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Christian vs. Sheamus
Christian gets tossed out of the ring near the start. The audience is treated to a replay of the RAW Pre-Show in which the reason that this match was created is revealed. Apparently Sheamus and Christian were arguing – and now we have a match.

Sheamus gets behind the man who eliminated him at last night’s PPV and applies a chinlock. Christian escapes and drags Sheamus towards the corner. Christian looks to use the steel post for a massive ball tap, but Sheamus counters. Christian uses the top rope to hit Sheamus in the neck. He flies out of the corner with a missile dropkick and cover. Sheamus kicks out.

Sheamus is placed on the apron and exchanges blows with Christian. Sheamus uses his head to lift up Christian and throw him out of the ring. Christian tries to get back inside but is knocked off the apron with a shoulder tackle.

Back from the break and Christian is in control. Christian attempts a Bearhug that takes Sheamus down to the mat. Sheamus begins to fight his way back. Sheamus whips Christian into the ropes but gets tripped up and caught with a hard punch from the outside. Christian tries to come back in with a crossbody but Sheamus catches him in midair and slams him down. Sheamus is sent out to the apron. Christian charges but Sheamus grabs him for clobbering blows. Sheamus leaps back inside with a battering ram. Cover, but Christian kicks out.

Christian heads to the corner, but Sheamus grabs him and places him in a Cloverleaf Submission. Christian grabs the bottom rope for the break and heads out for a breather. Sheamus doesn’t let him have his moment and stays hard on the offensive. Sheamus charges for a Brogue Kick, but Christian ducks. Christian climbs to the second rope and leaps forward for a crossbody. Sheamus kicks him out of his boots in midair with a devastating Brogue Kick.

Winner: Sheamus