Vote For Christian’s 12 Greatest Moments In Wrestling

With Christian’s 12th Anniversary of his WWE debut coming up on the 27th September, I’ve come up with 12 moments that have happened in those 12 years (in both WWE & TNA) and all you have to do is rank the moments in your opinion of which was the most memorable. A list will be compiled on the site on the 27th!

Here’s the list the moments to choose from:

a) WWE Debut (Breakdown: In Your House 1998)
b) Debut Match (Judgment Day 1998)
c) NWA Championship Win (Against All Odds 2006)
d) ECW Championship Win (Backlash 2009)
e) TLC matches
f) Revenge On Abyss (Lockdown/Sacrifice 2006)
g) The break up of Edge & Christian
h) Turns On Rhino
i) Signs with TNA (Genesis 2005)
j) Tristian forms (Wrestlemania XX)
k) The Birth of Captain Charisma
l) Return to WWE

All you have to do is send me an email or comment on this post (comments will be screened so it will stay anonymous) with the moments in order of what you think is the most memorable (first being the most, last being the least)

Looking forward to hearing your opinions! 🙂