TNA iMPACT! Coverage – November 20th 2008

Although Christian Cage wasn’t on iMPACT! (for obvious reasons) he was mentioned and shown.

The beat downs of Christian Cage and Petey Williams opens the show. When then see footage from earlier in the day where the Main Event Mafia is standing in the back with a casket. Kurt Angle tells Jeremy Borash that they are going to give Cage a proper burial tonight. The Impact intro hits and we are welcomed to tonight’s show that will feature a tag team match between Kurt Angle & Kevin Nash against Abyss & Matt Morgan.

The Main Event Mafia’s music hits as the casket is wheeled down to the ring, followed by all five members of the Mafia. The casket is placed in the ring along side a photo of Christian Cage. Angle uses Cage as an example and says that the same will happen to anyone else who decides to cross the MEM. Angle then offers anyone to come out and say final words about Cage and it is answered by Rhino.

Rhino says they should have taken up their problem with Cage in the back, not in the ring. Nash jumps in and says that nobody wants to hear what he has to say. Rhino fires back and says that he is a veteran and demands respect. Rhino continues by saying that they are all scared of losing their jobs to a younger generation that is better than them.

Booker calls Rhino to come down and tell them to their face and he does. Rhino is then given a beat down and is leveled by the Legends Championship which busts him open. The MEM then put Rhino into the casket and close the lid as we see Jeff Jarrett and Mick Foley watching on the monitors in the office.