Will Christian Cage Go Back To WWE Or Stay With TNA


Several weeks ago on TNA Impact the Main Event Mafia were welcoming their newest member, Christian Cage. However instead of embracing him they opted instead to beat him down, leaving in a heap and he has not been feature on TNA TV since. Kurt Angle, the Mafia’s front man, cited Christian’s inability to choose between TNA and WWE, let alone the Frontline or The MEM, as the reason for him getting his backside handed to him.

TNA are notorious for their back references to other companies. They have been sensible enough to refer to past instances in WCW and ECW, where wrestlers have experienced similar things to the circumstances their character is going through in the Impact Zone. However, it does appear at times that they are a trifle obsessed with the bigger company up North and one can’t help but feel they would be better served to quell the allusions to WWE a little. In Christian Cage’s case specifically.

There has been buzz for some time about the Instant Classic not renewing his TNA contract, with speculation mounting that he’d be heading back to WWE. In fact, when The Sun caught up with Christian in Chicago at Bound for Glory and asked him about it, he skilfully sidestepped the question.

Instead he chose to laugh about Edge wanting him back – joking he’d hurt his wrestling ‘brother’ if he said anything different – but never declaring his intentions one way or another. Perhaps this is an enormous ploy by TNA to try to work the Internet wrestling community in a similar manner to when Kevin Nash looked to be returning to New York before clocking Samoa Joe in the BFG Main Event.

If it is, we have to question the logic of it. One of the things missing from wrestling over the last few years has been the surprise factor.

Because of the Internet’s proliferation of sites giving you news (guilty as charged!) part of gloss is taken away from big surprises. However, right now we genuinely do not know whether Christian Cage is done with TNA or not, and we do not know if he will appear in WWE or not.

By TNA saying that Christian is gone they may be trying to lessen the effect of Cage turning up on Raw or Smackdown, but you could venture that it may actually stir more interest in seeing if the former CLB will re-emerge. Should Christian return to the stage which made him famous, there are some exciting storyline possibilities, and that’s aside from the fact that we might hear Christian’s awesome WWE entrance music once again.

Firstly, reports have emerged in the past week that Travis Tomko has signed a contract with WWE. Known by Tyson Tomko in WWE and simply by his surname in TNA, he was a “Problem Solver” for Christian in both companies. If the Canadian were to join WWE again, his enforcer is on-hand for a reprise of the role.

More appetising is the potential for some work with Edge. It could be Edge v Christian or it could be a reuniting of one of the best tag teams of their generation.

How about this for a scenario?

Edge and Jeff Hardy engage in a programme off the back of Hardy being assaulted before Survivor Series. Throughout Edge maintains his innocence, but Hardy refuses to believe him. Eventually it would turn out that Christian was the man who knocked Hardy out, and could set up an Edge and Christian v The Hardy Boyz match for WrestleMania.

Who wouldn’t want to see that?

Or maybe the storyline could reveal that Matt Hardy, in fact, knocked his brother out, jealous of the attention he is getting. Matt could be bitter about being ECW champion but getting ignored, while Jeff wins nothing and is idolised. With Edge and Matt aligned – we know that’s a leap of faith given past experiences, but it’s not inconceivable – against Jeff, wouldn’t it be something if Christian returned to give Jeff some back up?

If he is still genuinely undecided, Christian has to make a decision not just about whether jumping to WWE will simply see him lumbered in the mid-card once again, but on whether that is a better place to be than at the top of TNA.