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We begin tonight’s show with Edge and the return of the Cutting Edge. Edge says that every time he comes out here, the fans remind him why this is home. Edge says that it has been far too long for him to welcome everyone to the Cutting Edge.

To be perfectly honest, he is here because he was requested by the COO, Triple H, to come out here because it would be ‘good for business’. He thought it would be good if he had a reunion…not one with his best friend Christian. Edge says that nobody wants to see Edge and Christian. Hunter felt that it would be better for Edge to have a reunion with his Rated RKO partner, and WWE Champion, Randy Orton.

Edge says that he has known Randy for a long time and Randy has nothing interesting to say. Edge does not have a problem with Randy cashing in the briefcase because he wrote the blueprint for it. Randy is a puppet. He is Triple H’s lackey. Randy needs the Shield to fight his fights for him. Randy is not going to be the guest on The Cutting Edge tonight.

The fans start to ‘Yes’ and Edge looks around. He says that he will have a guest who is good for business…and that guest is Daniel Bryan. We see what happened last Monday night between Big Show and Daniel Bryan during their match. Edge points out that Daniel has been through a lot lately and he appreciates that.

Daniel says that it is a lot better when you have a lot of people chanting your name. Daniel says last week Triple H said that if he did not give up his title opportunity, he was going to get hurt. Daniel says that he has been hurt. When Randy Orton hit him from behind last week with the title belt.

Daniel says that there is satisfaction with the struggle. No matter how many times Randy Orton hits him from behind, no matter how many triple power bombs he gets from the Shield, no matter how many times Big Show punches him, and no matter how many times Triple H tries to keep him down, he will become the WWE Champion.

Edge says that is why he likes Daniel and the fans love him. He looks at this as a challenge. Edge says that he sees himself in Daniel. They did not do something else and then turn to wrestling. Edge says that he does not know if Daniel can beat Randy Orton, but he deserve a fair shot. Edge asks Daniel if he thinks he can beat Randy Orton. Daniel says Yes. Edge asks Daniel if he can shove it in the man’s face and become WWE Champion. Daniel says Yes. Edge asks Daniel if he can become the face of WWE.

Randy Orton’s music interrupts Daniel’s response. Randy appears on the stage and he says that it is a shame that when Edge decides to come back from time to time, the only place that gives a crap about him is Canada. What a shame it is that Edge’s body failed him at such a young age.

Edge says that it is a shame that Randy is supposed to be the face of the WWE and he acts like a different body part. Edge says that Randy’s dad had issues with his arm and while Edge may have issues with his spine, at least he has one. Edge tells Randy that he has become Triple H’s puppet. Hunter has a great mind for the business, but when it comes to picking talent, he just sucks. This is a guy.

Triple H’s music plays and he makes his way to his puppet’s side. Hunter figures that he would let Edge say it to his face. Edge points out that he doesn’t have to bite his tongue because he is not an employee. Hunter didn’t think that Edge could make it. He didn’t think that Chris Jericho could make it. He talked about a Vanilla Ice wannabe like John Cena and how he couldn’t make it. Now he says that Daniel Bryan cannot make it. Maybe Hunter has to look past his huge nose.

Hunter says that it is great to see Edge tonight because it is what is best for business. Hunter secured a large sum for Edge to promote the season premiere of Haven, which airs after Smackdown. Now that the promotional considerations are out of the way, it is time to retort. Hunter says that he may have been wrong a few times, but he was right. Hunter says that Jericho proved him wrong. He was certainly wrong about John Cena. Time will tell about Daniel Bryan.

There was one guy he was right about and said he would be a failure and that is Edge. Edge might be a legend in Canada, but the ‘Rated R Superstar’ experiment was an abject failure. Edge never drew a dime. When he says those things, all a person has to do is prove him wrong. That is what Jericho and Cena did. Now he will give Bryan the opportunity to prove him wrong.

Tonight, Daniel Bryan will face Dean Ambrose. Hunter will allow Daniel to have someone in his corner because Dean has the Shield. It is not going to be Edge. He will have Big Show in his corner. It would be a lot easier to get along with him because he is not a bad guy. He is not a dictator.

Edge says that he did not have to marry into his success, he earned his Hall of Fame ring. He says that Hunter is not a dictator, he is a dick. Hunter says that it takes a lot to have a stack of dimes for a neck after multiple surgeries. While Hunter can’t hurt Edge, he can hurt the ones who Edge loves.

The Shield bring Christian onto the stage and ramp and it appears that Christian has been attacked by the Shield. Edge checks on Christian.