Instant Classic Report: So, I’ve Finally Met Christian!

At the beginning of the day, I honestly didn’t think that the meeting would be able to take place and I was completely fine if nothing came of it, but just before I left to get to the arena, I checked Instant Classic’s twitter account and I saw that I received a message from Christian. He just wanted me to let him know if I was definitely going to the Smackdown taping.

When I got to The O2 arena with my friend Carmisha, I sent a message back to let him know that I was in the area and I was going to be in the crowd during the taping. When the arena doors opened, after we got to our seats and settled down, I checked my twitter account once again to see if there were any updates, there was. He just told me that he’ll figure something out after the show. Me being me, I sent him a message back saying that I was sitting in the second row and to look out for an ‘Instant Classic’ sign on an iPad (it was Hayleigh’s iPad). After the taping, when Christian stepped off of the ladders and the ring was cleared he started talking to the in-house crowd, I noticed that he was actually looking around in our area a few times, so I guessed he may have spotted the sign before. A few moments later, he stepped out of the ring and walked to the back as the show closed.

I was getting my stuff together and decided to glance at my phone again, he sent another message saying that he wanted to meet me in a certain area of The O2. Carmisha and I knew where we were going as we had been in that arena the year before when we attended the tapings. Hayleigh and Shirlz tagged along with us and I sent another message saying that we were all outside where he wanted to meet. As soon as I saw him walk out of one of the doors, at the expense of embarrassing myself, I darted behind one of the arena entrances. Hayleigh and Carmisha were trying to get his attention by waving. I’m guessing he saw them (again, me leaning up against the entrance trying to regain my composure). I needed a few minutes, but Carmisha and Hayleigh both grabbed me and tried to make me walk toward him. I was laughing to myself and told them to go ahead and that I’d be fine. After a few moments I walked up to everyone, took a few steps away again (what can I say, I was really nervous and I have wanted to meet him since 1998!). But then Carmisha told him who I was, I turned back to him and said hey and that is was nice to finally meet him, he said the same and held out his hand, so I went to shake it. Then he pulled me in for a hug which for some reason, I wasn’t expecting it, but I calmed down a lot after the hug.

Then he said thanks for creating the site and passed something over to me, it was the actual shirt that he was wearing during the Smackdown taping a few moments before. I smiled and said thank you then went in for another hug and he hugged me back, again. Then he asked how much work I’ve put into the site, I simply said that it was quite a lot of hard work, especially with it going on 3 years, but it was fun. Carmisha then chimed in and said that I updated the site near enough everyday, which made him laugh a little. Then I asked for a photo, which he was happy to take (unfortunately, the photo taken from my camera came out a little blurry). He took a few other photos and signed autographs with Shirlz, Hayleigh and the two guests that they had brought along. Carmisha and I were standing away from the others as they got their photos and Hayleigh asked him to sign her iPad, after a few tries he was finally able to do it, at that time he said that he did spot the sign during the taping. Carmisha then told me that she never had the chance to get a photo with him so she walked up to him and he happily took a picture with her too, then she mentioned that he was really tall and he made her feel so short, he laughed a little at that, so did I. But then I just said, if she felt short next to him, how did she think I felt. Yeah, we (Christian, Carmisha & I) all had a laugh at my own expense.

Before they said their goodbyes, Hayleigh and Shirlz mentioned the Extreme Rules pay-per-view and said that he better win because I had to report on it and if he lost, I wouldn’t be very happy. He said that he’d try to do me proud. As he was walking back into the arena, Carmisha and I said goodbye and thanked for taking the time to meet us, we wished him the best on the rest of the tour and the pay-per-view and of course, a safe trip home.

I know that I’ve said this so many times already, but I really have to thank Christian so much for taking the time to set up that meeting, I can’t even begin to say how much I appreciated it. We may not have been able to talk for that long, but it was definitely an experience that I will never forget. 🙂