Christian To Appear At FCW Event

Friday May 18, 2012 – 6:00pm
Orlando Armory – 2809 S. Ferncreek Ave., Orlando, FL

Come see WWE Superstar Christian as he appears at the FCW event at the Orlando Armory!
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WWE Superstars Visit Holtz Children’s Hospital During Wrestlemania Week

MIAMI – WWE Superstars and Divas made a very special stop on The Road to WrestleMania Wednesday afternoon, visiting Holtz Children’s Hospital in Miami to brighten the day of the kids.

The WWE contingent, which included Rey Mysterio, R-Truth, Kofi Kingston, The Great Khali, Christian, The Bella Twins, Maxine and AJ, spent a few hours with the children. “There’s a lot of our fans that can’t make it out to WrestleMania, so we bring it to them,” R-Truth said.

The Superstars may not have been prepared for intense interviews, but some of the kids came armed with microphones and their best questions. “They had a whole list made, they knew everybody and had questions for everybody,” Christian explained. “They were well-prepared.”

Mysterio, donning a dazzling white and red mask, was touched at the hospital’s treatment of Spanish speaking-familes. “I met families from Guatemala and Costa Rica. There are a lot of Hispanic speaking people here being taken care of. It’s good to see that the hospital opens their heart for anyone,” he said.

One child in particular touched Mysterio’s heart. “He was very quiet, but very alert. You could tell right away that he was very happy to see me, despite not much expression on his face,” he explained. “I remembered that I had a mask in my back pack. I signed and gave it to him with a toy Rumbler. As I was signing the mask, you could see that he was very happy, despite not being able to say much. It was really cool.”

Christian To Appear At Wrestlemania Axxess have released the schedule for this year’s Wrestlemania Axxess, where Christian is scheduled to make 3 appearances. If you’ve got your tickets be sure to take the chance to meet Captian Charisma and also, have fun!

Thursday March 29th, 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Appearances by Kane, CM Punk, R Truth, Jack Swagger, Beth Phoenix, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Vickie Guerrero, Hornswoggle, Santino Marella, Mark Henry, Edge, Wade Barrett, AJ, Christian, Daniel Bryan, The Great Khali, and more!

Saturday March 31st, 8:00 am – 12:00 pm
Appearances by Christian, Randy Orton, Ted DiBiase, Jimmy Hart, Jim Ross, Gerry Brisco, Zach Ryder, Drew McIntrye, Paul Bearer, Teddy Long, Booker T, Lita, Eve, Alberto Del Rio, Ricardo Rodriguez, Rowdy Piper, Layla, and more!

Sunday April 1st, 8:00 am – 12:00 pm
Appearances by Daniel Bryan, Sheamus, Dolph Ziggler, Vickie Guerrero, Alberto Del Rio, Ricardo Rodriguez, Mark Henry, Christian, The Bellas, R Truth, Alicia Fox, Lita, The Big Show, The Great Khali, Primo, Epico, Rosa, Rowdy Piper, Santino Marella, Paul Bearer and more!

Christian Scheduled To Appear In Wavre, Brussels

Wednesday November 9, 2011
Smartoys – Rue des Brasseries 30, 1300 Wavre, Brussels

Come meet WWE Superstar Christian as he signs for the first 300 fans starting at 4:30pm at Smartoys located at Rue des Brasseries 30, 1300 Wavre, Brussels!

Christian Scheduled To Appear in Ontario, Canada

Monday September 12, 2011
Toys R Us – 3150 ARGENTIA ROAD, MISSISSAUGA Ontario, Canada

Come meet WWE Superstar Christian and WWE Diva Natalya as they sign autographs at the Toys R Us located at 3150 ARGENTIA ROAD, MISSISSAUGA Ontario, Canada. One autograph per person.

Meet Christian At SummerSlam Axxess

Christian passed on that he will indeed be attending SummerSlam Axxess this year, on Saturday, from 6-8pm. So, if you’re planning on going to Axxess, don’t miss your chance to meet the World Heavyweight Champion!

Christian Autograph Appearance Recap

My friends and I arrived at the K-Mart around 1:00 p.m. as they were scheduled to hand out wristbands for the event at 1:30 p.m. (only 300 people were permitted according to the flyers). Christian was scheduled to be there at 3:00 p.m.

As we walked in we assumed we were too late as it appeared that well over 300 people were in line. At 1:30 PM, wristbands were handed out and not only did we get wristbands, but it appeared as though around 100 people past us also received wristbands. Not sure if I need to brush up on my counting skills, or if “300 people permitted” isn’t a hard and fast rule.

Christian was very gracious to everyone I was with and joked around with many people in line. While he signed my fake, plastic toy belt, he asked me if I was going to the show tonight. I said that I was and that I was looking forward to seeing him in the same ring as Bret Hart. Christian paused and said “Oh…I forgot that he was going to be there.” Both he and I laughed as he said goodbye and shook my hand.

Everyone I went with was very pleased with the experience and thought it was well worth the wait in line.


Christian Scheduled To Appear In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Saturday July 23, 2011 3pm
Kmart – 875 Green Tree Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15220

Meet WWE Superstar Christian at Kmart – 875 Green Tree Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15220 on July 23 beginning at 3pm.

Open to the first 300 attendees. One autograph per person. Wristband policy in effect. Wristbands will be distributed to the first 300 attendees. Space is limited. Arrive early. Talent and event subject to change.