Video: Wrestling Origins – Part 7

The biggest thing I picked up from wrestling is never stop learning, every time that I went to the ring I wanted to be better than I was the time before and I took that with me to the ring into my promos, to my [backstage], to my character, to everything to the day that I retired. I think that you apply those things in life, life in general, not to mention now moving into acting, doing the broadcasting stuff. Get better every time, learn something every time and I think that that’s important. Never think that you’re too good to learn something, those are the things that I always try to learn. So I’m always wanting to surround myself and work with people that are better than me so I can get better, that’s the way I look at it.

The funny thing is that with wrestling and being in the WWE, in a sense we’ve – I’ve said it before, a few people have said it, it’s like entertainment boot camp. You get a little bit of everything, you’re playing a character. I played the character of Christian for almost 20 years, it just seemed like a natural progression and another fun challenge, something that I can strive to get better at and when I retired, Adam was on a show called “Haven” on Syfy. He’d been on it for about five seasons, (by) the fourth season in he was pretty much a regular character on the show, the producers happened to read his book, he talked a lot about me in his book and they asked him about me, what I was doing and he said that I was not wrestling at the time, they just said to him, “Hey, we wrote this character. We think he’d be great to do it. What do you think?”. He’s like, “Yeah. I’m sure he would love to.”

I ended up doing six episodes of the show “Haven”, everybody there was awesome to me. It was a super great cast & crew, they kind of just made me feel comfortable from day one on set. I just had such a fun time doing it and I just liked the whole process of it. I liked developing the characters, the challenge of acting, working with people that are better than you at something and striving to get better. From that I took some acting classes and just wanted to keep pursuing it. I actually just wrapped a movie that I was shooting out in Regina called “Super Grid”, I was out there working on that for about ten days and I played the main bad guy in the film, Kurtis, which is pretty cool. He was a great character, lot of layers, was really fun to play. I had an idea of how I was going to play the character when I got there, but it completely changed when I started which was awesome. The director was amazing, Lowell Dean, the whole crew and cast. The cast got along great and I think that comes across in what we shot. I’m looking forward to seeing the finished product and I’m looking forward to obviously doing a lot more acting in the future.