaitis was speaking when Alberto Del Rio’s music hit and returned, driving a Rolls Royce into the Arena. Basically, they were trashing Teddy Long and saying he was corrupt. Del Rio said that Laurinaitis should be the permanent General Manager for both Raw and Smackdown.

Out came Mark Henry, who was suspended by Long. He said that Long was a bully and physically assaulted him. Henry said that just like the good guy that he is, he fell for it and was suspended for it. He told Laurinaitis that they’ve never seen eye to eye but Laurinaitis isn’t a bully and never threw his weight around or abused his power. He agreed Laurinaitis should be in power.

Christian then came out, making his return from his ankle injury, walking to the ring in street clothes. Christian said that he would have been competing for the World title tonight had it not been for Long. He sad that unlike Randy Orton faking a concussion, his injuries were legitimate and said that Long forcing him to work while hurt was an unsafe working environment. He asked the Board of Directors to make Laurinaitis the Smackdown GM.

Laurinaitis said he was touched and wanted everyone to take a photo, as the fans chanted for Triple H. They posed, although Henry didn’t want to do it.

Vengeance 2011 Results and Photos

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Christian vs. Sheamus
Sheamus worked over Christian early, including a series of ten clubbing shots across the chest while Christian was in the ropes. He then held him for a long vertical standing suplex for a two count. Christian came back to nail a neckbreaker and beat down Sheamus in the corner with punches and kicks. Sheamus battled back but was kicked away by Christian.

Sheamus snapped Christian into the corner and nailed a series of shoulderblocks. Christian hooked the tights for a two count. Cole spent more time ripping Jim Ross than talking the match, which was so annoying even I wanted to kick him in the teeth. Christian locked in a side chinlock. Sheamus battled his way to his feet and fell down to break it.

Sheamus charged but he was hit with a drop toehold into the ropes. Christian stepped on his back and choked him. Christian then popped him in the mouth with a punch. Christian nailed a missile dropkick off the second rope. Sheamus made a comeback with a series of clotheslines but was kicked off as he charged him in the corner. Christian went for a bodypress but was caught with a Fall Away Slam for a two count.

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Hell In A Cell 2011 Results and Photos

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Christian vs. Sheamus
As Christian came to the ring, Miz and R-Truth came to the front row holding tickets through the crowd. John Laurinaitis and security tried to throw them out but they said they bought tickets and argued. They were finally forced out of the building. Don’t they get to take their PPV chairs with them?

The announcers wondered how they could legally force Miz and Truth out of the building as Sheamus and Christian locked up. Sheamus forced him into a corner and broke clean. Christian went for a waistlock takedown but was elbowed in the face and Sheamus stood over him defiantly.

Sheamus used a side headlock takedown to cover Christian for a two count, then repeated the attempt. Christian forced him into the ropes and Sheamus broke clean. Christian slugged him so Sheamus returned fire. Christian slipped out to the floor, where Sheamus followed and gave chase. As they returned to the ring, Christian slugged him, which only pissed off Sheamus.

Sheamus went for a slam but Christian slipped out and shoved him into the ropes. Sheamus came back with a series of shots across the chest while Christian was outside on the apron. Sheamus slammed him for a two count. Christian kicked off Sheamus after being whipped into the corner. He was caught during a bodypress attempt and nailed with a Fall Away Slam.

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Night Of Champions 2011 Coverage

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Screen Captures > Night Of Champions 2011

Christian made his way to the ring in street clothes. He took the mic and said that he spoke to Teddy Long and Teddy Long earlier tonight. He said they are too self absorbed to do the right thing, so he will. Christian said he’s been in the business for 17 years and amassed a laundry list of legendary matches, so he deserves one more match to become the World champion. He said that whoever wins Orton vs. Henry tonight, he should get a title shot against them immediately tonight. He said he wanted to put it into terms Buffalo could understand.

He explained that they never won the Super Bowl, are never going to win the Super Bowl, but he has won it…twice as World champion. He said he’s a champion and it’s the Night of Champions. He asked everyone who agrees with him to stand up and let their voices be heard. He asked them to chant “One More Match.” A decent amount of fans did.

Out came Sheamus, also wearing street clothes. Christian told him that this didn’t confirm him but Sheamus said it did since he was also a former World champion. He made a joke that was awful about giving away his Uncle’s testicles to get it.

Christian said that at least he has the testicles to say he deserves one more match. Sheamus said that he wanted to get the first title shot if Christian won and Christian agreed. So, Sheamus led the “One More Match” chant himself, then shocked Christian with a Brogue Kick.