Raw Results and Photos – May 28th 2012

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Christian vs. Miz
They lock up and Miz with a side head lock. Christian with an elbow and back heel kick followed by a sunset flip from the turnbuckles but Miz rolls through and connects with a kick to the head for a near fall. Miz sends Christian into the corner and he punches Christian. Miz hits the Awesome clothesline and then he goes up top with a double sledge to the head for a near fall.

Miz with a reverse chin lock. Christian with punches but Miz with the Reality Check for a near fall. Miz with a knee to the back and then he applies a rear chin lock. Christian gets back to his feet but Miz runs him into the corner. Miz puts Christian on the top turnbuckle but Christian with punches and a missile drop kick for a near fall. Christian slingshots to the floor and he punches Miz. Christian with an inverted DDT to Miz.

Christian tries for the spear but Miz with a boot to the head but Miz can only get a two count. Miz punches Christian but Christian with boots to Miz and then he hits a back elbow from the turnbuckles. Christian sets for the Killswitch but Cody approaches the ring and then Miz gets a near fall. Christian misses a move from the turnbuckles.

Miz avoids the Killswitch but Miz misses the Awesome Clothesline and Christian hits the Killswitch followed by a frog splash for the three count.

Winner: Christian

Smackdown Results and Photos – May 25th 2012

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Christian vs. Hunico (w/ Camacho)
They lock up and Hunico with a side head lock but Christian with a running forearm. Hunico talks some strategy with Camacho and he punches Christian and chops him against the ropes. Christian with a back body drop and Hunico rolls to the floor to regroup.

Christian misses a baseball slide and then he follows Hunico around the ring. Camacho distracts Christian and Hunico attacks Christian from behind. Hunico returns to the ring and he hits a suicide dive and then he gets a near fall when they return to the ring. Hunico with a slam and he tries for a springboard senton splash but he barely hits Christian. Christian with a flapjack.

Christian with a punch and running forearm. Christian goes to the turnbuckles for a missile drop kick but Hunico catches him and tries for a jackknife cover. Christian with a near fall of his own followed by a punch. Christian with a back elbow off the turnbuckles and then he sets for the Killswitch but Camacho gets on the apron. Christian with a drop kick to Camacho.

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Raw Results and Photos – May 21st 2012

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Christian vs. Jinder Mahal
They lock up and Mahal with knees and a forearm to the back. Christian escapes a slam and hits an inverted DDT. Christian with a missile drop kick and Jinder goes to the apron. Mahal with a shoulder and back body drop that sends Christian to the floor. Mahal with a forearm across the chest and then he hits a knee to the chest. Mahal with a butterfly suplex and he gets a near fall. Mahal with a quarter nelson and chin lock.

Christian with punches but Jinder with a knee. Christian with a back heel kick and a sunset flip for a near fall. Christian with punches and running forearm. Christian slingshots to the floor and connects with an uppercut. Christian with a flying back elbow from the turnbuckles and then he sets for the Killswitch but Mahal counters with a suplex attempt.

Christian lands on his feet and Mahal with a knee. Christian escapes the camel clutch and hits the Killswitch and then hits a frog splash for the three count.

Winner: Christian

WWE.com: Christian def. Cody Rhodes (New Intercontinental Champion)

RALEIGH, N.C. – After his shocking return and impressive victory in the “People Power” Battle Royal earlier in the night, Christian seemingly had his sights set on Santino Marella’s United States Championship. However, after catching Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes doing some good, old-fashioned trash talking backstage to Eve where the second generation Superstar said he would “embarrass” Christian if the two went head-to-head, Captain Charisma decided to throw a bit of a curveball and challenge Rhodes for his beloved title instead.

Rhodes, who has held the title since his Extreme Rules victory over former WWE Superstar Big Show, was cocky right up to the moment the bell rang on his unexpected title defense. When his entrance music played, Rhodes made a final statement before taking on Christian, saying he is a better man than his opponent.

Christian was unfazed, however, and his sights were set squarely on Rhodes and his Intercontinental Title.

The younger Rhodes got off to a fast start against Christian, whose stamina was called into question after his long layoff and a hard-fought Battle Royal victory earlier in the night. Rhodes was relentless, slamming his opponent into the steel stairs at ringside and then hammering away at the former champion.

