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The Peep Show with special guest Dean Ambrose
We are back and it is time for the return of the Peep Show and Christian. Christian says that when you least expect it, Captain Charisma shows up looking for one…more…episode of the Peep Show. He says that he sees that he has a lot of Peeps in Albany. He says that he just got back from the set of Haven. He mentions that his episode featuring Edge will air on November 28th right before Smackdown. There is a lot of wild stuff going on. You have the stipulation announced by Vince McMahon in the Team Authority versus Team Cena match at Survivor Series.

Christian takes a quick poll of the crowd for the main event of Survivor Series and the majority feel that Team Cena will win. Christian says that things are going to be getting chaotic over the next few weeks…

Dean Ambrose’s music plays and he appears to have jumped Christian’s cue for him to come to the ring. We have a video package to show why Dean is not in a gregarious mood tonight. Christian introduces the man who doesn’t like introductions, Dean Ambrose.

Christian says the last time he saw Dean, he was running with the Shield. He asks Dean what is it like to be Dean Ambrose now.

Dean says that it is a bowl of cherries. He has no friends and there are enemies around each corner.

Christian mentions Bray Wyatt, the man who cost Dean his match at Hell in a Cell. Why did Bray do it?

Dean asks Christian if he knows. Dean says that you usually go after the person who has something that you want, but Dean says that he has nothing. There is no title for Bray to take from him. What does he want? Dean says that he thinks Bray likes to play mind games. The people who cannot handle the volume being turned up, so Bray preys on weak minded people.

Dean says that his mind is a dangerous place to be. Nobody knows him. Dean says that he does this because it is fun. He likes danger, fighting, adrenaline, riding on the edge of the lightning bolt. He likes the thrill of pulling himself up from the mat spitting blood and teeth and throwing more punches. He is not scared of going down any dark alleys with Bray Wyatt.

Bray Wyatt’s screen saver shows up and his music plays. Wyatt makes his way onto the stage with his smoking lantern.

Bray sits down in his conveniently placed rocking chair.

Bray says that Dean has nothing to fear because he has nothing to lose. Bray says that there was a time when Dean had something to fight for. A time when you had safety and security with the Shield. Bray laughs and he asks what happened. What happened? That love was ripped from you and that security was taken away. It has left you like a fish out of water, gasping for air.

He asks Dean if he knows who he is and what it is that he does? He says that he heals. He heeled Erick Rowan and Luke Harper. He can heal Dean Ambrose too. All Dean has to do is take his hand and he can make it all go away. He knows that salvation is not for everyone. He once offered his hand to Daniel Bryan. Daniel defied him. Now he is nowhere to be seen. Dean, you can be different. He says that he can fix him. What does Dean have to lose? Your own father turned his back on you.

Does he still send you postcards from prison? He wants Dean to tell him he is wrong and prove him wrong.

Ambrose goes up the ramp and the lights go out and the Wyatt screen saver appears. When the lights come back on, Bray is not on the stage. Dean looks at the stage and Bray is behind Dean. Bray tells Dean to run and the screen saver goes up again and the lights go out one more time.

Bray is gone, but you can still hear his laugh.