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Jack Swagger makes his way to the ring on the heels of his first loss in his five months with ECW. He grabs the mic and is a bit annoyed. He says that he has been victimized and embarrassed for the last two weeks. Jack Swagger says he is calling out Hornswoggle right now! Music hits and Christian comes down to the ring and the crowd is going insane. Christian grabs the mic and starts dissing on Swagger and makes fun of him for his lisp. Christian says he is here on ECW to get the ECW Title! He is challenging the winner of the Swagger v. Finlay match. I literally jumped out of my chair for that one folks. Swagger starts to say that Christian isn’t a threat. Christian responds by punching him in the face! Captain Charisma has returned!

In the back we see Teddy Long with Swagger. Jack says that he is taking the night off. Teddy says no you aren’t, because tonight it is going to be Christian vs. Swagger in the main event!

Later in the show, backstage we see Christian putting on his wrist tape. Hornswoggle runs in and frolics around a bit. Finlay comes in and tells Christian that if he wants the ECW Title he has to go through him!

Jack Swagger vs. Christian
The two lock up and Swagger is able to take Christian down to the mat. Christian is trying hard to break the hold and he is moving with incredible speed and energy. Christian is backed into the corner and he slaps Swagger in the face. Christian goes for a quick roll-up but Swagger kicks out. Christian bounces off the ropes and kicks Swagger in the gut. Swagger regains his feet and whips Christian into the corner. Christian jumps up into the air and hits a sunset flip for a roll up. Swagger kicks out.

We come back and Finlay and Hornswoggle have walked down and joined the commentators. In the ring Swagger is behind Christian and has him locked up. Swagger releases him and starts unloading with some punches as Swagger backs him into the corner. Hornswoggle is grunting away on commentary. Swagger gets behind Christian again. Christian hits a hard punch, but Swagger gets him in the corner and drives his shoulder hard into Christian’s gut. Christian is sitting on the top turnbuckle and trying to fight Swagger off. Christian leaps up and hits a HUGE DDT on Swagger. Christian goes for the cover, but Swagger kicks out.

Swagger gets a burst of energy driven by fury, but Christian sends him down. Swagger is laid out in the ring and Christian goes to the top rope. He leaps for the Frog Splash but Swagger moves out of the way. Swagger tries for a quick roll up but Christian kicks out. Christian gets up and tries for the Unprettier, but no luck as Swagger counters into a roll up. Christian kicks out. Christian and Swagger have made their way out to the apron. Christian uses the momentum of the ropes to hit Swagger across the face with his feet.

Swagger throws Christian towards Hornswoggle as they are all on the outside. Jack gets back into the ring and takes the momentary distraction to uncover the turnbuckle. The referee sees the turnbuckle and heads over to fix it. Finlay jumps up and hits Swagger in the back of the leg with the Irish Foreign Object! Christian hits the Unprettier and gets the pin on the ECW Champion!

Winner: Christian