JR’s Blog – SmackDown This (Feb. 12, 2009)

Christian returning to WWE wasn’t a huge surprise as the speculation of “Captain Charisma” rejoining WWE had been on going for weeks and weeks. However, I was shocked to see Christian show up on ECW and not on Raw or Friday Night SmackDown, which would have been my personal preference. Certainly Christian provides ECW a marketable boost and with Evan “Air” Bourne about to return from an injury along with ECW Champion Jack Swagger progressing so well, even though the last couple of weeks have not been stellar for Swagger, Sci Fi’s Tuesday night show starring Slammy Award winning announcers Todd “I’m funnier than people think” Grisham and Matt “I despise pronouns” Striker has received an extreme makeover in the wink of an eye.

I have to admit that I was surprised to see Christian return to the WWE Tuesday night on ECW. Christian returning to the WWE at some point wasn’t a big secret in many circles but Christian going to the ECW brand was. Personally, I was hoping that “Captain Charisma” would have joined the Smackdown team. ECW got a nice addition to their roster and because they only do one hour or 6 segments of TV weekly, the ECW show should feature solid, in ring wrestling more weeks than not. I think fans want to see more bell to bell action and ECW seems to provide that most weeks.

credit: wwe universe / jrsbarbq.com