Matt Hardy Mentions Christian

ECW was in jeopardy of being canceled if Teddy Long didn’t attempt to fill the monstrous void I left in the ECW roster. To fill this enormous void, Theodore Long brought in Christian, Tyson Kidd, and has Evan Bourne on the way back. It was a good start to filling my void, although it’ll take more than these three to do it. So to all of you who enjoyed ECW this week, you have me to thank me for it.

Speaking of Christian, we have a very long and storied history together. Christian was a recipient of my star-making abilities back in the first ever tag team ladder match. Christian was also smart not to stick his nose into my business with Jeff. I could see how he would be tempted to upon resigning with the WWE, but fortunately he was smarter than that. It’s also funny how alot of the “internet journalist” and “internet fans” thought Christian might be somehow associated with me and my master plan. Nope. Never has been. There’s never been any changes in my plans, there’s never been a “B” plan, and Christian hasn’t ever been factored in at any time. If Christian did happen to become ignorant enough to interfere with me and my plans, he might find a “Black Cloud” above his head.

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