Christian Ranked Number 30 For The Top 100 Wrestlers of 2008

SOURCE: 30. Christian Cage

Martin Smith: A disappointing year for Cage I thought. He’s drifted wildly over the last twelve months and in particular, since the Summer. His feuds at the beginning of the year involved some great matches, but the last sixth months of the year has been quite poor. Cage has the potential to be a star, he was just used in a very boring role for far too long in TNA. A return to the WWE would help him greatly and the much rumoured switch will no doubt start his 2009 off superbly.

Dan Short: Christian has been merely alright this year. This is what he was probably thinking too as of late. Despite some fun matches that have made him probably one of the better performers for TNA, the lack of importance about him really knocked him down a notch. It does leave many wondering if his prime has indeed past him by and he’s just floating in the waters.

Phil Lowe: All signs point to a WWE return and he certainly needs it. When he left WWE for TNA I truly thought he could make a difference in TNA. Although he was a good performer, things didn’t work out as I thought they could. 2008 has been a ‘meh’ year for Christian, through no fault of his own. A feud with Booker T was never going to be a winner. 2009 should be a good one for Christian, however.

James Mustoe: One of my favourite performers but I really couldn’t rank him much higher than this due to a largely uneventful 2008. His better matches this year were all months ago, especially if you go by the voting period include his memorable effort in a ladder match against Kaz at Genesis last year. Had a couple of great matches against great opponent Kurt Angle earlier this year but has since been mired in the upper midcard in TNA, and produced particularly mediocre matches with perennial dud Booker T. 2009 could be a lot better as a WWE return looms on the horizon. Possibilities are endless.

Michael Campbell: Very much a “so what” year for Christian. Sure, he entered some outstanding performances, and several of his matches were amongst TNA’s best of the year. But it already feels like he’s done all he can with those guys. Still has much to offer the business though. The speculation over a return (that looks certain now), to the WWE is the boost he needs, and he should do very well there.

Mark Bright: I have always liked Christian, but to me he’s one of those guys who is just “there.” He cuts decent promos but not good ones and certainly not great ones. His matches are very much go-through-the-motions stuff and even when in there with Kurt Angle, AJ Styles or Samoa Joe you never get too excited about his matches because you know it’ll be OK (his stuff is NEVER bad which is something you can’t say for even some of the best wrestlers around) but it’s extremely unlikely to be any more than that. Oh, and I wish he’d stop referring to himself as “The Champ” when the last time he held the TNA World Title was like a year and a half ago.