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Edge and Christian make their way to the ring and they appear to be okay after their attack on Monday night and their successful return on Main Event.

Michael Cole mentions that Edge and Christian have filed a lawsuit against WWE, Triple H, and Stephanie McMahon.

Edge says he has been running through the events on Raw in his head for the week and the direction that the WWE is going, and he says that he feels it could be his fault. Edge says that if there is something they could do to Seth Rollins, they would tear him apart. He has a huge target on his back and he has a John Cena sized missile aimed at him.

Christian says that they have an amazing Smackdown lined up for tonight. Edge says the Authority cannot do anything about tonight’s show.

Before Edge and Christian can do anything else, Joey Mercury and Jamie Noble arrive in a limo. Jamie and Joey berate the limo river as they make their way to the ring.

Edge and Christian wonder what has happened and then Seth Rollins’ music plays, but only Joey Mercury and Jamie Noble emerge from the back. They make their way to the ring and the have some paperwork.

Edge tells them that they might want to go under the bottom rope next time since they are so short. Christian says that his e-mail is working now so he didn’t expect the Geek Squad to show up tonight.

Jamie says that they have a prepared statement from the Authority that they want them to read. Joey shows them the statement and then he says that Triple H and Stephanie McMahon disavow any knowledge of any premeditated attack by Seth Rollins and Big Show on Edge and Christian. Seth Rollins acted on his own accord and the Authority neither condones nor supports their actions. They apologize.

Edge says that seems convenient, but Joey says he is not finished.

The Authority recognize their right to host Smackdown so they will not interfere with those rights. To make sure that they run the show up to the standards of the Authority, Joey and Jamie will supervise and advise the corporate offices if Edge or Christian do anything inappropriate.

Edge points out that they are still in control so they can make the matches. Edge says the first match they should make is…

Edge says J&J Security should face ‘The Big Guy’ Ryback. Edge tells them to calm down and not soil their britches. He will not endanger their lives. Ryback will face The Big Show.

Christian likes that match, but he has one that might be better. Why not make the main event, Rusev versus Roman Reigns.

Edge likes that and Jamie says that he is taking notes of all of this and it will go into their permanent files.

Edge points out he does not work here. Edge says that he won’t host a show for a long time, but tonight it is their show.

Christian tells the dork chops to put it in their permanent files.

They say their show starts Right Now.

Later, Edge and Christian are in the back and Edge suggests they should practice their five second poses. Christian points out that it should happen for no reason. Jamie and Joey stop them and they say that they are doing everything tonight, including the five second pose. Jamie and Joey do their five second pose and they are pleased with what they have done.

Later in the show, Edge and Christian are in the office and they are interrupted by Jamie and Joey. Jamie says that they need to get the office ready for the Authority. Christian tells them they have earned their paycheck tonight. Edge asks Christian if he is thinking what he is thinking. They decide to do some art work of their own on the Muscle and Fitness cover that has been put in the office.