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WWE.com: Christian Wins 20-Man Battle Royal

RALEIGH, N.C. – Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes and United States Champion Santino Marella kept a close eye on The Great Khali, The Miz and David Otunga as they battled in the 20-Man Over-the-Top Rope “People Power” Battle Royal that kicked off WWE Over the Limit – and with good reason.

The winner of the melee, which was announced by Executive Administrator Eve in an effort to end a running dispute between Rhodes and Santino about the prestige of their respective championships, would be granted a Title Match later in the night to challenge for his choice of either the Intercontinental or the U.S. Championship.

If the announcement of the Battle Royal itself and the promise of an unexpected title match weren’t exciting enough, the sound of Christian’s entrance music sent shockwaves through the WWE Universe members in attendance.

Christian had not appeared in WWE since the March 16 episode of SmackDown, where he delivered a special edition of “The Peep Show.” Before that, Christian was taken out by WWE Champion CM Punk on Raw SuperShow just days before Captain Charisma was to take part in the six-man tag match as a member of Team Johnny at WrestleMania XXVIII. That match against Punk ended in a no contest and Christian re-aggravated a prior neck injury thanks to an overlong Anaconda Vise by the champion.

Christian’s arrival sent the WWE Universe into a frenzy, and also left Rhodes and Santino clearly shaken as the two champions exchanged a worried glance at ringside when Captain Charisma made his entrance. When the bell rang, the ring was literally overflowing with Superstars as Drew McIntyre, Ezekiel Jackson, William Regal, The Usos and others all battled for a title opportunity.

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Over The Limit 2012 Results and Photos

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We opened live with the Battle Royal. No opening, just live with the match. Santino Marella and Cody Rhodes are sitting ringside waiting to see which of them will be defending their title kater.

Order of elimination: Heath Slater, Michael McGuillicuty, JTG, Yoshi Tatsu (who took a suplex over the top to the floor and looked to have broken his ankle in the process), Ezekiel Jackson, Jey Uso, Drew McIntyre, Curt Hawkins, Tyder Reks, Jinder Mahal, Great Khali (tossed out by Miz, Titus O’Neal and Darren Young), Titus O’Neal, William Regal (LOTS of boos when he was tossed).

There was a nice exchange between The Miz and Alex Riley leading to Riley being tossed to the floor when he was caught climbing the ropes and then kicked off. Tyson Kidd unloaded with a lot of dropkicks and kicked David Otunga as he charged. Miz tossed Kidd but Kidd skinned the cat and tried to pull Miz over. Otunga kicked Kidd and sent him to the floor. The 90 seconds they put the spotlight on Kidd was great. No reason not to showcase him more.

The last three were Christian, Miz and David Otunga. Christian tried to fight them off but was overwhelmed. Otunga locked on a full nelson, leaving Christian open for Miz to nail him with running elbows.

They worked over Christian in the corner. Miz missed his running clothesline in the corner. Otunga went for a slam over the shoulder but Christian landed on his feet and tossed Otunga out.

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Raw Results and Photos – March 26th 2012

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Christian vs. CM Punk
Before the match starts, Chris Jericho appears on the TitanTron and he says that Punk claims to be the best in the world but it isn’t true. He is going to be Punk at Wrestlemania and become the WWE Champion. He is going to expose Punk as a fraud. We know that his father is an alcoholic and his sister has substance abuse problems. Jericho says that he found out some information about his mother. It turns out that his mother turned out to be a decent person. He did find out one piece of information. Jericho mentions that Punk was born before his parents got married. Jericho says that Punk is a bastard.

Christian attacks Punk from behind and the referee tries to pull Christian off Punk before the match starts. Christian throws Punk to the floor but Punk kicks Christian and he sends Christian repeatedly into the announce table. Punk with a round kick to the head and then he connects with elbows to the head. Punk moves the steps and then he drops Christian on the steps instead of the kick for the Go To Sleep. Punk applies the Anaconda Vice and the referee tries to get him to release the hold but the bastard is not going to release the hold until four referees do the job. Punk reapplies the Anaconda Vice.

Punk is restrained by the referees and the medical staff checks on Christian.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Lawler and Cole talk about what we just saw Punk do to Christian. Cole suggests that Christian may have reinjured his neck.

Smackdown Results and Photos – March 23rd 2012

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We are back and Christian has joined the announcers.

We see footage from the match between the team captains when David Otunga defeated Santino Marella and the post match attack by Teddy Long on John Laurinaitis.

