Video: Wrestling Origins – Part 8

After I retired from wrestling, obviously some other doors opened for me. I’ve always (been) looking for a creative outlet and the next challenge. What’s the next challenge? With the WWE network, fortunately they let us write, produce and star in “The Edge and Christian Show That Totally Reeks of Awesome” on the WWE network which was pretty big success. That was a really cool experience to get to do that whole process, work with a bunch of writers & producers and kind of do something completely different. It was a good learning experience and something that I found that I really enjoyed doing also.

Adam and I, we have a natural chemistry because we’re lifelong friends. We’ve known each other, we’ve done everything together in our lives and our careers. We got approached about doing a podcast as well and we weren’t sure if we wanted to do it, because it seems like there’s a lot of wrestling podcasts. We didn’t want to be just another wrestling podcast, so we started discussing it. We were talking about it on the phone and things like that, next thing you know we’re 45 minutes into a conversation telling different stories and like “Hey, that’s pretty much a podcast.”

We wanted to make an extension of the Edge and Christian Show that you saw on the WWE network; keep it light, keep it funny. We talk about wrestling but we’re also fathers, we’ll talk about our kids, being dads – the challenges of it, how awesome it is and we’ll talk about other sports. We’re both big hockey fans, we both like music, we both do some acting, we kind of cover a lot of ground but the meat and potatoes of it is wrestling. We have some wrestling guests, it’s the type of podcast we don’t necessarily need a guest all the time because we can play off each other a lot, but we do enjoy having guests and talking to different people, not just in wrestling but in other sports and other walks of life as well.

It’s been a really cool experience and we’re really enjoying it, been getting great feedback on it and we’re just trying to keep it light, funny and fan interactive. We like getting emails from fans, we have a voicemail thing where we open up the floodgates and just let people leave voicemails, whatever they want to say, good, bad, as colourful as they want to be. We’ve done that as well, we’re having a lot of fun with it, so it’s been great.