Chris Harris Comments On Christian’s Return To WWE

Why did WWE do so little for Harris’ character? Was it the TNA ties? After all, homegrown talent seem to get a leg up initially. Case in point: Christian Cage’s WWE return last night. Had Harris seen it? If so, what thoughts did he have?

“I did catch a glimpse of that and I’m really happy for Christian. He’s a good friend of mine. I actually called him right after I’d seen that. But I think back to what I was saying before about the whole TNA thing. It’s almost like if they created you, they’re willing to market you and obviously Christian deserves that spot times ten. I wouldn’t have been surprised if they brought him out on Raw.”

After thinking for a moment, Chris speaks about a similarity between he and Cage. Although Christian was a homegrown talent, he still might have some sins to atone for.

“Who knows? Maybe that’s his punishment. They’re thinking to themselves, ‘We’ll have him on ECW, you know, feuding with the new guy (Jack Swagger.)”