Great Khali (w/ Teddy Long) vs. Dolph Ziggler (w/ John Laurinaitis & David Otunga)
Ziggler avoids Khali while Johnny texts. Ziggler with kicks and punches but Khali grabs Dolph by the throat and then connects with a chop and Ziggler goes to the floor. Ziggler goes to the apron and Khali brings Ziggler back in and punches Ziggler.

Khali with a chop and then he sends Ziggler into the turnbuckles. Khali with another chop in the corner and Ziggler is down. Ziggler with a drop kick to the knees followed by a kick to the head and punches. Ziggler with a leaping elbow drop to the back. Ziggler with a front face lock.

Khali picks up Ziggler and sends him to the mat. Khali with clotheslines but Ziggler avoids the chop to the head and he applies the sleeper. The bell rings and we see that it was Laurinaitis that did it.

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Smackdown Results and Photos – March 16th 2012

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We begin with the return of the Peep Show and the return of Christian. The fans appear to have forgotten that Christian hated the peeps because they cheer his return.

Christian welcomes everyone to the return of the Peep Show. He says that it will be an interesting show because there is going to be a twelve man tag match at Wrestlemania as Team Laurinaitis faces Team Long. Christian points out that the winner will become the general manager of both shows.

Christian brings out the man who exudes charisma as a show leader, John Laurinaitis with his team captain, the man who makes holding a travel mug manly, David Otunga. John welcomes Christian back and he says that it is an honor for him and David to be on the Peep Show. Christian says that he likes that Captain Excitement is in the ring with Captain Charisma.

Christian brings out Teddy Long and he is joined by Aksana. Christian says that the stakes at Wrestlemania could not be higher because one of these men will have control of both shows. Christian says that he should try to do something unheard of, he is going to put his personal and business interests aside and he will give both men the opportunity to convince Christian to be a part of their team at Wrestlemania.

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Elimination Chamber 2012 Coverage

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John Laurinaitis came out with David Otunga. Laurinaitis was speaking when Alberto Del Rio’s music hit and returned, driving a Rolls Royce into the Arena. Basically, they were trashing Teddy Long and saying he was corrupt. Del Rio said that Laurinaitis should be the permanent General Manager for both Raw and Smackdown.

Out came Mark Henry, who was suspended by Long. He said that Long was a bully and physically assaulted him. Henry said that just like the good guy that he is, he fell for it and was suspended for it. He told Laurinaitis that they’ve never seen eye to eye but Laurinaitis isn’t a bully and never threw his weight around or abused his power. He agreed Laurinaitis should be in power.

Christian then came out, making his return from his ankle injury, walking to the ring in street clothes. Christian said that he would have been competing for the World title tonight had it not been for Long. He sad that unlike Randy Orton faking a concussion, his injuries were legitimate and said that Long forcing him to work while hurt was an unsafe working environment. He asked the Board of Directors to make Laurinaitis the Smackdown GM.

Laurinaitis said he was touched and wanted everyone to take a photo, as the fans chanted for Triple H. They posed, although Henry didn’t want to do it.

Tribute To The Troops 2011 Results and Photos

Live Event Digitals > Tribute To The Troops 2011
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Christian comes out and he only has one crutch tonight. He says that he is still suffering from a neck injury sustained at the hands of Big Show and an ankle injury sustained at the hands of Sheamus. He says that he is also dealing with the emotional trauma sustained due to the lack of caring by the WWE Universe. Christian says that he is here to provide his support for the greatest fighting force in the world…the Canadian Army. Christian tells all of the Canadians to stand up. Sheamus’ music plays and he comes out to show his support of all things Canada. Christian goes to the back for the Canadian Army reception.

Raw Results and Photos – December 12th 2011

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We are back and it is time for more Slammy Awards to be presented. The next award is Game Changer of the Year and the presenter is Christian who is helped by two crutches and the ones the doctors gave him. Christian has an award not on the ballot and he wants to give the Courageous Moment of the Year award to himself for showing up despite having numerous injuries.

This award is to remember the one moment that changed the landscape of the WWE. Christian wants to know how he is not nominated for this award or how he is not Superstar of the Year. He won two World Championships this year. Christian blames everyone and their stupid faces for not showing enough outrage that he did not get one more match.

