TNA iMPACT! Results and Photos – November 13th 2008

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In the parking lot Lauren approaches Christian Cage and asks him about having to join the Main Event Mafia tonight. Cage says it doesn’t matter what his thoughts are because he doesn’t have a choice. Kurt Angle then walks up with the rest of the Main Event Mafia and welcomes him to the family. Kurt says that they are going to give him a welcome party like he’s never had before. He says that tonight he becomes a made man and then Scott Steiner hands him a suit. As they walk off Kevin Nash sniffs Lauren’s hair, when they leave Cage stuffs the suit into a garbage can.

The MEM, sans Sting, make their way down to the ring. Kurt Angle asks Cage to come out to the ring and he slowly makes his way out. Kurt says that rule number 1 is when they give him a suit to wear he wears it. Kurt says that they’ve had their differences but they’re still welcoming him into their family. Kurt says family is helping your brothers and sister, out no matter what the consequences are and no matter if they’re right or wrong. Kurt talks about Scott Steiner’s knee injury and how he came back from that and is now the hitman of the Main Event Mafia and how Booker T & Kevin Nash got lucrative contract offers from other promotions but decided to stay in this fight in TNA. Kurt says that recently he found out that when Cage’s contract with TNA is up in a few months he was going to defect to WWE. Kurt says that Cage was quoted saying he was “tired of being in the big fish in the company,” and that they have all had that offer to return to WWE but they stayed. Kurt says that this isn’t a welcoming party it’s a farewell party and that none of the young guys are going to help him either because when he abandoned them he abandoned the young guys too. Kurt says that he hopes his trip up north is well worth the ass kicking he’s getting tonight and that tonight Cage sleeps with the fishes, then Cage attacks all the Mafia members immediately.

The numbers game gets the better of him and they beat him down. Booker lays into Cage with hard right hands and then Scott Steiner sets Cage up on the top rope and hits a vicious belly-to-belly suplex off the top and then Booker hits the Axe-Kick on Cage. Cage is out cold but MEM aren’t done as Nash nails Cage with the Jack-Knife Powerbomb, then Kurt Angle hits the Olympic Slam on Cage. Impact ends as the Mafia members put their suits back on and leave Cage unconscious in the ring.