E&C’s Pod Of Awesomeness – 1st September 2017

The Usos, Reaction to Reigns-Cena Promo, and Tales From the Indies with TOMMAYYY

What’s up, Hosers?!

I say it every week, and I always mean it, but, man, this week’s show is a big one.

E&C opened things up by reflecting on everything that’s gone on in Houston, while wishing the city and its residents the best. Our pal Cold Stone Andrew Pisano, who entertains you Hosers on a regular basis with his impressions, is down in Texas, and has encouraged everyone who wants to help with relief efforts to donate to JJ Watt’s fundraising page, here: http://youcaring.com/jjwatt

Every dollar helps, truly.

Next, the guys broke down this week’s Roman Reigns-John Cena promo, explaining its significance and sharing some of their own promo-cutting experiences, before pivoting and giving their thoughts on the SexyStar incident.

Then, it was time for the return of everyone’s favorite Indy wrestler…TOMMAY! E&C caught up with him for a few, talking baseball batting helmets, the Montreal Expos, and what he’s doing to try and help the people of Houston.

And FINALLY, last but certainly not least, we had the USOS join the Pod of Awesomeness. Jimmy and Jay told stories about growing up in one of the world’s most prominent wrestling families, how they began wearing face paint, and the transition from babyface to heel tag team. It was a great time catching up with those guys! #DayOneIsh

That’s about it, Hosers. Oh, also, at some point within the show E&C did a Neil Young duet. It was beautiful.

Ok, now go listen! #HereWeGo