E&C’s Pod Of Awesomeness – 15th December 2017

Celebrating the 10-Year Anniversary of The Edgeheads with Curt Hawkins (and Zack Ryder Too, Kind of)

Welcome to another edition of E&C’s Pod of Awesomeness!

This week, the Rocket Strappers are in the same room once again, at Edge’s house in North Carolina, before the Birdman migrates south for the holidays. They kicked things off by talking about the WWE’s upcoming mixed-tag tournament, before revealing that this episode of the pod was going to be dedicated to the 10 year anniversary of…The Edgeheads.

After unsuccessfully trying to get Ryder on the phone, Hawkins called in to reminisce about being one half of the Edgeheads–how the gimmick got started; how he and Ryder picked the names they’ve carried into present day; what it was like being such a prominent part of a Wrestlemania match, at such a young age; and the one time that Edge actually got hot at them.

Edge, Christian, and Curt also talked Zack Ryder–his wrestling figure collection and how blown up he was in his ECW match against The Bird–before calling to give him one last shot at being on the show.

This one, like all the ones, was a fun one, Hosers.

Long live The Edgeheads.


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