TNA iMPACT! Results and Photos – November 6th 2008

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Joe congratulates the Main Event Mafia’s new recruitment, in Scott Steiner and says that they have been doing some of their own and introduces Christian Cage. Cage comes out and tells Joe that he isn’t going to pick a side but doesn’t mind lending a hand against the veterans. Cage says that he doesn’t understand what the Main Event Mafia have against the young stars and says that they started out just the same way and busted their asses to get where they are today. Cage then finishes by saying he will take Booker’s title on Sunday and raise his hand to say “I am legend”. Booker interrupts and says he is wrong and that after Turning Point, Cage will be standing with the MEM and will know the true meaning of the word “master”.

Beer Money, Inc. & Booker T vs. the Motorcity Machine Guns & Christian Cage
The Guns try to use their quickness to their advantage but some double team moves behind the ref’s back allows Beer Money and Booker to gain the advantage of the match. They isolate Chris Sabin to their side of the ring and use quick tags to wear him down. Sabin, though, is able to take Storm down with an ensuguri and makes the needed tag to Cage.

Cage comes in and clears the ring of his opponents and lands a frog splash on Booker but Beer Money is there to break up the pin attempt. The match then breaks down as the Guns take out Beer Money on the outside as Cage ducks out of an axe kick attempt and drives Booker down to the mat, but Jacqueline begins to distract the referee. Cage turns his attention to the distraction as Sharmell slides in the Legends Championship to Booker, who uses it to nail Cage in the head and picks up the three count.

Winners: Beer Money, Inc. & Booker T