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In the back Hornswoggle looks to be warming up with Finlay and the Irishman works him out then eats some pie. Christian walks in to make sure that Hornswoggle won’t be a distraction tonight. Finlay says they’ll keep their end up, as long as Christian keeps his end up.

Mark Henry w/ Tony Atlas & Jack Swagger vs. Finlay w/ Hornswoggle & Christian
Christian and Mark Henry start things off in the ring. Christian is still using his newfound speed to run and dance circles around Henry. Mark throws him into the corner and goes for a punch, but Christian dodges and hits some nice punches to the big man’s face. Mark Henry throws Christian up high into the air and he lands hard.

Mark Henry seems to enjoy his brief moment of power but Christian sneaks over to tag in Finlay. Christian and Finlay hit a stereo double kick. Mark Henry is able to get up and back Finlay into the corner while tagging in Swagger. Finlay manages to escape the double team. Swagger starts working in several takedowns before Finlay is able to slide out and make his way to the corner. Christian gets the hot tag.

Swagger tries to go for a big spot but Christian converts it into a roll up. Captain Charisma goes to tag in the Irishman but he is nowhere to be found in the corner. It seems he has gone to check out ‘swoggle on the ground. Christian isn’t too happy about this, but Finlay begrudgingly tags back in.

We come back and Finlay and Swagger are in the ring. The two men roll to the outside and Swagger drives Finlay’s back into the edge of the apron. Swagger is behind Finlay and grunting hard, but he can’t get Finlay to the ground. Swagger frustratingly tags in Henry. Mark comes in and gives Finlay a couple hits and then tags back in Swagger. Jack takes advantage of the worn out Finlay to work on his back. Finlay hits a Jawbreaker, but Jack is able to kick out of the pin attempt.

Mark Henry gets the tag and stands on Finlay’s chest. Finlay is backed into the corner as Henry drives his shoulder into Finlay. Swagger gets tagged in and lays on a front headlock. Finlay tries to make his way to the corner, but Swagger carries him away out of the corner and tags in Henry. Mark goes for a splash, but Finlay rolls out of the way. Christian gets the hot tag!

Christian comes in running hard. Swagger runs at Christian but Captain Charisma ducks and Swagger hits Henry! Christian goes for a quick cover, but Swagger kicks out. Swagger is hit with a neckbreaker and is flat on the mat. Christian goes to the corner but Henry tries to block his scaling of the turnbuckles. The referee stops Henry but Tony Atlas causes the distraction! This gives Swagger enough time to get up to the corner and try and take out Christian, Swagger gets pushed off and Christian hits a headbutt! Mark Henry takes the opportunity to pick Christian up and goes for the World’s Strongest Slam. Hornswoggle comes in to make the save!

Henry takes out Christian as ‘swoggle is, I believe, gnawing on his leg. Finlay comes in to the ring and hits Henry hard with the Irish Foreign Object. Swagger sees Christian and lifts him up to attempt his gutwrench finisher. Christian counters and hits the Unprettier (now known as the Killswitch) for the win!

Winners: Christian & Finlay

thanks to Jen for the screen captures