Smackdown Results and Photos – November 18th 2011

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Christian is on his way to the ring and he has a crutch and his neck brace. He says two weeks ago on Smackdown he was brutally choke slammed by the Big Show for no reason. That led to a serious neck injury. Instead of taking his claims seriously, Teddy Long books him in a match against Sheamus last week. Christian says that he could have run away, but he stayed and fought Sheamus like a man. Christian says that he fought Sheamus all over Europe and to compensate for his neck, he severely injured his ankle.

Christian shows us a photo of his ankle and he says that he might be out of action for a few months. Christian does not know if he will be the same again. The fact is that he is no longer on the Survivor Series and he is off Team Barrett. Christian says that he will continue to support Team Barrett on to victory. Christian says that he is special and he inspires everyone to be better.

Christian says that normally he would be asking for ‘One More Match’ for the World Title, but now he would like just one more match…any match. That dream has been taken away by Teddy Long and his incompetence. Christian talks about the lack of respect from the WWE Universe. He wonders if they even care that he is injured. Christian asks the simpletons one more time if they care that he is injured. Christian wants to know if they care that he is walking around in constant pain. Christian says that he is a human being and he has feelings.

Christian tells Teddy Long that there will be severe consequences for what he did. Christian says that he has never been more embarrassed for a collection of people than what he is looking at tonight. Christian tells them all good riddance as he hobbles to the back.

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2011 Fall Europe Tour Photos and Results

I’ve added all of the photos as well as results taken from Smackdown’s recent tour of Europe that concluded over the weekend, you can check everything out below.

November 3rd – Bilbao, Spain
Sheamus def. Christian

November 4th – Graz, Austria
Randy Orton & Sheamus & Big Show def. World Heavyweight Champion Mark Henry & Christian & Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes

November 5th – Vienna, Austria
Sheamus def. Christian after a Brogue Kick.

Sheamus received a huge pop when he came out. The fans loved him! This was a really great match that lasted about 15 minutes. The finish came when Christian was about to hit the Spear, but Sheamus countered with a huge Brogue Kick to win the match.

November 6th – Cardiff, Wales
Next was the main event of Orton & Show vs. Henry & Christian. Major pops for Orton and Big Show when they made their entrances. Henry and Christian got decent heat, too.

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Smackdown Results and Photos – November 11th 2011

Live Event Digitals > November 11th, 2011
Screen Captures > November 11th, 2011

Randy Orton makes his way to the ring. We see footage from last week’s street fight while Orton gets into the ring.

Orton looks around and then he says that when Teddy Long told him that he would be captaining his own Survivor Series team, he told Teddy that he doesn’t play well with others. Every team or group he has been a part of in WWE has imploded, usually with him doing something horrible to what once were his friends. Orton says that he might not be a leader, but he is not a follower. He has no problem being the team captain.

Orton says that he has no problem giving Cody Rhodes the beating of his life, again. He has no problem shutting up Christian’s mouth once and for all. He says that he doesn’t really know Jack Swagger that well and he doesn’t know Hunico at all, but he will have no problem to do what he must because they got in his way. Orton says that he especially has no problem.

Orton is interrupted by the man who he was going to talk about, Wade Barrett. Wade makes his way into the ring and he asks Orton what he has no problem with. Barrett says that Orton was going to say that he has no problem with Wade Barrett. Barrett says that Orton has a huge problem with him. The problems he gave Orton in the past will pale in comparison to what he is going to do to Orton at Survivor Series.

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Smackdown Results and Photos – November 4th 2011

Live Event Digitals > November 4th, 2011
Screen Captures > November 4th, 2011

We are back and Big Show makes his way to the ring. We see the footage of the ring collapsing again. Show says that he would rather come out to fight than talk tonight. This is why you don’t see Frankenstein go on those long winded speeches any more. He isn’t a monster any more. He is a man with a bolt in his neck who likes to blab.

Show tells Mark Henry that they have unfinished business from Vengeance. If Mark doesn’t understand, maybe Mark can ask Alberto Del Rio. Show says that every show that he doesn’t get the match, he is going to knock Mark out until he gets his match. Christian interrupts Big Show and he makes his way to the ring. Show asks Christian if he can help him and if Christian is lost.

Christian says that he heard Mark’s clever ‘mama said knock you out’ line so he figured that was it so he came out for his match against Sheamus. Christian asks Show a quick question, but he wants to know why Show deserves ‘One More Match’ for the World Title. Show asks if that is a trick question.

