Edge Mentions Christian In Recent Interview With TVDoneWright.com

Your last match was at Wrestlemania 27 when you successfully defended the World Heavyweight Title against Alberto Del Rio. At the time you didn’t know that was going to be your last match. But looking back now, how does it feel to end your career on a high note as The Heavyweight Champion at the biggest event of the year?

Looking back now I’d have to say it would be tough to top it as a retirement. And it made it less emotional since I didn’t know it would be my last match. In a perfect world wrestling Christian at a Wrestlemania in Canada would be the ideal retirement, but the one I had is nothing to sneeze at.

The last time we saw you in the WWE was in May when Christian won the World Heavyweight Title. Now Christian has been your best-friend throughout these years, tell me about being there as he won his first World Title. And what was the first thing you told him in the ring?

My retirement didn’t feel bittersweet because I got to watch him finally realize his dream and take the opportunity my retirement presented. I’ll keep what I told him for my next book.

Since your time out of the ring, have you been paying attention what’s been going on in the WWE? If so, tell me what you think of what’s been going on (CM Punk, Christian’s 2nd Title Reign, etc.).

I haven’t watched anything besides Christian’s stuff.

Finally, I ask this to all my interviewees. What have you been watching on TV lately?

Game of Thrones, and Curb Your Enthusiasm on HBO. Modern Family. How I Met Your Mother, where Barney totally stole the use of awesomeness from Christian and I . (laughs)

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