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Edge and Christian then made their way to the ring. Cole welcomed the audience to Main Event live on the network. Tonight he is joined by JBL and Booker T.

The Cutting Edge Peep Show with special guest Adam Rose
Christian began the Cutting Edge Peep Show segment by announcing Edge like Tony Chimel. Edge said that after everything that happened in Raw, he couldn’t sleep last night. He then said he got a lawyer to make sure that if anything happened to him tonight that he will own the WWE. Christian said that they aren’t happy either that The Authority are back in power, but they will still host Smackdown and Main Event tonight. Edge said he thought it would be a good opportunity to do another Cutting Edge Peep Show tonight and that he would never lead Christian astray. Christian refuted Edge’s claims by recalling a time he had to wear a chicken suit when he was trying to lose weight. Edge said he has a guest tonight who is a total freakazoid. He then revealed the guest tonight is Adam Rose.

Christian welcomed Rose to the show and told him it looks like he hasn’t showered in months. One of the Rosebuds was holding a puppet that looked like Edge and Edge asked how he obtained his stunt double. Edge asked Rose why he sucks on the lollipop and Christian said that actually people just think he sucks. Rose said he only sucks on lollipops and then listed a few flavors. Edge said he wanted to talk about the Exotic Express. Christian and Edge listed off many expresses in wrestling such as the Lex Express and Midnight Express. Edge paced around the Rosebuds and asked where The Bunny was. Rose said that they turned into lemons right in front of his eyes. He said The Bunny doesn’t deserve to be in the rosebuds anymore.

Edge said that he comes from the Attitude Era and if you want to talk about partying with bunnies that’s another story. Edge said they wanted they want to do a 5 Second Pose tonight with just the Rosebuds, not Adam Rose. Rose said they only do what he says. Edge said tonight they will do what the WWE Universe says. Rose left the ring and told the Rosebuds to follow him. Edge then said for the benefit of those with flash photography will will now pose with the Rosebuds. Edge’s music played and they all danced in the ring.

Later in the broadcast the announce team mention that Edge and Christian have filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit against WWE as a result of what happened at the end of Raw last night. The announce team said we would find out more details on Smackdown this week as Edge and Christian will be appearing on the show.