Christian says that he doesn’t come out to ask for one more match to annoy people. He does it because he deserves it. Show comes out and he is threatening violence on people. Christian wonders if he could knock people out, but he is not a violent person. He says that he isn’t from the South. He is from Canada. People do things a little differently.

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Raw Results and Photos – October 31st 2011

Live Event Digitals > October 31st 2011
Screen Captures > October 31st 2011

We go to the back to Bunsen and Beaker and Bunsen is working on an energy drink for Santino.

Beaker bumps into Christian and Christian pours out the drink that was for Santino. Christian turns around and he sees Beaker’s brother from a different life form.

Christian walks away and we have a family reunion. Sheamus says that he can’t make it this year and he tells Beaker to tell Aunt Teresa hello. Sheamus fixes Beaker’s hair.

After the match, in which Air Boom took on the team of Cody Rhodes and Wade Barrett, Christian goes after Kofi and then Barrett and Rhodes join in the attack. Sheamus’ music plays and he pulls Christian out of the ring and then he hits a Brogue Kick on Cody.

Smackdown Results and Photos – October 28th 2011

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Screen Captures > October 28th, 2011

Teddy Long is in the ring and he has something to say. Teddy says that after what happened at Vengeance, the status of Mark Henry, Big Show, and the World Championship are in a state of flux. Despite the injuries suffered by both men, they are both here. Teddy promises to everyone that the future of the World Title will be addressed tonight.

Speaking of people who want the World Title, Christian makes his way to the ring. He tells Teddy that the future of the World Championship will be discussed right now. There is no doubt that what Mark and Show did at Vengeance was historic. By that he means that it is history. As far as he is concerned, Big Show had his chance and he blew it. That makes a big hole in the World Title picture.

Christian says that the void will be filled by the man who dominated this brand over the last five months. Teddy reminds Christian that the last time he saw Christian, he was getting his head kicked off his shoulders by Sheamus.

Christian says that he is resilient and then he tells Teddy to try to find someone more deserving than him.

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Raw Results and Photos – October 24th 2011

Live Event Digitals > October 24th, 2011
Screen Captures > October 24th, 2011

Randy Orton & Sheamus vs. Cody Rhodes & Christian
Christian and Orton start things off as we see what is trending on Twitter now that is WWE related. Christian with punches to Orton followed by an Irish whip but you don’t Irish whip Orton into the corner because he clotheslines Christian. Orton with a back body drop followed by a boot to the midsection. Orton works on the arm and tags in Sheamus. Orton Irish whips Christian towards Sheamus for a slingshot shoulder and a near fall.

Rhodes tags in and gets a back body drop. Sheamus puts Rhodes in the ropes and connects with a series of forearms and then Sheamus punches Christian on the apron. Sheamus with a short arm clothesline and then he goes to the turnbuckles but he sees Christian moving towards him and he hits a shoulder tackle off the apron.

Rhodes with kicks to Sheamus followed by a side Russian leg sweep for a near fall. Rhodes with a reverse chin lock as we go to commercial.

We are back and Christian is choking Sheamus in the ropes and Rhodes with a forearm to the head while the referee deals with Christian. Sheamus punches Christian and Christian tries for the Killswitch but Sheamus with a belly-to-back suplex and both men are down. Orton makes the tag and he clotheslines Christian a few times and then he hits a power slam. Orton with a kick followed by a back drop driver from the shoulders.

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Vengeance 2011 Results and Photos

Live Event Digitals > Vengeance 2011
Screen Captures > Vengeance 2011

Christian vs. Sheamus
Sheamus worked over Christian early, including a series of ten clubbing shots across the chest while Christian was in the ropes. He then held him for a long vertical standing suplex for a two count. Christian came back to nail a neckbreaker and beat down Sheamus in the corner with punches and kicks. Sheamus battled back but was kicked away by Christian.

Sheamus snapped Christian into the corner and nailed a series of shoulderblocks. Christian hooked the tights for a two count. Cole spent more time ripping Jim Ross than talking the match, which was so annoying even I wanted to kick him in the teeth. Christian locked in a side chinlock. Sheamus battled his way to his feet and fell down to break it.

Sheamus charged but he was hit with a drop toehold into the ropes. Christian stepped on his back and choked him. Christian then popped him in the mouth with a punch. Christian nailed a missile dropkick off the second rope. Sheamus made a comeback with a series of clotheslines but was kicked off as he charged him in the corner. Christian went for a bodypress but was caught with a Fall Away Slam for a two count.

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