Wrestle Kingdom II Captures

Captures taken from the 2008 event Wrestle Kingdom II, in which the team of TNA’s Christian Cage, AJ Styles and Petey Williams took on the team of NJPW’s Milano Collection A.T., Minoru and Prince Devitt (aka NXT’s own Finn Bálor). This was the same event that was covered during TNA’s Global iMPACT! in 2008. You can view the captures in full by clicking the link below.

NXT Takeover Captures

Christian along with Paul Heyman and Cesaro appeared on the panel for the NXT Takeover Pre-show. Christian also made a brief appearance on the main show and captures have been uploaded to the gallery for your viewing pleasure.

Tribute To The Troops 2011 Results and Photos

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Christian comes out and he only has one crutch tonight. He says that he is still suffering from a neck injury sustained at the hands of Big Show and an ankle injury sustained at the hands of Sheamus. He says that he is also dealing with the emotional trauma sustained due to the lack of caring by the WWE Universe. Christian says that he is here to provide his support for the greatest fighting force in the world…the Canadian Army. Christian tells all of the Canadians to stand up. Sheamus’ music plays and he comes out to show his support of all things Canada. Christian goes to the back for the Canadian Army reception.

2011 Fall Europe Tour Photos and Results

I’ve added all of the photos as well as results taken from Smackdown’s recent tour of Europe that concluded over the weekend, you can check everything out below.

November 3rd – Bilbao, Spain
Sheamus def. Christian

November 4th – Graz, Austria
Randy Orton & Sheamus & Big Show def. World Heavyweight Champion Mark Henry & Christian & Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes

November 5th – Vienna, Austria
Sheamus def. Christian after a Brogue Kick.

Sheamus received a huge pop when he came out. The fans loved him! This was a really great match that lasted about 15 minutes. The finish came when Christian was about to hit the Spear, but Sheamus countered with a huge Brogue Kick to win the match.

November 6th – Cardiff, Wales
Next was the main event of Orton & Show vs. Henry & Christian. Major pops for Orton and Big Show when they made their entrances. Henry and Christian got decent heat, too.

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Tour Photos and Results From Florence, Italy and Barcelona, Spain

I’ve added 3 photos, as well as the results from Friday Night’s houseshow in Florence, Italy and Saturday night’s houseshow in Barcelona, Spain.

April 10th – Florence, Italy:
World Heavyweight Championship
Randy Orton def. Christian

April 11th – Barcelona, Spain:
World Heavyweight Championship
Randy Orton def. Christian & Sheamus in a triple-threat match to retain

UWF-TNA Campus Invasion Nights 1 and 2 Captures

I’ve just added 2 sets exclusive captures to the gallery, taken from both night’s of UWF-TNA Campus Invasion events, held on the 14th and 15th April 2006. Captures from the second night’s event were previously seen on the gallery before, but the quality of these captures are much higher than the old set. Be sure to check them out, by clicking below!

1PW’s Know Your Enemy Night’s 1 and 2 Captures

Captures from One Pro Wrestling’s (1PW’s) Know Your Enemy events, which took place on May 26th 2006 and May 27th 2006, have now been added to the gallery. On the first night, the NWA Heayvweight Champion Christian Cage took on Steve Corino, Christian was able to win the match after Corino tapped out to the Cloverleaf.

On the second night, Christian Cage took on both Steve Corino and the 1PW Champion Abyss, in a triple threat match for the 1PW Championship. Corino was crowned the new 1PW Champion after Christian hit the Unprettier on Abyss and tried to help Corino’s son leave the ring after being dragged in by Abyss, earlier in the match, using this to his advantage, Corino scored the pinfall.

Be sure to check them out by clicking the links below!

1PW’s All or Nothing: Night 1 2006 Captures

Captures from One Pro Wrestling’s (1PW’s) All Or Nothing event, which took place on March 4th 2006, have now been added to the gallery. In this event, the NWA Heayvweight Champion Christian Cage took on long-time friend Rhino. Christian scored the pinfall after hitting Rhino with a second Unprettier, also captures from the preview to the second night, where Christian Cage came out to share a few words Sterling James Keenan, only to be slapped in the face and attacked by the 1PW Champion Abyss have been added too. Be sure to check them all out when you can!

EPW vs. The World Captures

Back on April 4th, 2008 Christian Cage appeared at Eastern Pro Wrestling’s EPW vs. The World, where he took on Dan Freitas. Freitas did not back down during the match and nearly upset Cage on more than one occasion. In the end, Cage managed to pin Freitas after hitting him with the Unprettier. Captures taken from this match have now been added to the gallery, which you can view by clicking below.

IC’s 1 Year Anniversary Countdown – Global iMPACT!

On the last day of our countdown, I bring to you all TNA’s Global iMPACT!, which took place in Japan on January 4th at the Tokyo Dome. Christian Cage teamed up with AJ Styles and Petey Williams and took on the team of Milano Collection AT, Minoru and Prince Devitt. Click the below to view the captures and just to let everyone know, I do have a video of the full match so if anyone wants me to cap that, just let me know.

IC’s 1 Year Anniversary Countdown – Ring Of Honor: Generation Now

Today, we go back to 29th July 2006 and Christian’s second appearance in Ring Of Honor, Generation Now, where he took on “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels. Unfortunately Christian was defeated in this match, but if anyone every watches the match between the two at this event, be sure to watch what happens before the match even begins, very entertaining!

IC’s 1 Year Anniversary Countdown – Ring Of Honor: How We Roll

With Instant Classic’s first anniversary coming up next week, I thought that I should something a little special, so today I bring you capture taken from Christian’s first ever appearance in Ring Of Honor (ROH), in which the team of himself and Colt Cabana took on Bryan Danielson and Christopher Daniels. Be sure to keep a look out tomorrow and for the rest of the week when I’ll be adding more captures from past moments from Christian’s career.

12/12/09 and 13/12/09 BSE Pro Wrestling Results

December 12th:

Christian Cage and Brian Youngblood def. Tyson Dux and Pierre Shadows.
After the match, Tyson Dux hit Christian Cage over the head with the ring bell

December 13th:

Christian Cage def. “Textbook” Tyson Dux