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TNA Legends Championship Match
Booker T vs. Christian Cage

Before the match, Booker T got in Christian Cage’s face. Cage pushed him away. The referee breaks it up, holds up the TNA Legends Title, the bell rings and we officially begin. Lock up and Booker pushes Cage to the corner. Cage with a headlock, shoulder block, cover and Booker quickly kicks out. Booker works the shoulder of Cage and then catches him with an elbow. Cage with a chop, elbow to Booker, cover and Booker again powers out and bails to the outside. Booker returns to the ring and gets in a few shots on Cage backing him to the corner. Cage responds with a few chops. Booker plants Cage with a big spinebuster, cover and Cage kicks out after two. Booker drops Cage’s head off the top rope while Cage was on the ring apron. Booker goes outside, but Cage catches him off guard and gets in a few shots. Booker trips up Cage and drops a foot over his chest. Booker then catapults Cage into the steel ring post. Booker picks up Cage and hits a few chops. Booker tosses Cage back in and hits a big superkick. Cover and Cage gets a shoulder up after two. Booker misses two elbows, but follows with a big forearm taking out Cage. Booker then goes to work on Cage’s shoulder locking up his left arm with a key lock. Cage gets to his feet with a few punches, but Booker catches Cage with a big knee. Cage with a superplex off the ropes on Booker that results in a two count. Booker misses a side kick crotching himself over the top rope. Cage with chops near the corner. Cage steps up and punches Booker 10 times over the turnbuckle.

Cage catches Booker with an elbow, leap frogs over Booker, goes up the other top turnbuckle and takes out Booker with a spinning elbow. Booker counters an Unprettier attempt. Cage then trips up Booker, but Booker rakes the eyes. Booker with big knees to Cage. Cage dodges two spin kicks by Booker and drops him with an inverted DDT that results in a two count.

Cage then heads up to the top. Sharmell jumps up for distraction. Booker then crotches Cage up top as Sharmell jumps back down. Booker is up with Cage. Booker with a superplex on Cage from the top. Booker with a cover and Cage gets a shoulder up barely after two. Cage with elbows to the back of Booker’s head. Cage drops Booker down in an inverted DDT, covers, but only gets a two count. Cage mocks Booker and then tosses him over the top rope. Booker shoulder blocks Cage from the outside on the ring apron and then catches Cage with a big axe kick. Booker hooks the leg and Cage gets a shoulder up after two. Cage with a modified Sharpshooter on Booker. Cage brings Booker to the middle when he gets close to the ropes. Sharmell jumps up and Cage drops the submission to get in her face. Sharmell slaps Cage. Booker almost takes out Sharmell with a side kick. Cage with a Book End on Booker, hook of the leg and Booker barely kicks out after two. Booker counters an Unprettier, misses an Axe Kick, Cage with a rollup, Booker counters into a rollup of his own, sits back and gets the pinfall.

Winner & Still TNA Legends Champion: Booker T

After the match, Mike Tenay notes that not only does Booker T retain his TNA Legends Champioship, but Christian Cage must now join the Main Event Mafia. Booker T grabs the mic and says, “You see. I didn’t want to hurt you. You know why? Because right now…BOOKA…the Legends Champion, would like to welcome you to the Main Event Mafia!” He adds that they do things with protocol, tomorrow morning, 8:00, he needs him on the team.